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Table of Contents

Today, people look at pictures and videos online to find houses. To get people interested, a real estate video needs cool pictures that grab their attention. But what makes a real estate video good? The music! Music can change how people feel about the house. Music has the power to evoke happiness, relaxation, and excitement.

The Impact of Music on Real Estate Videos


Music in real estate videos can be like magic!

Fun Music makes a modern condo seem exciting, while calm Music makes a country house seem peaceful. Imagine a kitchen video with happy Music. It makes you think of cooking and having fun with family.

Fancy bathroom? Smooth jazz music makes it seem extra classy.

Using the same kind of Music throughout the video makes it feel like one whole thing and keeps people watching.

Music can really set the mood for a property! Here are some ideas to pick the perfect tunes:

Upbeat and energetic

This is great for showing off modern places in the city, especially if it has cool features like a gym or pool. Think pop or rock music.

Warm and inviting

This is perfect for cozy homes or cabins. Acoustic Music or folk songs would be a good fit.

Calm and peaceful

This creates a relaxing feeling, which is excellent for luxurious places or properties with nice outdoor spaces.

Remember, these are just ideas!  The most important thing is to pick Music that matches the feeling you want to create for the property.

Genre isn’t the only factor. Here are some additional tips:

  • Match the tempo of the Music to the pace of your video.

  • Choose Music that reflects the overall vibe.

  • Make sure you have the rights to use the Music you choose.

Creating a Real Estate Video on a Budget

Need a small budget for professional music licensing? Here are some options:

Royalty-Free Music Libraries

Many websites offer a wide selection of royalty-free Music for a reasonable price.

Free Stock Music Websites

Several websites offer free music downloads, but be cautious of usage rights.

iMovie/Filmora Sound Effects Libraries

Basic video editing software often comes with built-in sound effect libraries containing background music you can use.

Your iPhone can be a robust real estate video, too. Here’s a breakdown on how to make a real estate video with an iPhone:



Storyboard your video, plan the shots you want (wide angles, close-ups etc.), and write a short script if desired.


Natural light is ideal. Open curtains and blinds during the day. Avoid using flash for video.

Clean and Stage

Make sure the property is clean, staged, and clutter-free.



Use the highest resolution possible (4K on newer iPhones). If you want slow-motion effects, shoot at 60 fps for specific shots. Lock exposure by tapping and holding on the brightest part of the screen. Explore third-party camera apps like Filmic Pro for more advanced controls.


Invest in a mobile gimbal for smoother footage, especially for walkthroughs.


Maintain a slow, steady pace when panning across rooms. Focus on capturing key features and amenities.


Editing Apps: iMovie (pre-installed) or free apps like InShot are great options.

Music and Text

Add royalty-free background music and text overlays to highlight key features.

If you’re aiming for the best frame rate for real estate video, consider partnering with real estate video editing services like Vidpros.  Companies like Vidpros can handle everything from music selection and editing to drone footage and graphics. They can elevate your project with a range of services. They’ll select the perfect music to complement your video’s mood and create a professional soundscape with sound effects and voiceover integration.

Music is an essential ingredient in any successful real estate video. Choosing the fitting soundtrack, you can create an emotional connection with potential buyers and showcase your property in the best possible light. In fact, there are many resources out there to help you find good Music for real estate videos. So, put on your thinking cap, explore different genres, and find the perfect song to soundtrack your real estate success story.

Stop settling for generic music! Partner with Vidpros and let our music elevate your real estate videos above the competition. Contact Vidpros today for a free consultation and discover the power of music in real estate marketing!

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