Vidpros Boosts Glam Girl Gabi’s Video Content Production


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Video production and content production are important factors that can determine your success as a content creator in various social media channels. Aside from producing quality engaging videos, a consistent process of producing videos is just as important.

Don’t just take our word for it. You might want to hear this from someone who has become successful as a content creator for YouTube in the highly competitive beauty space niche. 

Vidpros will like you to meet YouTuber Glam Girl Gabi. We were given the opportunity to have an interview with her to know just how Vidpros was able to help her YouTube channel flourish and grow further.

Glam Girl Gabi Introduction

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Glam Girl Gabi is also known to her peers as Gabi Soares. She is a licensed hairstylist and an experienced makeup artist who has a YouTube channel where she shares beauty tips, tutorials, and product reviews.   

Gabi became a content creator by sharing her passion for beauty as well as her expertise on the subject to others on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Aside from being a long form video producer and content creator, she also helps would-be brides with their hair and makeup with her wedding services. You can check out her website for more details.

Beginning Her YouTube Journey

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Gabi started her channel around September of 2018 as a way to give women the confidence to express themselves physically and how they feel inside. Being a makeup artist and hairstylist for over 17 years, she was often getting the same questions from clients regarding hairstyling and makeup over and over again.

She was trying to verbalize her techniques and products she was using to her inquiring clients. But with her craft being of the visual sort, she found out that it was easier by visually showing the techniques to them with an actual video.

“And so when I started making the videos, it was a great way for me to teach multiple people at the exact same time in a way that made sense,” Gabi shared. “My type of business is not one that can be vocalized. It has to be seen,” she further stated.

Since her YouTube channel began, Gabi has now attracted more than 280K subscribers, with her successful collection of video content viewed over 36 million times.  

On the Path of Success as a YouTuber

Before she reached the number of subscribers that she has now, Gabi was in charge of the whole project, doing all the actual filming with video equipment and post production of her own videos, including the editing and background music. But then, things changed when her subscriber numbers started to climb up and up.

“And then when I got to 100,000 subscribers, I started getting a lot of sponsorship opportunities. I started getting so many more monetization opportunities,” says Gabi. “As a YouTuber, you’re really only able to monetize as much as you can handle the workflow,” she further added.

On her own, video production takes time, from pre-production planning, post production process, and down to coming up with the final product. She could only do four videos in a month. At this rate, her sponsorship opportunities were significantly limited, and so did her ability to earn more income.  

Vidpros to the Rescue

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Soon enough, she started to recognize that not hiring an editor is starting to cost her a tremendous amount in terms of missed income opportunities. That was the time she decided to seek the services of Vidpros.   

Gabi learned about Vidpros from another female content creator, Desiree Martinez. Desiree was already a satisfied Vidpros client and suggested of getting the same video editing company. This recommendation was how Gabi discovered Vidpros.

Gabi’s Previous Video Production Process

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When asked about the post production phase and the amount of time that Gabi was spending making her own video content on her own, she said that it was unbelievably labor intensive. She was calling all the shots in terms of video strategy and did everything, from the pre-production phase, the post production phase, down to releasing the finished video.

“So my videos are very planned. They’re not just like sit down, turn on the video camera, and just like go with it,” said Gabi. “I would spend a full workday filming, and then I would spend one to two full workdays editing.  So it was taking me almost a full workweek for one video,” she further added.

Hesitation Working With a Video Team

In the beginning, Gabi was hesitant of working with an editor or with an external video production company or team as she was comfortable having total control over content and considers the video production process important. She kept thinking that she grew the target audience herself and only she knows the “flavor” of the content she makes.

Gabi hesitated working with a video editor and sharing her video strategy for quite some time. But then she finally decided to try out Vidpros for one month. She wanted to go with it and see how it goes.

How the Post Production Phase Changed Her Mind

When she decided to work with Vidpros despite her reservations, she submitted her own video process, clips and scripts to see what Vidpros can do.

The first thing she noticed was that submission process from the Vidpros backend is so easy and well done. All she needed to do is to go through and answer a series of relevant questions and set the preferences for the output before submitting the video project.  

Gabi then realized just how working on the editing process with a Vidpros editor was able to change the video process in her mind.

Video Content Editing Convenience with Vidpros

 “My videos that were taking me like 10 to 16 hours to edit, they would complete the video in two days,” she said. “And then when I received my first video, I remember like my jaw dropped to the floor,” she further added.   

Gabi was amazed just how such an amazing video the first one turned out. The right clips were just arranged in the perfect spots without her doing anything more sourcing of the given material. She was even more surprised about the number of royalty free B rolls used that further made her first Vidpros video stand out more.

Vidpros YouTube Video Content Editing Expertise

Gabi believes that the editors at Vidpros are really good at what they do. “I think that the editors that that are hired at Vidpros have such an understanding of YouTube that they know how to edit for that platform,” she added.

