Best Frame Rate for Real Estate Videos


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Imagine a mini comic book with drawings that come to life when you flick through them quickly. Videos are like super-speed versions of these for showing houses. They show many pictures, one after another, very fast. It fools your brain into seeing a movie-like picture that moves. The speed at which the photos appear is called the frame rate. This speed affects how smooth the video looks. The faster the pictures flip by, the smoother things seem. In real estate video editing, picking the correct frame rate and editing tricks can make a difference in how good the final video looks and how attractive it is.

Videos are made up of still pictures shown fast, like flipping through a flip book. Regarding real estate videos, there’s a question about the best frame rate for real estate video.

Movie look (24 pictures per second)

This makes videos look smooth and natural, like classic movies.

Cartoons on TV

that’s about 30 pictures every second, pretty smooth!

Action movies with slow-motion replays

that’s like 60 pictures each second, super smooth so you can see all the tiny details!

Choosing a frame rate

Choosing a frame rate

Showing houses

Show 30 pictures each second. Videos look smooth, work on any phone or computer, and stay small.

Dramatic videos

Use 24 pictures each second. This looks fancy like movies, but some websites might mess it up.

Slow-motion videos

If you want to slow down parts of your video, like a waterfall, use 60 pictures per second. This lets you see more detail in slow motion, but the video file will be bigger and harder to edit on some computers.

Here are some extra tips on how to edit your real estate videos even better, besides how fast the pictures show (frame rate):

Shaky video no good

Use a stand (tripod) or special holder (gimbal) to keep the filming smooth, like a pro.

Light is important

Good light makes the video look nicer and feel a certain way.

Choosing the right background music

Picking the right good music for a real estate video is super important too. It should complement the pictures and make people watching feel happy. 

Editing is essential

Ensure the video flows well and engages people with seamless transitions between scenes and appropriate cuts. Consider using websites 

like Vidpros, which provides video editing services for both businesses and individuals. 

Vidpros offers professional video editing with a quick turnaround time, so you can focus on creating great content and growing your audience.  

By following these tips and picking a good frame rate, you can create real estate videos that show off the properties in the best way possible and make potential buyers remember them. An excellent listing video is like having a super salesperson working for you. It helps you sell your houses and apartments faster by showing them off in the best way. Clear pictures and a short, interesting story will make your listings stand out from all the usual photos. Videos also get seen by more people online, reaching those who might have missed your listing altogether. With so many listings out there, a high-quality video is a smart choice that will benefit you.

Let’s discuss the perfect frame rate for your next listing. Don’t settle for average. Get show-stopping results with Vidpros, and they will help you choose the perfect frame rate to bring your listings to life.

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