How to Video Edit for the Absolute Beginner


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Video content is a fantastic way to build a brand and reach a broad audience. YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram content creators and businesses rely on videos to create engaging and informational videos to promote their brands. The higher the quality of the video, the more it will stand out–and editing is a crucial element in producing quality video content.

So, what are video edits? Video editing is the art of enhancing and arranging footage into a cohesive and refined final product using software that can trim, adjust, and correct clips with customization features like audio, transitions, and text. It is just as much a creative process as filming.

Find the Right Software

Video editor services–like Vidpros–have access to cutting-edge professional editing software. For those just getting started, there are a number of free or lower-cost options that will help save your budget while you learn how to video edit for small projects. Mac users can upload footage to iMovie, while Windows users can give MovieMaker a try. 

You can get your footing with editing by using the editing features included within social platforms. These options will let you do basic trimming with speed, audio, text, and special effects features. If you plan to create a lot of video content, exploring free trials of trusted video editing software platforms will help you determine which elements are worth paying for before you make an investment. 

Arrange and Trim Clips

When it comes to the footage, be sure to keep it simple when you’re starting out. Select the best quality clips that are the most impactful. Defining the video’s purpose, tone, and goal will help you trim and arrange the essentials. 

Pare down anything that doesn’t flow correctly or feels abrupt. Make sure your message comes through and captivates your target audience. When starting, don’t focus too much on transition sequences.

Adjust the Color

In the earlier stages of your content creation, you may only sometimes have the luxury of the best lighting or devices to film with. Here is where color editing can improve the quality of your video. 

You can use color editing tools to enhance and balance the lighting of the clips, or you can alter the colors of the footage to give it a completely different tone and feel. This is an aesthetic choice that should reflect your personal style and brand.

Add Audio

Audio files can include voice-over scripts, music, or sound effects. This type of customization can be fun and playful and allows your personal brand to really shine. 

Voice-over scripts are recorded separately and then added over video files, and they can be casual or informative. Often, the quality of voiceovers is more controlled than the sound from the footage itself to add a more formal quality to the video. Be sure to avoid including any music or audio that you do not have the rights to! 

Include Text

Text is a simple way to introduce and orient your audience to the video using titles or credits. You can add supplemental, informative text, like social media handles and websites.

Wrapping Up

Keep your video editing simple while perfecting your style and learning to handle the small details. Of course, if you ever feel you’re in over your head, you can take advantage of Vidpros’ affordable fractional video editing services anytime during the process!


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