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Desiree Martinez at Vidpros: 2-3 Weekly Videos, No Delays!

Vidpros Testimonial

How can video editing services make your content creation game stronger? Well, Desiree Martinez from All-in-one Social Media has some insights to share. With over five years of experience, she’s found the secret sauce to simplify and amp up her content creation – and it involves Vidpros, a Fractional Video Editing company.

The Role of Video Editing in Desiree’s Business

role of video editing

Desiree Martinez, who runs All-in-one Social Media, emphasizes the essential role of video editing in her business. 

Since joining YouTube in August 2017, she recognized its significance and promptly hired an editor as a crucial investment. Desiree highlights the impact on her business, stating that without video editing, she would face a bottleneck, hindering leads, attention, and growth.

All-in-one Social Media primarily leverages both video production and YouTube as a lead source, assisting businesses in enhancing their social media and content marketing. Desiree’s notable achievement is making YouTube her primary lead source, highlighting the importance of starting marketing efforts at the top of the funnel.

From YouTube Leads to Conference Speaking and Podcasting

Youtube leads

Due to her strategic approach, Desiree attracts leads from YouTube and diversifies income streams. In addition to AdSense, she successfully generates revenue through affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

She had some great opportunities, such as speaking at conferences nationwide, being part of creator boards with companies like Spreadshop, and starting a podcast for women. 

The podcast project shares the stories of women creators to inspire others to start creating on the internet. The motivation was to find an effective organic strategy without spending on paid ads.

To make it happen, Desiree invested in her YouTube channel, and it opened up various opportunities. 

Like many beginners, she initially used Fiverr to find video editors, but it didn’t always work out. Trying different editors and systems led her to discover unlimited video editing companies. While excited about the idea, she faced challenges finding the right fit and had to go through a few less-than-ideal experiences before finding the perfect match.

Though she provided lots of notes to the previous video editor, they struggled to handle the workload and took too long to deliver the final videos.

Finding the Perfect Match with Vidpros

perfect match with Vidpros

When she found Vidpros, a fractional video editing service, things improved. 

With Vidpros, she appreciates meeting her specific needs, like having high-quality videos with the proper edits, text, and humor.

Using Vidpros, Desiree can produce two to three videos a week without delays. The system allows her to upload multiple videos, which get worked on efficiently.

There’s no need to wait 24 to 72 hours for a cut. By providing solid examples, specific needs, and overall notes, Vidpros adapted well to her existing business style. Having a dedicated editor who understands her preferences has been crucial. Desiree found Vidpros in a way that perfectly suited her needs.

She met Vidpros founder, Michael Holmes at a conference called Vidfest in Florida, where she was a speaker. Mike is a networker who loves connecting with people, finding solutions, and constantly learning. They clicked instantly, and Desiree realized Mike had created a company that solved various problems.

Working with Mike was a no-brainer because of his integrity and the clean product he developed. Mike isn’t just behind a screen; he actively participates in the industry, attending video conferences, taking notes, and engaging with people. This active involvement was refreshing for Desiree. She’s been using Vidpros for about three or four months back then and considers it her go-to system.

Desiree’s agency offers YouTube management services, and she uses Vidpros as her video editors for clients‘ projects because of the excellent job it does. Familiarity with Vidpros’ systems makes the whole process easy and efficient.

Vidpros has significantly improved her job and business by understanding her needs. Unlike dealing with the education and onboarding process required for a virtual assistant or an in-house editor, Vidpros gets what it takes to create stunning videos for YouTube. They grasp the rhythms, the necessary cuts, and how things work on long and short-form video editing tasks.

One standout quality is how well Vidpros takes notes and handles criticisms or changes without taking them personally. They understand Desiree’s specific vision and work towards achieving it. Any adjustments made become the new standard, contributing to ongoing improvements of their video editing projects.

Working with Vidpros allows Desiree to run her business more smoothly. She can produce content on their terms and schedule, enabling her YouTube and content marketing plans to align with their goals.

Desiree also highlights the practical reasons for choosing a fractional video editing company over hiring an in-house video editor, emphasizing flexibility and cost-effectiveness without the constraints and additional expenses associated with having an employee on payroll.

Choosing Vidpros Over In-House Editors: A Practical Decision

Vidpros over In House Editors

When hiring, there’s a significant difference between an individual and a company, especially one like Vidpros. While you may “own” an individual’s time, they might lack the specific skills you need. Hiring a full time editor involves substantial time and money, with uncertainties about the outcome.

On the other hand, when you hire a video editing service like Vidpros, you gain access to a team of editors who understand the platform and have experience with a diverse range of YouTube creators. 

Whether it’s a beauty vlogger, a business service provider, a restaurateur, or a dentist, Vidpros knows how to help them succeed on the platform through appropriate and professional video editing solutions.

Vidpros offers a cost-effective solution for mass-producing content efficiently. Comparatively, the only scenario where hiring an in-person editor might make sense is when dealing with an extensive amount of content, perhaps if someone is constantly filming you, like in the case of a figure like Gary V. However, for individual creators on a smaller scale or small business owners, the dedicated team approach of Vidpros is more suitable than hiring an individual.

The decision to work with Vidpros is fit for Desiree’s needs. Since she already had editors with established styles, it made the transition smoother. They communicated their requirements, emphasizing the need to produce more content at a specific level. What worked well was the ability to provide examples and reference material, allowing Vidpros to take the lead without micromanagement.

Expressing a dislike for micromanaging, Desiree values the established relationship with Vidpros, where they understand the preferred style, beats, and specific requests for B-roll and screen recording. This collaborative understanding was achieved in less than a month, providing the freedom for Vidpros to create without constant oversight.

Desiree emphasizes the importance of letting a creative team, like Vidpros, do what they do best without unnecessary micromanaging. This approach allows for the editing process of created content into something even better. 

The typical video length they work on ranges from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the topic, often revolving around social media discussions, covering anything from simple how-to guides to more comprehensive lists of social media tips.

Overcoming Hesitations: The Value of a Video Editor

value of video editor

Hiring video editing and post-services can be overwhelming, depending on the agenda. The thought might be, “What exactly am I paying for, and is it worth it?” For someone with over five years of experience, having an editor is the key to simplifying and streamlining the content creation process.

While she understands the hesitation and uncertainty about the investment, she emphasizes that as a content creator, your role is to create content, while the editor’s job is to make it look good and function seamlessly. They encourage letting go of worries about pressure and budget, assuring Vidpros has your best interests in mind. The success of your YouTube channel or short-form videos aligns with Vidpros’ success, making it a beneficial partnership.

Ready to level up your content like Desiree?

Vidpros is your go-to team. Don’t let worries about budget or the unknown hold you back. Take a cue from Desiree and make your YouTube or short-form videos a success story. 

Book a call with Vidpros now! Let’s turn your content dreams into reality! Your journey to stunning content starts here.