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Boost Your B2B Marketing With Videos


Videos have evolved beyond training and internal sales communications to be a vital component of any company’s bottom line. 

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to build trust and impress B2B clients.

Your B2B prospects depend on it, and it’s essential to your business’s growth.

With 59% of executives stating they prefer to watch a video than reading text – such as a downloadable white paper or ebook – B2B video marketing offers many opportunities to grow your business.

Brands and businesses shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity and should get started immediately.

The question is, how do you accomplish this?

You don’t have to feel intimidated by B2B video marketing, whether you want to optimize your current strategy or start using it for the first time.

B2B Video Marketing: What is it?

In business-to-business (B2B) video marketing, content is developed, created, and published in video format as part of a marketing strategy. 

As B2B companies realize the value that video marketing can bring to their campaigns, video marketing is no longer primarily seen as a tool only for B2C (business-to-consumer) companies.

However, in B2B video marketing, multiple decision-makers might be targeted instead of one decision-maker, so that things can get a little complicated. 

It is often difficult for marketers to distinguish between those who make decisions and those who use the product.

There is usually more than one decision-maker and end-user for a product or service. Therefore, you will have to convince more than one person about its suitability for their business.

Buyers in the B2B market purchase products for internal use within their companies.

Taking into account the customer’s pain points and the quality of the product is crucial in this case. 

Since companies tend to have more complex products, B2B videos are often longer than B2C videos.

But make no mistake, you shouldn’t think that creating great videos alone is your ticket to marketing success, but rather that it should complement everything else you do. 

Video marketing for B2B brands begins with defining your strategy and ensuring it integrates seamlessly with the rest of your marketing channels.

Researchers have found that viewers retain 95% of a video message, compared to just 10% when reading text – all the more reason you should seriously consider videos.

You cannot eliminate video from your content strategy altogether if you want to create quality, helpful, and explicit content. 

Here are the numbers to get you thinking…

*A video lasting up to a minute is more likely to be watched by 68% of people

*According to 69% of marketers, video will be the most crucial content marketing investment in 2022

*Video is now being used for marketing by 81% of businesses

*According to 89% of video marketers, video gives them a good return on investment

*It is estimated that 95% of video marketers will continue increasing their video budget yearly.

*Videos help customers understand products, according to 97% of marketers.

The benefits of B2B video marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is enhanced by video

Businesses and marketers are increasingly focusing on ABM strategies that are more personalized.

A customized video format makes sense for B2B businesses targeting specific prospects. 

Your goal is to stand out among the hundreds of daily messages that CEOs and high-level decision-makers receive. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could add videos to your email marketing campaigns?

Videos boost search rankings.

Google frequently displays video results near the top of its search results when you search for video.

For instance, Google searches for “video content” produce video results in the third position on page one, while a search for “video marketing” has video results in the second position.

It makes sense that you are missing out on free exposure if you aren’t publishing videos.

Just don’t forget to upload your videos following SEO best practices.

Demand generation is improved by video.

Using video to engage your audience and generate leads is a powerful tool.

93% of businesses landed a new customer due to social media videos, according to an annual survey conducted by a global software company.

Additionally, visitors are more likely to spend time on a page with videos, whether it’s a homepage, landing page, or product page. 

According to 81% of video marketers, video has increased sales by 80%.

Engagement increases conversions, which is evident when you keep viewers engaged.

Creating a webinar that requires visitors to sign up is one way to gather leads from video marketing. 

Video enhances other B2B content.

The use of video marketing in B2B also boosts conversions and engagement on other types of content. 

For example, visitors will be more likely to check out other content on a landing page with video content. 

Video is a great way to hook viewers into your marketing strategy.

Video is a hit with search engines.

A video engages viewers, which is what search engines look for.

 Using video marketing increases page views and engagement rates.

Credibility is enhanced by video.

Brands can demonstrate their personality through video marketing, making viewers more likely to trust them. 

According to consumers, video is the most helpful content when shopping online.

Social sharing increases with video

In today’s world, viral videos are everywhere. 

More than 92% of mobile video customers share videos with friends. You can build trust and encourage sharing with humor and how-to videos regarding video marketing.

Retention is increased by video.

Brands can increase awareness and engagement through video content marketing.

Video marketing increases viewers’ likelihood of a message being remembered more than textual messages.

Educated decision-makers watch videos to save time

It’s easy to digest video content marketing, which is why it’s so popular. 

A simple video can convey more information about a complicated product or service than an article or blog post. 

