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22 Video Production and Editing Services You Want to Know About

The content doesn’t matter. Video editing is personal for the client. Whether it’s a wedding, e-commerce, or explainer video, you want a product that highlights your style, vision, and branding. A video service has to return a final cut that tells your story your way. Here are 22 video production and editing services you want to know about broken down by type to get you on the right path.

Table of Contents

1. Webedits

2. Wedcuts

3. Viddedit

4. Studio Moguls

5. Fix the Photo

6. VideoVouch

7. Testimonial Hero

8. Talking Heads

9. Video Bolt

10. Screen Promos

11. The HOTH

12. Micromercial

13. AzonVid Media

14. Höski Media

15. ecomvids

16. Vidico

17. Vlog Market

17. Explainly

19. Engaging Animations

20. VideoDuck

21. Explain Ninja

22. Webinar Flip

23. Identifilms

24. 522 Productions

25. CVP Productions


1. Webedits

Wededits provides professional post-production videos for wedding filmmakers. The company supplies companies and freelancers who shoot weddings with polished videos. Webedits aren’t simply editors; they’re storytellers. Their videographers structure and produce a dialogue that drives the narrative and backbone of a wedding film. The company manages color correction, grading, and all other standard video processes. They attack audio production using top-tier tools like iZotope RX to remove defects and enhance what you need to hear. Depending on your request, you get whimsy, romantic, drama, and anything in between.

2. Wedcuts

With an experienced team of video editors, sound engineers, and more, Wedcuts takes wedding photographs and footage to return a quality video. Their expertise includes classic video as well as cinematic or documentary storytelling. Based in Berlin and London, the company utilizes top post-production. All Wedcuts services are confidential and designed to meet every client’s exacting needs. Many videographers turn to Wedcuts for a finished product. The company’s portfolio is flush with clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

3. Viddedit

Viddedit has extensive experience capturing precious moments and turning them into video memories. A great wedding video needn’t be expensive. They simplify the process, using raw wedding footage for cutting, sorting, and editing the material into a high-production and stylish video, a perfect memory of your big day. Their teams include skilled and specialized talent committed to superior quality and top-notch customer service. Send everything! There are professional wedding filmmakers, videos from family and friends, and anything you want to capture behind the scenes. Viddedit will return a cohesive, exemplary narrative.

3.5 NoBackLog
Specializes in wedding video edits. Promises a dedicated video editor and 10 day turnarounds. 5 minute videos starting from $300.

Real Estate

3. Studio Moguls

Studio Moguls is a boutique outsourcing agency offering full-time staffers that personalize the client experience. Studio Moguls has video editors, graphic designers, web developers, and social media managers. If you need a resource they don’t have, this company will find it for you. They offer long-term services, partnering with organizations that need production to be scaled and increased profit margins. Studio Moguls is ready to deliver high-end video production at a fraction of the price compared to their competitors.

4. Fix the Photo

Video editing for the real estate market is about putting property in its most favorable light. The internet has made great strides in helping shoppers make decisions about which properties to check out. Fix the Photo provides homeowners and real estate professionals with a quality video that showcases their listings and attracts shoppers. You take the images and forward them to Fix the Photo. Give them up to 10 days, and you get back a professional video. One that aligns with the duration and style you asked for and clearly delineating the clip’s aim. They offer affordable prices, as well as unique bonuses and discounts for returning clients.   

Customer Testimonials

5. VideoVouch

VideoVouch creates guided captures that reveal personal experiences, with its remote services designed for coaches, agencies, course creators, and students. VideoVouch builds social proof, credibility, and trust. They create inspiring and engaging material that encompasses the journeys, struggles, and achievements you want to share. This company is a resource for social ad campaigns, product launches, vlogs, webinars, and upselling plans. VideoVouch services encompass the complete sales funnel. Use them to position yourself as a leader in your market.

