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Learn Video Editing for Freelancing and Social Media Marketing


Video editing for social media may be easier than you think. To learn video editing for freelancing and social media marketing, you need to start with the basics–like watching online software tutorials, practicing on your chosen editing platform, and understanding storytelling narratives. 

You’ve likely scrolled social media and asked yourself, how do Instagrammers edit their videos? Some may choose the complicated route of editing in a phone app, while others opt for editing software on their phone or computer. Both of these options cost you time and money. Life is busy, and video editing takes a lot of work. 

Many digital content creators outsource their edits to save themselves time and effort. Searching for the best video editors for social media content? Look no further than Vidpros!

Our team of video editing experts offers flexible video editing solutions for businesses and brands looking to expand their reach through video content creation. Our dedicated editors can work with you to fit your budget, video quality, and video quantity needs each month.

Understanding Video: How to Get Started

Understanding Video: How to Get Started

According to Small Business Trends, 92% of marketers say that videos play a critical role in their marketing strategies. Nearly 90% of them credit videos to be a positive return on investment. High-quality video content is a great tool to drive engagement and boost follower counts for any brand or business. It’s ideal for building a brand identity as people best connect with captivating visuals and compelling stories. 

Learning video editing for social media begins with understanding how it benefits brands and businesses so you can market yourself and your skills as an asset to brands.

Software and Social Media Styles

Software and Social Media Styles

If you’re embarking on your own freelancing journey or just want to get a grip on video’s place in social media marketing, you can get started by choosing the editing software you like best. Some of the more popular options have nearly all the necessary features. Cheaper‒or free‒options get the job done but won’t have as many bells and whistles.

Whichever you choose, there are plenty of online tutorials you can watch to get up to speed on the platform and its abilities, but be patient; you won’t be a professional overnight. It’s important to keep practicing and become an expert to best serve your clients.

It’s also helpful to stay updated on social media platform-specific styles and trends. These are ever-evolving but critical to keep up with for the best results. Through plenty of dedication and creativity, mastering video editing for social media can lead to a rewarding career or hobby.

Common Social Media Video Editing Issues

Common Social Media Video Editing Issues

When you’re just starting out in the social media video editing world, it can be difficult to adapt to each platform’s algorithms and tailored styles. Each one has its own style, dimensions, and lengths, which can be hard to keep track of. 

It can also be especially hard to keep up with the trend cycle. Trends frequently change day-by-day, and viral content styles on social media require the ability to adapt.

You also don’t want to be posting the same type of thing all the time! Having a variety of content–like a range of topics, stories, posts, and advertisements–helps with engagement. Finding that content and creating it is time-consuming and requires extra resources. 

Editing With Vidpros

Editing With Vidpros

At Vidpros, we’re experts in social media and are well-versed in the different specifications and best practices each social media platform requires. We’ll also become experts on your brand, ensuring its aesthetic is consistent throughout.

Our team of creatives has experience working on various content and video types. Our goal is always to keep your content fresh, and your audience engaged, which is why we stay on top of trends and strive to seamlessly integrate them into your videos to get the best results possible for you and your clients.


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