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How Do YouTubers Edit Their Videos?


Many popular YouTubers don’t edit their videos. They hire a video editor, which can be expensive, or they outsource the editing to a video editing service for YouTube. This frees up the creator to focus on making content rather than spending time editing.

For those just starting on YouTube, videos can be self-edited. However, the content creator needs to understand the basics of video editing first. Quality graphics, a cohesive narrative, and smooth transitions go a long way toward increasing viewership.

The process of editing is time-consuming, and this time sink is the reason many creators quickly give up after a few videos. By working with a reasonably priced editing service such as Vidpros, content creators can buy back their time. Here’s how it’s done:  

Turning Raw Footage Into a Finished Product

Turning Raw Footage Into a Finished Product

Very few viewers appreciate the amount of work that goes into a well-crafted YouTube video. First-time content creators also underestimate it, wondering why YouTubers need editors.

Before editing can even begin, footage must be shot. Hours of research, on-location filming, and reshoots are common. The name of the game is often to shoot as much video as possible–it is better to have too much than not enough. 

The vast majority of footage ends up in the trash. The parts that work, though, can be woven together into a coherent and compelling narrative. To accomplish this, communication between the YouTuber and editor is crucial. 

In the beginning, a YouTuber often has an idea of how they want a video to turn out. However, the vision may be difficult to convey to the editor. After working with their clients, an editor begins to understand the look and feel a creator is aiming for. This is where the relationship between an editor and a creator can blossom.

Editors are experts in knowing what fits together. If they feel a certain piece of footage doesn’t mesh with the larger piece, they won’t hesitate to delete it. Though the content creator has the final say, they should respect the editor’s decisions as much as possible. 

Through this collaboration, the final product may be slightly different than the creator intended, but with luck, it will be far more engaging than what was originally envisioned. 

How Does Editing Make a Difference?

How does editing make a difference?

Professional editing is important for YouTube because it creates consistency and increases engagement. Here are some of the key ways video editors accomplish this:

Cleaning Up Mistakes

Cleaning Up Mistakes

Cutting footage that doesn’t work isn’t the editor’s only job. They also need to take the footage that does work and clean it up. Sometimes, this means cropping a video frame to exclude a distraction in the background or fixing issues with the sound. 

Enhancing the overall quality of a video drives engagement. More engagement means more revenue, meaning the channel can continue to grow. 

Setting the Tone for a Channel

setting the tone for a channel

The most successful YouTube channels have a brand identity. This is accomplished by using consistent graphics, cuts, and intros. When a channel is consistent, its viewers begin to anticipate new videos. Once they understand the format, they can look forward to new videos. Viewers and subscribers who regularly watch new videos as soon as they’re released massively boost a video’s chances of being picked up by the algorithm. 

Retention Through Innovation and Relevancy

Retention through innovation and relevancy

YouTubers should remain consistent, but that doesn’t mean they should never change. Many YouTube channels have perished by failing to stay relevant. The same consistency that drives engagement can become stale over time. 

Having daily interaction with platforms like YouTube allows editors to notice trends before they become popular. While it isn’t always wise to jump on the hype train, some trends simply cannot be ignored. Trying new approaches can help reinvigorate a channel and if the changes don’t work, the creator can always revert to their old format. 

Benefits of Video Editing Services

Benefits of Video Editing Services

Hiring a full-time video editor is out of reach financially for most creators–this is where video editing subscriptions such as Vidpros can make a difference. At Vidpros, our editors are limited to only four clients. 

All Vidpros editors spend a lot of time working with an individual creator, which fosters a working relationship that leads to efficiency. Soon, the creator trusts the editor and doesn’t need to approve every change, and the creator has even more time on their hands to focus on finding new content, rather than worrying about the editing process!