It is essential to understand something quickly and easily for those decision-makers.

 The whole process of B2B video marketing simplifies this.

Users love video content.

The number of hours spent watching videos on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook is billions. 

Video marketing works well in all industries, regardless of your business, such as e-commerce or finance.

Developing a tremendous B2B marketing strategy

One-third, or around 17% of non-video marketers, say they haven’t used video for marketing because of a lack of knowledge, so you need a strategy to get started.

In the past, have you developed a marketing campaign or begun a sales effort without a clear plan?

The same care and attention you give to blogging, case studies, and whitepapers should also be extended to B2B video marketing.

How do you target your marketing?

Videos for B2B companies are often more brutal to create, but their value for your ideal client doesn’t diminish.

Likely, you have already defined the audience you want to reach. 

You must understand their pain points, their content preferences, and the style of message they respond to.

Plan your video strategy with that in mind.

You can also check out our article on videography basics to help you determine your marketing game plan.

Step-by-step B2B video marketing strategy

Step 1: Determine your video marketing goals

Do you have a specific purpose for your video?

When you decide what to include in your video, remember your ultimate goal. 

By having one specific goal in mind, you’ll be able to concentrate on the style and content of your video.

Remember, your video content should be targeted according to the stage of your sales funnel. 

Step 2: Set a budget for video marketing

Does your company plan to create its own videos or hire a service provider?

Video production requires a lot of time and money, so you should consider these factors before starting.

In 2019, 48% of first-time video marketers used video because it’s more affordable than before. 

Using a professional video production company will save you money on specialized equipment, videographers, scriptwriters, and even travel and location expenses.

Be actively aware of your limitations and take advantage of your opportunities.

Step 3: Choose a video type and its role in your campaign strategy

Try different types of videos if you’re just getting started.

Your video format should meet your goals. 

For example, a brand video is ideal in the awareness stage, and in the middle and late stages, a case study is better.

Step 4: Pick a platform and create your video

You should choose your platform based on your current audience reach and video objective.

It’s probably best to start with one channel and build from there if you’ve only produced one or two types of B2B videos.

Adding a brand video to your website homepage or your Facebook page is a great way to increase brand awareness.

On the other hand, your case study video could be used as trust-building content on LinkedIn or a page dedicated to your customers.

Creating engaging videos requires more than just grabbing a camera and asking a colleague to film your message.

Professionally produced and compelling visual content is crucial if you want your audience to value quality.

If you want to create your own video, you’ll need to spend time, money, and energy on the necessary equipment and resources.

If you cannot commit to doing it on your own, consider hiring a video production company to provide you with advice and guidance throughout the process.

Step 5: Quality assurance checks

This is a critical step to ensure that the video output gets a quality check before it gets posted online. The quality of your video can spell the difference between the success or failure of your marketing goals, so make sure it passes a stringent quality assurance test.

A checklist may be created to test for video length, memory size, desktop and mobile compatibility, file format, lighting, errors, etc.

Once all your boxes are tested and checked, you can be confident that your video is ready. 

Here’s a precious tip, video editing is a critical step in the content creation process because it can enhance the quality and impact of your video content. 

Hiring a professional video editing service assures you that your video output receives the professional care and attention it deserves.

Check out our fractional video editing services our vetted on-demand video editors provide and understand how we can boost your B2B marketing videos. 

Step 6: Publish and promote your video

Many publishing platforms limit what types of videos you can upload or even how long you can upload them. So you should make sure that your video complies with those requirements.

Remember that your job is not done until you promote your video.

In particular, this applies to YouTube and your social media accounts. Here you have the opportunity to boost engagement with your marketing video by responding to viewer comments.

Step 7: Measure your video’s performance.

Two reasons make this step extremely important.

First and foremost, if you don’t track your results, you don’t know how successful your video was.

Secondly, an analysis of your video marketing results will help you improve future campaigns.

For example, your video’s effectiveness can be measured through metrics such as your click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.


B2B marketers no longer consider video content “nice to have.” Instead, it has become a necessity. 

Today, there are numerous options – which were not readily available 10 or 20 years ago – and those options can help you produce the best quality B2B video marketing materials that are right for your business.

And another good thing, you don’t need to have famous actors, professional equipment or studio, or a huge budget to make it happen.  

Choose the right platform to share your video content because it can make or break your B2B video marketing strategy, and now that you know what to do and target, you can get ahead in your B2B marketing game and succeed.

We’re just a click away if you need excellent quality video editing services.

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