6. Testimonial Hero

With transparent pricing, Testimonial Hero captures customer experiences on a B2B platform. The company’s core belief is marketing and sales work better when you present happy employers and satisfied customers in your stories. Turning your narratives over to these video editors means accelerated customer acquisition, enhanced branding, and engaging interaction, reducing friction in the sales process. They use the trusted method of putting a face to a situation—one of the best ways to create emotional connections.

Talking Heads

7. Talking Heads

Talking Heads works with businesses to create the best video for their websites. The company specializes in building reputation and trust between clients and their customers. Unlike other video services, Talking Heads manages a complete production, and the company shoots in their studio. Talking Heads handle every aspect of the production until you get the final video, ensuring quality output on every level. With Talking Heads, the ROI on brand awareness will be invaluable.

8. Video Bolt

Video Bolt products affordable business video for online use. Their specialties are data-driven materials and news style. The former utilities custom machine-based personalization to present information in original and engaging ways. News style uses professional newsroom techniques alongside automated editing to send your message. Either format is a great way to share stories, engage your audience, and address immediate needs with a sense of urgency and passion. Video Bolt uses effects and proven methods to maximize person-to-person communication.

9. Screen Promos

If your business is on the lookout for a video that effectively promotes your brand, product, or operations, using a spokesperson video is ideal. Screen Promos is the place to get started. Screen Promos creates full HD and 4K videos. Engaging and original productions perfect for websites, commercials, social media, demos, explainers, and more. A full-service provider, you select your actors and package. Upload a script and let Screen Promos take it from there. Their video production team will create a video that exceeds all expectations.

10. The HOTH


A HOTH video production promises scalable, high-quality material. They went into the video business determined to be better than an industry plagued with sketchy video providers. HOTH helps you grow your business, brand, reputation, and B2B and B2C relations. Their legacy includes a litany of awards, including Up and Coming Professionals (Tampa Bay Business Journal) and Fastest Growing Company in Florida (Inc. 5000). The company developed a process that streamlines processes and gets products to you faster. They’ve worked with over 200,000 businesses since opening their doors in 2010.


11. Micromercial

Consumers are driven by imaging, and how that impacts the bottom line is staggering. You can try to survive without video, but you’re doing your business a great disservice. Brands around the globe are looking to increase their presence and sales with video turn to Micromercial. The company has a portfolio of over 500 product videos. Clients love the high-end productions at modest pricing. Let Micromercial differentiate your product from the competition with sleek, professional video.

12. AzonVidz Media

AzonVidz Media has the marketing experience to navigate any obstacle that stops you from taking your business to the next level. As experienced Amazon sellers and professional videographers, the teams at AzonVidz know the drill. They save the client time and stress. They maximize your investment and results. Talking heads or actors, cinematic locations, or in-studio shoots, AzonVidz manages high-quality production via low production cost. The goal is to improve your brand, reduce the possibility of bad reviews, and give customers the chance to make informed decisions.

13. Höski Media

Höski Media put a lot of effort into creating a company and team capable of producing high-quality content. It’s about creating compelling content for all brands in the e-commerce ecosystem. You provide the foundation and let them take it from there. They’ll map out the creatives, write a script, gather a cast, and shoot in professional settings. They consider your input at every step. The last step is your download from the cloud. Easy peasy for Höski Media.

14. Ecomvids

Ecomvids is a video marketing agency. They have a creative process that utilizes experienced talent and proven production techniques alongside innovative ideation. No detail gets overlooked. And everything is done to the exacting expectations of the client. As the company says, “We turn scroll-stopping ideas into profitable video creatives.” They inspect and test every product so that functionality and features get highlighted in the video.

15. Vidico

Producing stories for startups and tech companies, Vidico brings clarity by simplifying complex concepts. They’ve assembled a top team of directors, cinematographers, designers, and technologists, allowing their portfolio to entail a wide range of clients spread through many industries. Vidico is an end-to-end producer. They’re ready to team up with leading illustrators to create animations. Their work has an accumulated 1.1 billion views, and that’s just in the last year. You can find their videos in Canada, the UK, and Down Under. They’re ready to do explainer videos, brand videos, product videos, and television commercials.

