Compelling Reasons To Use Video Marketing

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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That is the power of video marketing!

Video marketing is the norm when it comes to promoting brand awareness, and that is no fairy tale. An overwhelming 86% of businesses rely on video marketing to promote their brands both online and offline – thanks to the power of video content.

A whopping 92% of marketers regard video as a vital tool in their marketing strategy which made videos gain unprecedented prominence in the last couple of years as the world stood still with the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic where it became an essential lifeline for people.

The Youtube phenomena

Let’s look at Youtube for example and see how it can be relevant as a video content delivery vehicle for every film and video editor out to make a difference in the online sphere;

Ø  YouTube has 2.6 billion users worldwide and counting, which is also used by around 62% of consumers all over the world.

Ø  On a daily basis, YouTube viewers clock an average of one billion hours of video content on the platform and generate billions of content views.

Ø  The platform is available in more than 80 languages and localized in more than 100 countries.

Ø  Around 62% businesses around the world use YouTube as a primary channel for their video ads and content, with 63% of YouTube watch time done through mobile.

Ø  A whopping 90% of people claimed to have discovered new brands, products or services on YouTube.

Ø  Every minute, an average of 400 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube around the world.

Ø  For 90% of US online viewers, YouTube is the most popular and preferred channel for digital video content.

Massive viewership reach- 2.6 billion

Based on the latest data from Youtube, the video-sharing platform has 2.6 billion users worldwide and ranked second as the most popular social network next to Facebook.

These viewers are defined as those who log into the site at least once a month and since videos can be viewed without using Google accounts the platform’s footprint may actually be higher.

Such data is valuable to businesses due to Youtube’s massive market reach and with an even wider reach across external links and sites, YouTube serves as a great platform for digital marketing campaigns.

It ranks second to Google

YouTube, as a search engine, ranks second to Google as it generates more searches per month compared to Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and Ask.com combined.

With its massive user base of 2.6 billion, which is almost a third of the entire internet user base, you can just imagine the powerful reach of Youtube around the world.

The same holds true for Youtube videos on mobile devices that reach more mobile consumers than any other broadcast or television network in the US.

The mobile-friendliness of YouTube is one of its most appealing factors among mobile users that makes advertising on YouTube a smart and practical choice.

Highest market penetration

YouTube has rapidly grown over the years since it first started in 2006 and continues to carry out its mission to provide fast and easy video access to users, regardless of having basic or advanced video editing effects, and the ability to share videos frequently.

The platform continues to grow as a social media channel and there are several reasons behind its phenomenal success.

Youtube’s dominance in the industry is due to its accessibility to users making it easy to get started and share content with any type of audience, thus attracting millions of content creators worldwide.

Crosses and bridges barriers

Since Youtube is localized and available in multiple languages, there’s no surprise that it is embraced by people all over the world.

Not only is it attractive and inviting for users, but it also increases usage and audience engagement.

Fun fact: Did you know that English-language videos on Youtube represent only 28% of the entire video content volume for the platform? The platform is dominated by other languages, but it is worth noting that English videos receive four times more views on average compared with videos in other languages.

People watch Youtube every day

With one billion watch hours spent by viewers on Youtube each day, that’s about an average of 8.4 minutes for each human on earth per day.

This is strong proof of the credibility of video as a content source.  

Another fun fact: Search terms for videos beginning with “how to” have grown by 70% year on year which indicates that people looking to learn or do something rely on video content.

Why YouTube for businesses?

The importance of videos to businesses is very evident and with no less than 62% of businesses using the platform in posting video content, it does not make any sense not to leverage it.

YouTube is hands-down a valuable tool for businesses, and more have started using YouTube as a channel for communicating with customers and showcasing their brands to potential customers.

The platform also allows brands to customize how their video channel matches their brand themes and tonality.

With Youtube’s business potential and multi-faceted benefits, businesses can only stand to gain with YouTube.

Mobile Over Desktop

The great thing with mobile is portability and scalability.

People are spending more time on mobile phones with each passing day and this is evident in the 63% of overall watch time of Youtube videos on mobile devices.

Businesses cannot ignore the powerful potential of mobile adoption for brand awareness and visibility.

People find new products on Youtube

A survey found that around 90% of consumers discover new brands, products or services on YouTube. While the purchase decision rate subsequent to the discovery is a different story, one thing is clear: the brand message or promotion is effectively sent across to the audience.

YouTube can definitely make products or services more popular beyond expectations. If you have a business that is venturing into a new market or increasing your brand exposure, video content is the most effective vehicle.

As video content such as those done by professional film and video editors becomes increasingly competitive, the key to success for your video content is creativity and quality.

Check out our blog discussing the importance of video marketing for your business.

The more creative and superior quality of your content, the greater the chances of winning more people to subscribe or watch your videos.

As a business, it is essential to make the most out of your video content and ensure that it encourages people to take action.

What is your business waiting for? Call us and see how we can help boost your business.

Table of Contents

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