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SubMachine Plugin Overview: Everything You Need To Know

Man explaining SubMachine Plug In on camera

Our team at Vidpros strives to deliver top-notch videos for our clients. Creating engaging and customizable subtitles are essential, and that’s where SubMachine comes in. 

This innovative new AI editing tool has become a game-changer in our workflow, and we’re excited to share our experience with you, fellow video enthusiasts (seasoned editors and aspiring creators). 

Buckle up as we explore SubMachine’s features, its impact on our editing process, and how it can boost your video projects. Read on!

What is SubMachine?

what is SubMachine

SubMachine is a collaboration between bmpcreative and Creative Workflow Solutions.

It integrates seamlessly into the familiar Adobe Premiere Pro platform, granting video editors an intuitive and powerful way to add customisable subtitling solution to their projects.

With just a few clicks, editors can swiftly add subtitles to their videos with engaging styles and motions that capture viewer attention. 

The newly released Dynamo style makes captions dance around the screen, following the visuals with a kinetic energy that connects with modern audiences.

Key Features of SubMachine

key features of SubMachine

Automated Word-by-Word Animation

Its automated word-by-word animation eliminates the time-consuming manual placement, allowing editors and creators to focus on design and storytelling. 

This shift saves professionals significant time and empowers even newcomers to quickly create engaging and professional-looking subtitles, enhancing accessibility and viewer engagement. 

By removing technical barriers, SubMachine empowers creativity and marks a significant leap in the future of video subtitling.

Customizable MOGRT Templates (Motion Graphics Templates)

SubMachine embraces a creative cycle with customizable MOGRT, making it easy for video editors to add motion graphics to subtitles. 

This user-friendly system removes technical barriers, allowing editors of all skill levels to utilize animated text, kinetic typography, and other visual styles without advanced knowledge. 

The SubMachine panel provides a vast library of templates and the ability for customization, offering endless possibilities to express specific moods, tones, and branding in YouTube videos. 

This innovative feature transforms static subtitles into visually engaging experiences, enriching storytelling and stirring up the world of video editing.

Easy to Use Interface

SubMachine prioritizes user experience by offering an intuitive interface seamlessly integrated into Adobe Premiere Pro subtitling. 

It eliminates the need to learn a new workflow, allowing seasoned editors and newcomers to jump in. 

Users can create perfectly timed subtitles and customize fonts, colors, and motion, empowering them to become “subtitle stylists”!

While simplifying the process, SubMachine prioritizes control. 

Clean layouts and streamlined menus offer a platform for uncovering creativity. 

This blend of ease and customization empowers users of all levels to craft visually stunning subtitles, elevating their storytelling potential.

Fast Rendering

SubMachine revolutionizes subtitle editing workflows by combining lightning-fast rendering for a seamless creative experience. 

It eliminates waiting times and empowers users to experiment freely, iterating on concepts and revisions without losing momentum. 

With SubMachine, editors can translate inspiration into action at rapid speed, meeting deadlines effortlessly and maximizing creative output. 

This smooth and swift environment empowers visionaries to incite their full potential, accelerating the transformation of ideas into impactful video content.

Advanced Text Styling Options

SubMachine transcends the limitations of simple text with its advanced styling tools, empowering editors to craft visually captivating subtitles. 

Gone are the days of bland captions; this plugin unlocks once-exclusive capabilities, allowing users of all skill levels to design dynamic, animated text that dances across the screen. 

Editing typography with SubMachine is as easy as manipulating, shaping, and refining the footage’s narrative and aesthetic. 

SubMachine empowers creators – beginners and professionals alike – to transform subtitles from a necessity into an art form, enhancing storytelling, accessibility, and audience engagement. 

Text typography entered a new era of creative freedom.

Pros and Cons

SubMachine shines with several advantages that streamline subtitling workflows for video editors:

Saves Time and Effort

Its automated word-by-word animation and intuitive interface significantly reduce the manual work in subtitle creation, freeing up valuable time for other creative endeavors.

Easy to Use

Even novice editors can quickly grasp SubMachine’s functionalities. Users can focus on customization and design with Adobe Premiere Pro’s familiar environment and drag-and-drop interface.

Variety and Customization

SubMachine offers a diverse range of MOGRT templates and advanced text styling options. It empowers creators to design eye-catching subtitles that perfectly match their video’s aesthetic and brand, enhancing overall viewer engagement and site statistics.

However, like any tool, SubMachine comes with some potential drawbacks:


SubMachine requires a paid subscription or a perpetual license purchase. Depending on an editor’s budget and usage frequency, the cost might be a significant consideration.

Limited Template Selection

While diverse, the current library of MOGRT templates might feel limited for some users who require highly specific or unique styles. It might necessitate further customization or exploration of alternative options.

Compatibility Issues

Although generally compatible with most versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, some users have reported encountering compatibility issues with specific versions. It’s crucial to check for updated information and compatibility before purchase.

Ultimately, SubMachine is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance subtitling workflows. 