15.5 Flixcut

This might be a bit more value-oriented as they ship your product to their production studio in Istanbul.

Explainer Videos

16. Vlog Market

Vlog Market provides scalable ways to reach further into all your traffic channels. Their exceptional talent is taking old blog posts and converting them into a video. This strategy has excellent appeal to agency owners, digital marketing directors, and content managers. They see the potential of taking their evergreen content and turning it into a colorful and entertaining video. Give the company a few specs, point them at the URL, and they’ll return a sparkly video for upload.

17. Explainly

Explainly designs frame-by-frame, customized business animation. Always original. No templates or drop and drags. Browse their site. It’s a testament to how they use experience and talent to tell stories. The company uses various styles to match your story and offers two free revisions with each step of the animation. The process starts with a questionnaire. From there, it’s a script, storyboard, voice work, and animation. Last step: you get a fantastic animation.

18. Engaging Animations

Engaging Animations offers three packages. The first is a seriously affordable social media video. If you’re looking for a versatile, all-inclusive video, you want the upgrade that includes script, pro-voice-over work, background music, and more. The big deal is Premium Animation, a from-scratch, tailor-made production that comes with unlimited revisions.

19. VideoDuck

VideoDuck has exceptionally affordable pricing, considering the workload. They put together an engaging and persuasive script that will contain a clear CTA. The company produces a draft featuring backgrounds and voice-over. The revision process is a collaboration between the client and editors (unlimited revisions are part of the package). Time to finalize the video, upload, and reap the benefits. All this for up to 90 seconds of video, and the budget consists of only a few hundred dollars.

20. Explain Ninja

This animated explainer video producer maximizes engagement and drives ROI. They encourage the interaction mobile customers have grown accustomed to. Explain Ninja uses its talents to take customers across all stages of the UX journey. It’s a mesh of clever marketing and animation. You’re promised premium content and exceptional project management topped with stylized storytelling. There’s a guarantee of a personalized approach. They account for the target audience, business objectives, and KPIs.


21. Webinar Flip

The internet makes it hard to stand out, so it’s vital to do so. At Webinar Flip, they prioritize the structure and intent of your webinars. They look to create the ultimate virtual experience. Turn the video editing services over to the pros and let them electrify your performance. These video producers make sure no moment gets wasted. They customize introductions. Expect retro-fit webinars to align with new formats. Webinar Flip edits, renders, polishes, and returns a streaming HD display.

22. Identifilms

Identifilms knows the objective of any webinar is to inform and educate. You want to prompt conversation and grow your reputation as an authoritative resource. What you don’t want are lulls and unwanted mishaps. These elements impact brand awareness: lagging play, low volume, waiting for attendees, etc. Identifilms uses its skills to remove the gaffes you don’t want to see. They fix the sound, rearrange frames to create better looks, and zoom to accent aspects of the webinar. 


522 Productions

Corporate videos require the right people to see them. The next step to prioritize that they aren’t stagnant. They must be enjoyable to watch. 522 Productions is a video agency that uses video to inspire. They produce brand videos, reimagining ways to train and entertain. The company navigates the ever-evolving challenges of online video and brand marketing. It’s finding the center of your stories and turning them into a compelling video.

CVP Productions

For top-quality service, reach out to CVP Productions for all your branding videos. They infuse your videos with their deep experience in lighting, shot design, framing, and composition. The company’s confident about its services. If you’re not 100% satisfied, the company charges nothing! A former post-production studio, CVP has blossomed into a design and visual communication company. They’ve produced award-winning video, drone and aerial 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics, and more.

What Now?

What you have is a comprehensive list of leading video editors. Whether you need ads, social media videos, wedding films, or sales letters, one of the above companies can deliver the goods.  

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