Editing Videos for TikTok Influencers


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

For TikTok influencers, editing videos is the most important step in the process. Maintaining consistency is key for an influencer to rise through the ranks and it requires skillful editing. 

The basis of the platform is its rapid-fire content, which means editing videos for TikTok requires ensuring not a second is wasted. With the right edits, an influencer can quickly distinguish themselves from the herd and rise to the top. Here’s how it’s done: 

Consistency Is Key

Consistency Is Key

Anyone who watches a TikTok, YouTube, or social media influencer knows to expect certain catchphrases. This isn’t a mistake–it is a key part of the influencer’s brand. 

Familiarity breeds loyalty, and the world of social media and TikTok is no different. Viewers will lose interest if an influencer’s videos are inconsistent in their presentation. Outside of shock-value influencers, not knowing what to expect next is a negative trait for these videos. 

Viewers tune in regularly because they know they can rely on an influencer to be consistent. Much of this consistency is born out of the editing process. Elements like graphical overlays, transitions, intros, outros, and stylistic choices are all part of what makes an influencer unique. 

Consistent But Never Stale

Consistent But Never Stale

Finding new avenues and changing things visually and editorially is just as important as understanding when to say goodbye to a key feature that has overstayed its welcome. Busy with content creation and editing their own videos, influencers may not have time to watch other influencers to see the latest trends. This risks the world leaving them behind. 

Influencers should do their best to keep up with the community and see what is working well for others. Too many influencers see other influencers as competition when everyone benefits through the creativity of others. 

The key is making sure it’s not a complete replica of someone else’s idea but that the influencer gives it their own spin. Many influencers accomplish this by forming mutually beneficial business relationships with other creators. 

Who Has Time for All This?

Who Has Time for All This?

Between ensuring they are using the best tiktok video editing app, creating content, and spending hours at the editing desk, many influencers find themselves stretched thin. Sometimes, it is best to separate the creator from the editing process to maximize potential. 

A great way to accomplish this is by hiring a service like VidPros. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean giving up creative control or receiving substandard service. VidPros believes that editors work best when they work for the smallest number of clients possible. 

With this in mind, VidPros assigns creators to their very own editor. Each editor is never responsible for more than four clients. With so few creators to keep up with, the editor gets to know each client on an intimate level. Furthermore, the editor has time to learn the latest industry trends and suggest possible beneficial changes. 

Editors intuitively understand what works best for a client as the relationship develops. Regardless, the creator has the final say; editors know there may be a bit of back and forth before the final video is posted. Through this collaboration, the editor helps the influencer stay at the top of their game without having to worry about how to do TikTok video editing while remaining relevant!

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