How Long Should a Social Media Video Be?


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The rules regarding the length of a video vary from one social media platform to another. It’s essential to understand these requirements when creating engaging content that is accepted by the platform and resonates with your intended audience.

The rules for video editing for social media platforms also change regularly, so what you did last year is not necessarily still correct. You need to confirm the acceptable video length of the targeted platform before creating and editing content. It won’t matter how expertly you present your message if your video is rejected or chopped into pieces by the platform.

Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

The users of the different social media platforms vary by demographics, online behavior, personal preferences, and more. According to OnlySocial, those who use Instagram tend to be young, visually driven and have an attention span of fifteen to thirty seconds. LinkedIn users are professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, use the platform for networking and professional development, and have an attention span of one to two minutes. YouTube viewers are a diverse group with an attention span of two or more minutes.

Understanding these nuances will help you tailor your message so it speaks directly to your audience.

Follow Platform Specifications

follow platform specifications

Social media experts generally recommend that videos be between thirty seconds and two minutes for maximum engagement. However, each platform has different requirements:

  • Instagram: Reels are usually between fifteen and sixty seconds but can be up to ninety seconds. A video posted to a feed must be between three seconds and one hour.

  • TikTok: The TikTok videos that get the most traction are about fifteen to thirty seconds long, although the platform now permits videos of up to ten minutes.

  • Twitter: Videos are limited to two minutes and twenty seconds, but they are more effective if they’re kept between fifteen to forty-five seconds.

  • Facebook: Videos posted to a feed, on Marketplace, or that appear in search results can run for up to 240 minutes. Stories can only be one to 120 seconds.

  • LinkedIn: Videos that are up to ten minutes long are permitted on LinkedIn. However, those that are two minutes get better results.

  • YouTube: YouTube storytelling is limited to fifteen minutes for unverified accounts and twelve hours for verified accounts. Videos that are two to ten minutes perform best.

Keep in mind that there are hard length limits and suggested lengths for maximum effect. If you try to upload content that is longer than is allowed, it could be rejected or randomly chopped into smaller pieces, which could destroy the intent of the video.

If you are a social media influencer, digital marketer, or small business with an active social media presence, who likes to create content, keep in mind that length is not the only restriction platforms place on video content. You may have learned video editing for social media and understand video editing software for social media, but you need to check the platform’s rules to make sure you are using the latest specs.

Collaborate With a Video Editing Expert

Collaborate With a Video Editing Expert Vidpros team

Developing content that is creative and captivating–and complies with technical and length requirements–is critical to the success of any social media strategy. It can also be a bit of a time-consuming mind twist that keeps you from focusing on your core business.

Rather than heading down this potential editing rabbit hole, contact Vidpros for your video editing needs. We know how to adapt and create customized, high-quality content for each social media platform while still staying on target with your branding and messaging!

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