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How invideo AI Tool Changes the Game for Faceless YouTube

man thinking of InVideo AI tool

Video content creation is rapidly evolving thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence. 

One AI tool leading this revolution is invideo AI, which allows you to create videos with just text prompts without appearing on camera. 

It opens up new opportunities for faceless YouTube channels to creatively engage with audiences.

In this post, we’ll explore how invideo AI transforms video creation process, walk you through how to use it, examine a successful example, and discuss its role alongside professional video editing services. 

Let’s dive in!

What is invideo AI?

invideo AI is a tool for creating content for “faceless” YouTube channels—those without an on-screen host. 

It stitches together relevant stock footage and images based on text prompts and adds voiceover, captions, and music to generate amazing videos with minimal effort.

Faceless content creation reshapes YouTube by offering storytelling and educational videos without relying on a traditional host. 

But how does a content creator makes these videos visually compelling? 

Enter invideo AI.

Irene Chan, our video creator and marketer for over ten years, has seen firsthand how you can build an audience around faceless channels. 

invideo AI is transforming this space, so let’s explore how it works.

Features of invideo AI

logo of InVideo AI

At its core, invideo AI analyzes the text prompts you input and stitches together suitable stock footage to match. 

It also automatically generates voiceover audio, captions, and background music—everything you need for a complete video.

The best part is that invideo AI app works directly in your browser without downloading software. It creates video scripts from existing content, such as articles or blog posts. It is an app perfect for repurposing your written content into engaging videos!

Using invideo AI: Workflow Instructions

woman looking on a tablet for InVideo AI Workflow

To see invideo AI in action, let’s walk through how to create a video from start to finish.

First, sign up for a free invideo AI account. 

The interface resembles ChatGPT with a text prompt box. 

Describe and create the video you want in sentences, like providing prompts for ai video, to an AI assistant.

You can choose different workflows to start creating videos based on your goals like YouTube Shorts, Explainer Videos, and more.

invideo AI provides guidelines on structuring your prompts to get better results. Make sure to specify:

  • Platform (YouTube, TikTok, etc)

  • Topic

  • Video length

  • Tone of voice

  • Script style

  • Type of voiceover

You can add a source script from a blog post to generate the video clips and narration automatically.

Here are the prompts provided:

“Create a 30-second YouTube Short that explains what fractional video editing is. Make the language super simple. Use a warm and engaging female Asian voice. Use this blog post as a script, only focusing on content explaining fractional video editing.”

It provides the key details: platform, duration, script tone and style, voiceover preference, and source content.

Video Output and Editing Options

After processing the prompts, invideo AI generated this 30-second YouTube Short:

“Welcome to the revolution in video editing, fractional editing. No more waiting, no more compromise.

It’s a unique approach that gives you dedicated editing time each day with a strict video editor-to-client ratio. Personalized attention and high-quality output are assured.

It’s a game changer, making video editing efficient, affordable, and exceptional.

Fractional editing, where high quality videos meets speed.”

The video matches the instructions clearly – concise language, female Asian voiceover, and content pulled from the source blog post.

Within invideo AI, you can further customize the generated video by trimming clips, reordering, and more. 

You can also export in resolutions up to 1080p. 

Without upgrading from the free plan, videos will have a watermark.

Pricing and Plans for invideo AI

pricing dashboard of InVideo AI tool

Here are the pricing options to access invideo AI’s full capabilities:

  • Free: Generate watermarked videos, limited exports

  • Monthly: $30/mo with 60 HD video exports

  • Yearly: $15/mo ($180 billed annually) with 60 HD video exports

Paid plans include perks like stock media, background removal, and no watermarks. 

We recommend starting with the free version to test it out. You can always upgrade later as your video needs to grow.

Here’s an Example of a Successful YouTube Channel

Brightside Youtube Channel
Disclaimer: This is for presentation purpose only, not intended for promotion.

Wondering what faceless channels look like in the real world? 

Meet Bright Side— one of the most popular on YouTube.

Bright Side is a leader in the space, with over 44 million subscribers and 10 billion views. 

Their content expands to science, psychology, and more – all engagingly delivered without an on-screen host.

Bright Side relies on solid writing, eye-catching stock footage, customized animations, and creative edits to produce daily videos. 

They masterfully tell stories and share discoveries without ever showing their faces.

The incredible success of channels like Bright Side demonstrates the power of well-made faceless content.

The Role of AI in the Video Editing Structure

While invideo AI seems like magic, it does have some limitations. 

It focuses on repurposing text into videos without an on-screen presence. 

For creators who want to take a more hands-on approach to professional editing, invideo AI acts as a supplement, not a replacement.

That’s where on-demand video editing services like Vidpros come in.

Vidpros provides expert human video editors available for hire. 

It gives creators the best of both worlds: utilizing AI tools while collaborating with editors for creating a high-quality, customized end product.

The future of video creation lies in blending solutions like invideo AI with professional editing and services. Together, they allow anyone to make awesome videos faster and edit it easier.

Start Creating YouTube Videos with Ease

invideo AI overturns faceless video content creation. 

Anyone can start a YouTube channel with high-quality, AI-generated videos with just a few clicks and text prompts.

Human creativity, strategy, and professional editing remain essential to professional videos, despite advances in AI tools.

The combined solution lets you produce next-level stunning videos with speed and simplicity.

To learn more about on-demand video editing services, book a call with Vidpros.

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