Want to create engaging real estate video tours that attract buyers? Follow these steps to make your property stand out.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Showing the house virtually is a way better than just pictures nowadays for most people looking for a house online. This guide will help you make house videos that people will love, whether you’re a pro or want to do it yourself.

Planning is the Key

Before you grab your camera, some essential planning goes a long way. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Know Your Audience: Make the video tour different depending on who you want to buy the house.  For families with kids, show off the backyard and places to play.  For young adults with jobs, show how close the home is to work or fun things to do.

  • Highlight the Property’s Strengths: Write down all the coolest things about the house – a fancy fireplace, a super nice kitchen, or an amazing view. These are the stars of your video!

  • Script It Out (Optional): A script isn’t required, but a quick plan for what you’ll show in the video helps keep it smooth and ensures you don’t forget anything important. You can search for real estate video script samples as your guide.

  • Gear Up (or Not): A fancy camera isn’t required! A good phone camera with steady video is all you need. A tripod helps keep the video from shaking, and extra lights can brighten up dark rooms, but they don’t have to be expensive.

Filming Your Tour

Now it’s time to film your real estate video tour! Here are some tips to make it look really appealing to people:

  • Steady Does It: Use a tripod to keep the video from shaking. If you have to film by hand, move slowly and smoothly.

  • Walk and Talk: Walk through the house while filming and focus on cool features. Talk in a friendly way and avoid bumpy movements.

  • Focus on the Details: Zoom in! Get in nice and close to film special things, like fancy woodwork or cool appliances.

  • Show, Don’t Tell: Let the video show off the house! Don’t talk too much. If something can’t be easily seen, then you can mention it.

  • Consider Drone Footage (Optional): If the house has a huge backyard or a super pretty view, you can use a drone to film it from above. 

Once the filming is complete, it’s time to turn your raw footage into a captivating real estate video tour. Here’s how a real estate video editing app or production company comes in:

  • Basic Editing Techniques: Most real estate video editors allow you to trim footage, add music and sound effects, and incorporate text overlays.

  • Outsource Real Estate Video Editing Services: Some companies can edit your house video and make it look very professional. They can add cool stuff at the beginning and end, fancy graphics, cool UAV real estate videos, and even a 3D tour! They can also do basic editing like cutting clips together.

Sharing Your Masterpiece

Now it’s time to show off your awesome video!

  • Listing Websites: Put the video on the website where you’re selling the house.

  • Social Media Powerhouse: Share the video on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Email Blast: Send the video link to people who might be interested in buying the house.

Ready to make your listings stand out?

A well-made real estate video tour can be a game-changer in today’s competitive market.  By following these steps and considering outsourcing real estate video editing services like Vidpros for professional polish, you can create captivating tours that showcase your listings in the best possible light, leading to faster sales and satisfied clients. Remember, a high-quality video tour is an investment. Contact us today and see how our expert video editing services can turn your properties into must-see destinations!


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