When hiring a video editor, it’s important to ask the right questions. Doing so will help you uncover top-notch video editing talent. 

At Vidpros, we’ve hired more than 30 video editors over the years. You may also be interested in our article on how to hire a video editor.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best video editor interview questions to ask potential job candidates. We’ll also provide tips for how to assess their answers. 

By asking the proper questions and paying close attention to the responses, you’ll be able to find the perfect people when hiring for video editing jobs.

What Are the Best Categories of Questions to Ask a Video Editor Candidate?

There are several types of video editor interview questions that you can ask. We recommend focusing on the following categories.

  • Personality and communication skills
  • Technical experience, knowledge, and software expertise
  • General abilities and creative vision for your projects
Personality and Communication Skills

When interviewing video editor candidates, it’s crucial to assess their personalities and communication skills

After all, editing film is a creative process that requires collaboration with other team members. You want a video editor who can work well with others and communicate clearly. 

By asking questions about personality and communication style during interviews, you’ll get a better sense of how well candidates will fit in with your team.

Technical Video Editing Experience

Look for candidates who can quickly and easily talk about their experience, knowledge of video editing software programs, and ability to work with various video formats. 

You can get a sense of whether they have the experience and expertise you’re looking for by asking specific questions about their technical skills.

General Editing Abilities and Creative Vision

Your video editor should be able to work with audio and video files, create titles and graphics, and adjust the video’s color and lighting. 

They should also have a strong creative vision to transform projects from start to finish. These types of questions will give you a better sense of how well candidates can handle your specific projects.

Best Video Editor Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the top video editor interview questions to ask potential candidates. 

Interview Questions About Background, Communication, and Working with Clients

Tell me about yourself. In addition to picking up on their personality and communication skills, this question will also reveal video editor candidates’ knowledge of the editing process. 

How do you present ideas to clients? Use this question if the previous question didn’t unwrap the candidate’s communication skills well enough. You need to know if your new hire can effectively communicate with clients.


What qualities would your dream client possess? Asking this question will help you determine if your potential video editor properly grasps what you’re looking for in terms of creative vision as it pertains to client work.

How would your past clients describe working with you? It’s always interesting to hear the way a candidate answers a question about how others might perceive them. Look for signs of self-confidence here.

How do you handle changes to your work? If a client asks for revisions, how does the video editor respond? Look for flexible candidates who can handle a complex project or work-related stress such as back-to-back deadlines.

Where did you obtain your education and training? Determine if potential video editor candidates have the necessary technical video editing skills required by your company.

Interview Questions About Skill Proficiency and Creative Knowledge

What video editing software are you proficient in? This kind of question will give you a better sense of video editors’ technical skills and which programs they have experience using.

What’s the most important thing to consider when editing video? After asking your candidate this question, focus on how well they can articulate the process of editing from a global perspective. 

How would you go about editing video for a product demo video? Insert another specific project for “product demo” if you’re working on a different project. The point is to ask candidates to share how they would tackle your existing projects. It will give you a glimpse into their workflow, creative process, skills for reviewing raw footage, and other important factors.

What’s your method for staying up-to-date on current trends and tech? Give your video editor candidates a chance to talk about how they stay on top of industry trends and new editing technology. It will help you understand if you’re about to hire a forward-thinking individual or not. 

What do you see as the future of editing video? Use this question as a follow-up to the previous question if you didn’t get enough value in their first answer. 

What’s your creative vision for video editing? Here’s a question that will help you assess candidates’ creativity and how well they can think outside the box. 

Can you share an example of a project you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of? Hearing about their past editing projects gives you a better sense of candidates’ experience.

What are your favorite video formats? By asking what video formats candidates prefer, you’ll gain an improved perspective on their style and the types of projects they work best with.

What video editor do you most admire? Use this question to help you assess passion for their craft. Understanding which video editors they look up to the most will give you a glimpse into their overall style. 

General Interview Questions About Goals, Leadership, and Position Interest

What challenges have you faced while video editing? This question will help you assess candidates’ problem-solving skills and how they handle difficult situations.


How would you go about training a video editor? If you’re hiring video editors to lead a team, ask this question to see how confident they are in their leadership skills. 

Which project in your portfolio are you most proud of? Compare a candidate’s answer to a portfolio question to the project you most admire about their past work. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? Asking an open-ended question like this gives video editors a chance to talk about side projects and long-term career growth goals. It provides you a better sense of whether they’re looking for temporary work while working on side projects or interested in staying with your organization long-term. 

Why do you want to work here? A question like this can help you learn more about their previous job and whether your position aligns with their current needs.

How soon can you start? Use this question if you’re seriously considering the candidate. It will help you understand if their hiring timeline matches your company’s needs. 

Do you have any questions for me? This question is always a good question to end the interview with, as it can open up the conversation into an entirely new direction.

How to Assess Answers to Video Editor Interview Questions

When assessing video editor interview responses, keep the following points in mind.

  • Are they a good fit for your team? 
  • Do they have the technical skills you need? 
  • Do their creative ideas align with your project goals? 

Throughout the interview process, constantly look for clues that help you understand how well a candidate ticks off the boxes that indicate a great fit. 

Use “Tell Me More”

Top-notch interviewers use the phrase “tell me more” to encourage a candidate to open up more. 

Use the phrase whenever a candidate doesn’t fully answer one of your questions. Or, use it to get them to expand on a topic that genuinely intrigues you. 

The “tell me more” tactic will help you uncover important information that you’d otherwise miss. 


By asking the right video editor interview questions and paying close attention to candidates’ answers, you can find a video editor who fits your team and the job perfectly. Work hard to find a video editor with the technical skills required and won’t upset your current team culture.

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