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Editing an Already-Edited Video: Tips and Tricks


Whatever the reasons may be, there will likely be times when you need to revise or update a video that’s already been posted or distributed. While this may sound like an easy feat, it can be challenging–especially if you’re having trouble getting your hands on the original video files or if the work was originally done by another video editor service.

Of course, video editing is considered art. Hence, it’s important never to edit someone else’s copyrighted content–this is illegal, and doing so can land you in hot water that can damage your reputation and cost you a hefty fee. 

Steps and Suggestions for Re-Editing a Video

Steps and suggestions for re-editing a video

Now, let’s get down to business. Here are some thoughts on how to edit a previously editing video, as well as how to fix a bad video with additional editing:

Find the Footage

Find the footage

If you can’t find the original footage on your editing platform, you can ask the client to resend it (if they still have it). If the original footage or any backups aren’t available, all may not be lost.

Start with whatever you do have. This might be the file that was uploaded to the internet, or you can try to capture the video using a video player and special equipment designed for this task (which isn’t cheap). Download the recaptured footage to your computer. From there, you can import the video into your editing program.

If the video breaks into segments during retrieval, you need to stitch them together. This can be a time-consuming and tedious task, but it is necessary.

Create Any New Footage Needed

Create Any New Footage Needed

If the original footage for the video was shot in a studio, you can recreate the scene by using the same costumes, props, makeup, lighting, acoustics, etc. If the footage was shot outside, you might have to get creative, as re-shoots can easily look completely different. Time of day and variations in natural sunlight, clouds, and other elements can drastically change the look of a scene.

Eliminate What You Don’t Want

Eliminate What You Don’t Want

Cutting out unwanted footage isn’t hard, but smoothing the new transitions will likely take time and effort.

Alternatively, you create a mask to cover up elements you don’t want to see and use it in places where you want to change the background of a scene. This is not that difficult to do if you’re working with a stagnant image. If the elements are moving, there may be more work involved.

Be Patient and Do It Right

Be Patient and Do It Right

While most platforms recognize that there are circumstances in which a previously uploaded video needs to be modified, doing so can create a slew of new problems. For example, the previous URL won’t work if you reupload a new video version. If the original video is embedded into websites or emails, you need to update these links (if you have the correct permissions).

Re-editing a video project is one of those projects where if something can go wrong, it probably will. So be prepared and patient–or enlist Vidpros, a professional fractional video editing services provider, to help you update your content and take the heavy lifting off your shoulders!