How to make engaging video content that capture your audience’s attention

With the deluge of content strewn all over the internet, how can video content creators stand a chance to win and engage audiences to view their content? You may be producing and posting a lot of videos but why does it not perform as expected?

In this blog, we uncover what could be the reasons why your videos do not resonate with audiences and discuss the key details of how you can avoid churning out mediocre or poor-quality content and ensure that your video content is consumed regularly.

There are a variety of reasons for it such as lack of pre-production planning, substandard recording equipment, poor recording resolution and incorrect editing software or hardware are just a few of the many issues that could affect video quality or output.

But other than the ones mentioned above, there are more uncommon factors that could slip through an untrained and inexperienced content creator and what makes it more daunting is that there are a lot of brands using videos as well.

Unless you come up with more engaging and entertaining content that stands out, only then can you spur the interest of your audience to watch your video content.

This becomes an even more challenging proposition for businesses who expect their video content to deliver brand awareness, otherwise, they would just be wasting money, time and effort for nothing.

What’s holding back your video content from performing online?

For businesses, it’s really important to prioritize their video marketing efforts and at the same time, ensure their video content performs well online to realize their return on investment.

Here are the most common yet neglected issues that are impacting video content and how they can be leveraged when creating engaging video content.

Does it have the professional “touch”?

First impressions last and this is something important for brand awareness. Businesses need to understand that just because they are pushing a lot of marketing videos online does not mean that it is delivering their desired results and, of course, ROI.

While anyone can create content using nothing more than a smartphone does not make them a marketing or social media expert.

Many brands make the mistake of not setting a distinction between what is professionally-made video content and a random shot that catches people’s attention on social media but is nothing more than raw footage posted online.

Whether you are doing content for a vlog or business-related material, it is important to always make it impactful and deliver your brand message effectively because anything less will reflect negatively on your brand image.

Truth be told, trends and fads come and go. What may be viral today may be outdone and gone by tomorrow. So, do not limit yourself to a single concept or idea, rather adapt to the call of the changing times.

Here’s how you can start making impactful and engaging video content.

Determine objectives, set and manage expectations

What are your objectives for your video content and what do you expect to achieve from it? This means that video content should consider the broader business objectives such as aiming for brand awareness, converting leads or sales, etc.

Understanding the main objectives for developing content serves as the foundation for determining your target audience, how to execute your video concepts to achieve desired behaviors and how you expect your content to resonate and be shared by your viewers.

Brainstorm video ideas

More heads are better than one, so they say. This is entirely true as collective and great ideas are often the product of group brainstorming sessions.

Your goal at this stage is not to develop complete concepts, but rather to generate ideas for viral or trending content and scrutinize its origins.

Conduct the brainstorming sessions in an open but peaceful space to make people focus, share thoughts and get as many ideas as possible through different perspectives whether it be in contrasts, comparisons, or unexpected relationships or connections.

Set clear expectations regarding the aims and objectives of the session so everyone can focus on their thoughts and open their minds to their ideas and avoid straying far from the topics discussed.

Be the facilitator and make sure to take notes so everyone gets reminded about their ideas and be able to narrow down brilliant ideas to focus on and serve as the basis for your creative and conceptual plots.

You may invite people outside of your circle to participate, when possible, to generate more varied perspectives.

Conduct a number of fun and enriching activities to stimulate their creative juices. Be prepared to welcome any idea, no matter how far-fetched just as long as it is tied to your general objectives and all ideas are worthy of scrutiny and developed into specific content ideas and concepts.

Review and organize content plan ideas

After the brainstorming session, it’s time to get back to your notes, summarize and review all ideas.

Revisit your framework by going through your content objective, target audience, brand message and key performance indicators and make an assessment based on your project criteria such as impact, success factors, novelty and creative delivery.

Don’t forget to always stay grounded with what is realistic and within your budget, as well as consider ideas that may not be relevant at present, but could be amazing in the future.

Determine the ideas that meet all your set criteria best, organized by order of importance and get started!

With your content ideas all set, you can go ahead with the pre-production phase – select your video format, talents to showcase, gear and location, storyboard and script, then initiate the process to start engaging and entertaining your audience.

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