Why Video Marketing And What You Should Know

If you have ever wondered how videos have been gaining phenomenal popularity among audiences worldwide is because of one thing – video marketing.

Mind you; video marketing is no longer just a trending strategy. Still, video marketing becomes non-negotiable in the “here and now,” especially for businesses focused on effectively promoting brand awareness.

There’s no doubt about that –  content marketing is an effective strategy for building your brand and reaching your target audience. Videos were found to be one of the most profound delivery media.

There’s truth to this claim because a market study by online marketing think-tank Demand Metric found that out of the 90% of organizations that are into content marketing, no less than 83% focus most of their efforts on video content.

Video content marketing defined

Video content marketing is a strategy brands use to develop video content to enhance their online profile, image, products, or services.

Videos are usually published on YouTube or any social network platform, although they can also be presented through webinars, online training and courses, and live or self-hosted videos.

But make no mistake, only compelling, interesting, engaging, and value-adding video content can “make the cut.” It can be powerful in delivering a brand message that is easily accessible to a large audience. It also works on business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) content strategies.

A great thing about video marketing is that it is becoming easier to plan and do effectively. In addition, the variety of options for any marketer means there is something for every business, including those without traditional video recording or editing skills.

Guarantees market presence

Video content is a powerful and valuable tool in helping people learn about products or services, especially potential buyers in search of it.

No wonder 94% of marketers can attest that video content has dramatically helped increase user understanding of products and services.

Consumers will only buy products or avail of services only when they get to understand what it does and how it will be able to help them answer their needs

Unsurprisingly, video content is very effective as it visualizes what businesses want to explain and demonstrates how things work clearly.

Ensures return on investment (ROI)

Return on investment for video content marketing depends on several factors, including how well your content strategy is organized and the quality of your video content – both on the technical and aesthetic aspects.

Nonetheless, 83% of video marketers say their marketing strategy has provided them with good investment returns.

But why do a lot of people shun investing in videos? First, there’s the misconception that video production is expensive and time-consuming. 

However, technology has provided solutions and made it possible to create excellent video content quickly and not burn a hole through your pocket. In fact, the smartphone in your pant or shirt pocket is a powerful video recording tool that can capture and record amazing raw footage in high resolution.

But, of course, post-production work will organize and create a fascinating finish for your videos before posting them, which we can discuss in future articles.

It is very dynamic 

Marketers have plenty of options regarding how they use video content, so it’s easy to find ways that suit your marketing goals

Although YouTube is the first place content creators think of when talking about videos, there are other online platforms to work with.

Among the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat – these are platforms that can accommodate Stories that run for a certain period- videos that are made quick and cheap that can speak directly to your audience. 

Live videos have also grown in recent years thanks to Facebook, YouTube, etcetera – all providing the means for businesses to stream live video content over the internet. 

Statistics from Facebook revealed that live streams on the platform receive six times more audience interactions or engagement than regular videos.

For instance, an innovative way of leveraging video is a one-on-one marketing strategy where marketers can record and send quick video messages to follow up on purchases, reviews, feedback, or inquiries from customers, which are a great way of ensuring a great customer experience and loyalty.

People love videos

Technology has made it incredibly accessible and convenient for people to watch video content anytime and anywhere.

Just base it on the data and statistics for YouTube alone, the second most widely-popular social media platform in the world next to Facebook.

Youtube boasts of having around 2.6 billion users actively logged in every month, with billions of viewing hours clocked daily. 

Another social media channel, Twitter, has announced generating an average of 2 billion video views daily

Here’s a fun Twitter fact, tweets with videos generate ten times more engagement than those that don’t have videos.

Another digital marketing company has analyzed that Facebook generates over 8 billion video views daily, and in an exciting twist, 85% of this video content is viewed without sound.

So, why do you think you need video marketing? 

By now, you know what it means not to have one. 

You might miss out on your brand awareness campaigns. Call us; we can help.

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