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Learn Video Editing for Social Media


If you’re looking to add video editing for social media to your repertoire of digital marketing skills, make sure you have the time and resources available to commit to this endeavor. Learning how to edit a video that will be posted on social media requires a deep understanding of the creative aspects of video editing, as well as the technical requirements of each platform.

What Is a Social Media Video Editor?

What Is a Social Media Video Editor?

A social media video editor creates and manages content for clients or a company that targets various social media platforms. They ensure it is engaging, complies with brand guidelines, has a consistent message and voice, and will build awareness and a loyal following. 

Employers looking for a social media video editor to bring on staff will ask for examples of work that demonstrate their skill level and style of editing. The editor must also have strong collaborative and organizational skills and be able to interact with customers and meet deadlines.

How Hard Is It to Learn Video Editing?

How Hard Is It to Learn Video Editing?

Video editing is an art form and takes practice to perfect. To become a capable editor, it’s a good idea to learn how to use easy video editing tools for social media before moving on to more sophisticated techniques. In addition, you should devote time to learning the basics of cinematography, such as lighting, exposure, narrative pacing, and depth of field. Without this foundation, a video editor will struggle. It will be difficult to use the full capabilities of any editing tool, affecting the quality of the video and making it nearly impossible to meet deadlines.

There are numerous courses available that teach video editing and how long a social media video should be for each platform. There are self-taught editing professionals, but this route takes longer and makes it easier to inadvertently skip over necessary features and techniques. 

What They Don’t Teach You, But You Need to Know

What They Don’t Teach You, But You Need to Know

Some skills are learned best on the job. Here are a few tips from experts in the video editing field that might give you a leg up when learning the trade:

  • Choose a software editing tool that matches your style–make sure it is compatible with your systems and that you have enough storage and memory to run it. Investing in an external storage device, a high-resolution dual monitor, and an editing keyboard that has built-in shortcuts can be extremely helpful. Know industry terminology and be up to speed on new social media trends because they’re constantly evolving.

  • Storyboard and keep videos aligned with the original concept–grab the attention of your audience at the very beginning because you usually have about three seconds to draw them in or you’re going to lose them.

  • Follow the 321 rule–keep three copies of what you edit, with two in one location and one in another (just in case).

  • Keep yourself organized–this sounds easy but can be challenging when you have a lot of work. Store footage, audio, graphics, and files related to one project in the same easy-to-find location.

  • Don’t be afraid to color-correct, use some funky music, or add text and graphics–but keep it simple and don’t go overboard, or the video may become disorienting or overwhelming.

  • Upload smaller video files that are easy for users to play from mobile devices and that meet the other technical requirements of each platform (such as aspect ratios).

The Final Take

Telling a good story on social media takes practice, creativity, and technical expertise. Once you learn the tricks of the trade, you will be able to go beyond the basics to create exciting social media footage that drives traffic to your business or clients. 

Not ready for all this responsibility when it comes to video editing? Leave it to the professionals–the editors at Vidpros have years of experience editing for specific social media platforms and regulations. Let us take the reins!