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The Importance of Editors for YouTubers

Why Do YouTubers Need Editors?

YouTube is a crowded market. To stay ahead of the pack, YouTubers need editors because they understand the market and can help a video reach its full potential. They accomplish this by maintaining consistency, cleaning up sound, and crafting compelling narratives. 

Hiring a full-time editor is far too expensive for all but the largest channels. Therefore, many YouTubers have turned to a YouTube video editor service, such as Vidpros. By opting for a video editing subscription service, creators lower their overall costs and set themselves up for predictable expenses. 

But why bother with a professional editor at all? Let’s dive in!

A Steep Learning Curve

A Steep Learning Curve

Anyone can edit a video using an app these days. However, the quality of these edits is low compared to professional editing. Would-be YouTubers often ask, “What software do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?” The automated algorithms apps used to edit videos simply can’t match professional software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. 

First-time creators don’t understand just how much there is to learn. Constant frustration with cuts that aren’t clean, poor lighting, and sound issues are common issues, all of which can quickly kill a creator’s motivation. 

Even professionals will say that understanding the software is only the first step; the next is knowing how to take a video to the next level. Amateur editors may be able to string together a cohesive narrative, but did they notice the distraction in the background of their primary monologue? Do they know how to enhance their message with background music? 

Professional editors often focus on these details because each minor improvement adds up. Recognizing a winning formula is something that can take years of experience. 

Hours of Editing Means Less Content Creation

hours of editing means less content creation

In the YouTube content creation industry, it is generally understood that professional video editors require at least thirty minutes of editing per minute of finished video. For amateurs, this can take an hour to an hour and a half per minute of video. At the end of shooting a video, a creator may have an hour or hours of footage that needs to be condensed, and deciding what to keep and what to cut is time-consuming. 

Successfully editing a video requires watching it several times. That doesn’t include the time spent cutting, adding graphics, or enhancing sound. With each cut, the editor must rewatch that section of the video to ensure it came out as desired. 

editor editing

Many YouTubers often have full-time jobs. Finding five extra hours to edit a five-minute video can add a lot of stress. How do YouTubers edit videos and maintain a career? In reality, most can’t. Furthermore, all this time editing could be better spent creating new content. 

A key advantage of publishing videos on YouTube is that each video is added to a creator’s back catalog. Viewership and a subscriber base take time to grow, and once it reaches critical mass, the benefits of having a large catalog of work can be amazing. 

After discovering a new channel, viewers often binge its content, and suddenly, older videos are generating revenue for the creator. However, this is only true if the YouTuber’s older videos are of the same quality as the more recent ones. 

Quality Editing Opens Doors

Quality Editing Opens Doors

Image-conscious brands only want to work with the best creators, and high-quality editing is essential for a brand that is looking for YouTubers to add to its portfolio of creators. 

The same back catalog advantage that works for YouTubers also works for brands. A brand promotion can be seen hundreds of thousands of times over several years, and it can generate steady revenue into the future. 

A Cut Above

a cut above

The best way to ensure polished and consistent videos is by working with a service such as Vidpros. We assign a dedicated editor to each content creator–an editor who will come to understand what the creator wants without having to ask. 

Our editors are constantly creating content and know the ins and outs of maximizing YouTube’s algorithms. This experience with the platform also means our editors recognize trends that are needed to stay relevant and keep audiences watching. 

Because Vidpros only assigns four clients per editor, our editors are capable of quick turnarounds; this also guarantees that an editor has a minimum of two hours each day to work on your content. Have a look at our services and see how Vidpros can help your YouTube channel reach new heights!