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Understanding White Label Video Editing


To keep customers and potential customers engaged, businesses need to continually produce content that grabs their attention and keeps them wanting more. It’s not about always releasing high-quality, super-polished videos–it’s about maintaining a continuous stream of content with white label video editing services to elevate visibility.

When you understand what a video editing agency does, it’s easy to appreciate why video professionals and creative agencies want to focus their energies on big-ticket projects. However, clients need video content that doesn’t have to be polished to the umpteenth degree to fill the gaps between the releases of bigger-budget video projects. If a business stays silent too long, it risks losing customers.

Understanding White Label Editing Services

Understanding white label editing services

With white-label video editing, the work is outsourced while your name and brand still appear on the work product. Consider it an extension of your business that is designed to churn out audiovisual content at a far faster rate. Hence, you and your clients have more to post on social media platforms, include with other digital marketing materials, use as webinars, and add to employee communications, websites, or anywhere else video content is needed.

When you sign up for our white-label editing service, VidPros handles the video editing process from end to end (including any revisions your clients might want). We set up a portal with your logo and branding, and you share the site with your customers. They submit their editing requests with the footage they want to use, and we handle the rest.

Vidpros utilizes the services of a pool of top-notch video professionals who know how to adhere to production schedules. With this model, we can pass on significant savings to those who subscribe to our white-label program, which helps reduce costs and boost profit margins while guaranteeing deadlines are met.

Who Uses White Label Editing Services?

Who Uses White Label Editing Services?

While anyone can take advantage of the many benefits white label editing provides, these subscribers usually are:

  • Videographers and content creators who want to provide services to their clients but don’t have the bandwidth to do smaller projects themselves

  • Creative agencies who want external editing services to help them to scale up (and scale down) resources to match workflow without having to chase down freelancers or take on additional staff

  • Small business owners and social media managers who understand that video production requires specialized expertise, time, and resources that may not be available in-house.

Being able to hire outside professionals with specialized expertise to transform raw footage into captivating content frees up time and resources so you can focus more on your core business. If you don’t have the talent or time to take on all video editing projects that come through the door, white-label services can pick up the slack. You use it only when you need it.

How White Label Video Editing Supports You

How White Label Video Editing Supports You

Because you manage your customer relationships, you can markup VidPro services however you decide. We charge a flat monthly fee, so it’s up to you to determine the appropriate amount to bill your customers. Markups of white-label editing services often range between 30% to more than 300%.

This is a win-win arrangement for everyone. Creative agencies and video professionals can keep working on large, more lucrative projects while VidPros takes care of the rest.

Reach Out to the Video Editing Pros

Reach Out to the Video Editing Pros

Video must be an integral part of any organization or business’s marketing and outreach plans. However, creating and editing fresh video content is a full-time job that requires a keen eye and artistic flare.

Because the demand for video content grows each year, finding talent to handle these requests can be challenging. Increase the value of the services and products you offer by enlisting Vidpros to create engaging content that will help attract and retain more customers with catchy and informative content.

VidPros offers transparent fractional video editing services, so you know exactly how many hours an editor spends on your projects–this is a significant improvement over the traditional editing invoicing that bills a lump sum regardless of the time required to do the task. Contact us to learn more about our highly customizable white-label program and expand your video content capabilities today!