However, it’s important to weigh its pros and cons, considering factors like budget, specific project needs, and individual editing preferences, to determine if it’s the right fit for your video editing endeavors.

Trusted by Vidpros

trusted by Vidpros

Jason, one of the editors at Vidpros, highlights SubMachine’s efficiency for animated captions, mentioned the time saved and increased creative possibilities it offers. 

He emphasizes the tool’s usefulness and efficiency but suggests room for improvement in stability because Adobe updates can sometimes cause conflicts. He mentions Andrew Kramer’s optical flare plugin as an example of a plugin that has maintained compatibility across different Adobe versions.

Another Vidpros editor, Kino, confirms SubMachine’s effectiveness in generating animated captions. He acknowledges its efficiency for specific projects like creating short-form videos but also mentions the increased processing power required.

These testimonials showcase the positive experiences Vidpros editors have with SubMachine, particularly its efficiency and creative potential for animated captions. 

However, they also highlight the need for improved stability to ensure compatibility with future Adobe updates and the potential increase in processing power needed when using the tool.

Pricing and Alternatives

pricing and alternatives

Using SubMachine, users can choose between a perpetual license, monthly and annual subscription plans starting at $8 monthly. 

This pricing structure allows users to access the features of SubMachine at an affordable rate, making it accessible to a wide range of video editors and content creators.

While SubMachine offers a customisable subtitling solution in Premiere Pro, several alternative approaches might resonate with different users based on their specific needs and priorities. 

Here, we explore three options that offer varying degrees of cost, control, and creative freedom:

Open Captions

For editors seeking a free solution, the open captions offer complete control over subtitle styling, placement, and timing.

It allows for precise customization and tailoring to match the aesthetics of your video, but manually creating and positioning each subtitle, especially for lengthy videos, can be time-consuming and tedious. 

Additionally, open captions can appear static and lack the visual appeal of animated options, potentially impacting viewer engagement and site statistics.

Choosing open captions is ideal for:

  • Editors and creators on a budget who prioritize control over cost.

  • Projects requiring precise subtitle placement and styling that aligns with a specific design vision.

  • Situations where static captions suffice and animated elements are not crucial for viewer engagement.

2. Third-Party Plugins

For editors seeking advanced animation options, integration with other tools, or language translation capabilities, venturing beyond SubMachine into the world of third-party plugins might be the key. 

This option offers a broader range of features and can cater to specific needs like accessibility features or seamless integration with transcription services. 

However, these plugins often require an additional investment beyond the Premiere Pro subscription. 

Consider the effort and time required to understand and use the plugin’s features.

Choosing a third-party plugin might be ideal for:

  • Editors who require features beyond SubMachine’s functionalities, such as advanced animation tools or integration with additional workflows.

  • If your project requires specific features like meeting accessibility guidelines or incorporating translated subtitles, third-party plugins could be the best choice.

  • Editors who are comfortable investing in additional tools to expand their creative potential and streamline workflow.

3. Online Services

For those seeking a convenient solution, online services offer the possibility of uploading your video and receiving captions generated by speech recognition software. 

This approach is good if you need subtitles in multiple languages. However, the accuracy of automated transcription can be unreliable, often requiring manual editing and corrections. 

Online services often offer limited control over the style and placement of subtitles compared to manual or plugin alternatives, potentially restricting creative freedom.

Choosing online services might be ideal for:

  • Editors who prioritize speed and convenience over absolute control and accuracy.

  • If you need subtitles in multiple languages and have limited resources for translation, online services can be a good option.

  • Simple projects where simple subtitles suffice and extensive customization is not a necessity.

The choice of customisable subtitling solution in Adobe Premiere Pro boils down to individual needs and priorities. Whether cost, control, or creative freedom holds the most weight in your decision-making process, these alternative strategies offer diverse capabilities to empower your video content creation journey.

Capping Off

Our team at Vidpros uses SubMachine to elevate video accessibility and engagement for our clients. 

This innovative plugin transforms subtitling in Adobe Premiere Pro, offering automated animation, customizable templates, and an intuitive interface.

But is SubMachine right for you? Here’s what we discovered:

Streamlined Workflow:

  • SubMachine automates subtitling, freeing up time for creativity.

  • Visually Engaging: Create stunning, animated captions with diverse templates and customization options.

  • Easy to Use: The intuitive interface allows beginners and veterans to jump in.

  • Cost Consideration: SubMachine requires a paid subscription or license, which may be a factor.

SubMachine empowers:

  • New & Experienced Editors: Its ease of use makes it accessible to all skill levels.

  • Content Creators: Enhance storytelling and capture attention with visually engaging subtitles.

  • Those Prioritizing Accessibility: SubMachine simplifies the process, providing subtitles for diverse audiences.

If creating subtitles with SubMachine feels challenging, let our team at Vidpros handle it for you. 

We can do the complex work involved in subtitling, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Book a call today! Let us focus on the details while you concentrate on your creative vision.

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