She shared that the first Vidpros video was (and still is) one of the best performing videos on her YouTube channel.  

Vidpros Exceeding Her Expectations

After that impressive first video, she was expecting to receive one Vidpros edited video a week after handing in the finished video and source files. She received a minimum of two long-form videos a week, with one or two short-form videos added in the mix.

Previously, she was doing one video a week on her own. The quality of the final video was significantly less impressive than the ones she eventually got from Vidpros.

Increased Video Content Output with Vidpros

Having an experienced video editor to help out in Gabi’s video content production has worked wonders. By working with Vidpros, Gabi was able to increase her video output significantly.  

“So now I do an absolute minimum of six videos a month, but that’s not because of a Vidpros editing speed. It is because I almost can’t produce enough content to give the editor because they’re so fast,” Gabi says. “I have to like be on top of like scripting because I know when they’re done, I need something else for them (to do),” she further added.

Diversifying Platforms for Video Content

Gabi started working with Vidpros on September of last year. Her primary focus when it comes to producing video content has always been YouTube.

But with the channel becoming so much bigger and recently getting signed to an influencer agency, she started to really think about extending her reach to other social media platforms. “I should really try to diversify the platforms, because then I can spread brand deals across multi platforms, it makes more sense for the growth of the business,” she said.

Armed with this plan to diversify, Gabi decided to hire a second editor from Vidpros. “So now I have two (editors), I have one that does my long form content and one that does my short form content,” she added. Aside from her main channel, she’s now on the way to producing short-form video content for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

Immediate Results Working with Vidpros

In the brief time period that Gabi started doing short-form content, she’s surprised at the good results she’s having. “Well, it’s funny. Because within one month of having Vidpros, and all I do, I give them zero direction because I don’t have time to make more content,” she intimated. 

“So I say, this is the long form video that my editor edited. These are the raw files and turn them into shorts. I don’t care how long they are, I don’t care how many you do. Like literally, there’s no direction,” she further added.

Within a couple of days, she already has six shorts all ready for posting. “And since then, it’s only been a month, I went from like nothing on TikTok to like about almost 4000 followers in a month on a platform that I don’t even know how it works,” she noted.

“I don’t know how the (TikTok) algorithm works.  So it’s a testament to their editing for sure. They’re really good at extrapolating content and making it appropriate for the platform that it’s posted on,” she further stated. 

Audience Growth with Vidpros

When asked how her audience have grown, Gabi reported, “So I was at 100,000 when I hired them in September, and I’m at over 240,000 now.” Right now, her YouTube channel has more than 280K subscribers.

“I’m telling you, it would not have been half the amount of growth if it wasn’t for Vidpros. It’s amazing.  Because the quality of the content, it’s so much better now. And there’s so much more volume because they’re able to edit so much faster than I ever could,” she further stated.

Added Focus on Content Creation

Having someone who does the video content editing for her gave Gabi more time to focus on her creative work. “So now that I’m not editing, I’m focusing on creating more content and better content,” she stated.

This is one of the benefits that Vidpros can offer to its clients. With experienced video editors doing the tedious task of editing through all the raw materials and footage and come up with the final product, content creators can devise a more focused strategy on making their content.

Building Trust with Her Video Team

Not only that, she has learned to put more trust on her Vidpros editors to do the things that they do best. She’s learned to give her editors some creative control and not put them in a box. “If you give them creative control, they can take something and make it so spectacular,” says Gabi. “The way that they are able to visualize the content and make it really engaging and creative is like the best part,” she further stated.

A Seal of Approval in Video Content Editing  

In a little over a year working for the editing video production team at the video company Vidpros, Gabi is impressed enough to share her positive experiences to some of her peers in the creative video content space. So far, she has recommended Vidpros to her manager with a daughter who is a huge teen influencer.

She also suggested the video editing services of Vidpros to another YouTuber who is a lawyer and content creator producing a video collection about law. When asked what she tells people when she recommends Vidpros, she usually mentions three things: quality, speed, and cost.

Unbeatable Combination with Final Format

“The quality of the work is excellent. The speed is super-fast and the cost, like you cannot beat the cost for the amount of output that they’re putting out for the cost that you’re spending per month,” Gabi shared.

“It’s unbeatable really, like you cannot find that anywhere else for the speed and consistency,” she finally concluded.

In Summary

So there you have it folks. That is the interesting and engaging interview with all these details that we had with beauty YouTuber Gabi Soares on how Vidpros was able to help boost up her content video distribution and production. And we at Vidpros are also glad that she appreciates the work that we do.

Here at Vidpros, we provide the best fractional video editing service for our clients composed of content creators, video strategists, and social media agencies. We aim to provide the best video quality output at the quickest possible time.

If you are interested on knowing more on how Vidpros can help you make your video content stand out, feel free to contact us or check us out on our website.