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Video Editing: The Fusion of Creativity and Technical Skill


Today, professional video editing services hire editors who are both technical geniuses and members of a unique artistic community.

Editing videos requires finesse. It is a form of storytelling that allows someone who pays close attention to detail to piece together content from different sources to create a new audiovisual sensation that will grab the attention of its target audience.

How Are Editors Artistic?

How are editors artistic?

Each editor will approach a project differently. They will see an assignment through their own lens, so it’s important to make sure that you can work with the video editor you’re considering–and that the two of you are on the same page about the final result.

Once retained, a video editor will dive into the project and start cutting and editing together clips from the source content you provide. An experienced professional will apply some artistic license when modifying or adding engaging visual elements, mixing music and other sounds into the footage, and generating a video you will be pleased with.

Their artistic abilities will shine when they can play around with the lighting, choose where and how to add graphics and music, smooth out transitions, present a point of view, and determine how to create compelling videos from larger volumes of footage. Of course, an editor needs to be adept at using editing software and any other tools of the trade, but their artistic flair will separate their work from others with similar technical skills.

Explaining the Art Angle

Explaining the art angle

Painting is an undisputable art form because the painter translates an aesthetic concept in their mind into something visually stunning on a blank canvas (or other medium) for others to enjoy and contemplate. Similarly, a video editor who already knows how to edit an already-edited video can take their audience to new places and evoke emotions of sadness, joy, or excitement through their technique of assembling and modifying audiovisual content. 

For the last century, moviegoers have had these types of experiences in the theater, which is all thanks to the editing skills of the professional editors who worked on the film. Only some have the talent to do this, as it is a specific skill to maintain the integrity of the message that needs to be conveyed while creating something unique and memorable.

How Do I Find Editing Talent?

How Do I Find Editing Talent?

Vidpros has a pool of curated video editing artists ready to take on complex projects and bring your vision to life. We use a fractional editing business model that will help you better estimate video editing costs so there will be no surprises at the end. Fractional editing also ensures that editors are balanced and can give your project the artistic attention it deserves!