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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

TLDR: Beacons.ai is an all-in-one platform for content creators, offering a customizable Link in Bio, website builder, email marketing, analytics, and more. Through Beacons’ intuitive tools, creators can sell products, build email lists, score brand deals, and monetize their content. AI-powered Beacons aims to revolutionize how creators manage their online presence and engage audiences.

Beacons.ai is a platform for content creators to create and manage their online presence, monetize their content, and expand their audience. One of the most important features of Beacons.ai is the Link in Bio feature.

This smart tool allows content creators to build custom landing pages that easily connect with their existing channels and offerings. With just one simple link, creators can bring their content to life for their fans and build a strong brand presence like no other.

Beacons.ai offers easy to use tools for creators, including AI-powered features and social media marketing tools.

Having a custom domain name can significantly enhance personal branding and make it easier for audiences to find and remember the creator’s content.

About Beacons.ai

Beacons.ai Homepage

Beacons.ai was founded in 2019 by a group of friends: Neal Jean, David Zeng, Jesse Zhang, and Greg Luppescu. They met while getting their Ph. Ds in machine learning at Stanford University.

Instead of working on targeted ads at big tech companies, they decided to focus on building up and supporting the creator economy. The founders and the whole Beacons team deeply believe in a world where people can make a living pursuing their passions.

Beacons.ai aims to empower creators by providing a comprehensive solution to everyday challenges, such as limitations with link-in-bio tools, lack of monetization options, difficulty building an online brand, tracking performance issues, and integrating multiple tools.

Their vision is to revolutionize how creators manage their online presence and engage audiences through robust features and tools. 

Beacons.ai Link in Bio Tool

Beacons.ai Link in bio feature

The Link in Bio is Beacons.ai’s most popular tool. It allows content creators to build custom pages that easily connect to all their existing channels and content. It enables creators to track link clicks, providing data-backed insights and making reporting easier.

Creators can customize their Link in Bio pages in many ways to make them unique. They can add headers, descriptions, images, open and close sections, carousels, and more. Creators can also add music, videos, pictures, and animated GIFs to promote new releases or products.

The Link in Bio tool lets creators combine all their links from different social media sites, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook, into one central place. It makes it easy for fans to access everything in one spot.

With a customized and visually appealing landing page, the Link in Bio helps creators grab their audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Fans can quickly find and access a creator’s content, products, and services through a straightforward link.

It provides vital benefits for content creators:

  • Increased discoverability: The custom, branded page helps creators build a solid online presence so fans can easily find their content.
  • Better audience engagement: Seamlessly adding multimedia and interactive elements keeps fans interested and encourages them to explore more of the creator’s work.
  • Cohesive online presence: Bringing all links and channels together into one hub makes a creator’s online presence look professional and well-organized.

Link in Bio Features and Capabilities to Track Link Clicks

  • Channel Unification: Combine all your links and content from different social media sites, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and more, into one central place for your fans.
  • Content Block Personalization: Customize the look and feel of your link blocks with headers, descriptions, images, sections that open and close, carousels, and more creative tools.
  • Media Embedding: Easily add and showcase music, videos, pictures, animations, GIFs, documents, files, and other multimedia content, such as new releases or products.
  • In-Page Commerce: Create a full online store right on your page, with a smooth checkout process on desktop and mobile.
  • Storefront Integration: Connect directly to third-party sites like Amazon to drive traffic and engagement to those online storefronts.
  • Tip Facilitation: Allow fans to send tips and donations to support your content creation efforts as another revenue source.
  • Custom Domain: Claim a unique web address like yourdomain.com that is memorable and professional for your brand.
  • Email List Building: Collect email addresses to grow your subscriber list so you can engage your fan base through emails you fully control.
  • Mobile Optimization: Beacons.ai works great on mobile devices for building, updating, and customizing your pages on the go.
  • Analytics: Integration with Google Analytics for tracking link clicks and sales, providing valuable data to optimize your marketing approaches.

Beacons.ai Digital Products

  • Website Builder: Build a professional-looking website to showcase your portfolio, sell products, display content, and more. When setting up your profile, you can share your primary interest, which helps in building a personal brand.
  • AI-Generated Emails: Use artificial intelligence to create beautifully designed emails that resonate with your audience.
  • Post Activity Tracking: Track, plan, and analyze all your post activity across different social media channels all in one convenient dashboard.
  • Analytics: Gain insights into key website stats, like page views, and see which of your links gets clicked the most.
  • Creator Store: Sell digital products, appointments, memberships, online courses, and more directly to your fans through your Beacons.ai store.
  • Email Marketing: Build an email list, create AI-generated emails, and send unlimited emails to your subscribers and followers.

Getting Started with Beacons.ai

Beacons.ai Sign up page

To begin using Beacons.ai and its Link in Bio feature, follow these simple steps:

  • Sign Up: Go to Beacons.ai and enter your name, email, and password.
  • Choose a Plan: Pick a plan that works for you. Beacons.ai offers a free option and several paid plans with different features and benefits.
  • Customize Link in Bio: Use the Beacons.ai platform to personalize your link-in-bio page with your desired content, images, and links.
  • Connect Social Media: Connect your social media profiles to your Beacons.ai account to bring together your online presence. Integrate links into your social media bio on different platforms to direct your audience to your centralized content or products.
  • Explore More Features: Check out Beacons.ai for a comprehensive set of tools, such as a website builder, email marketing, and analytics.

Beacons.ai Pricing Plans

Beacons.ai caters to creators at various stages with plans tailored to specific needs and goals, from beginners to established brands and agencies.

Beacons.ai Pricing Plan

Beacons.ai Free Pricing Plan
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit Beacons.ai’s website to review their latest pricing plans.

Beacons.ai offers a Free Plan for beginners to try out the platform. It includes a customizable link-in-bio, product selling (9% fee), and a media kit.

The Creator Pro plan, at $8.33/month (billed annually), is ideal for growing creators. Key features include a free custom domain, buy now, pay later, 9% fees, email automation, AI tools, and analytics.

For pro sellers and serious creators, the Store Pro plan, at $25/month (billed annually), provides 0% transaction fees on sales, powerful selling tools like order bumps, course sales, memberships, and unlimited email sends.

The premium Business Pro plan at $75/month (billed annually) combines Creator Pro and Store Pro features. It adds white-glove on-boarding, dedicated support, Google Workspace, and a physical NFC card.

Beacons Alternatives



  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Lets you customize your link-in-bio page.  
  • Offers extra features like email marketing and analytics.


  • Limited options for customizing your page.
  • No dedicated support specifically for creators.

Ideal Use Cases

  • Good for creators looking for a simple, user-friendly link-in-bio platform with basic features.



  • Customizable link-in-bio pages.
  • Email marketing tools.
  • Analytics to track performance.


  • Not many options for personalizing your page.
  • No dedicated support for creators.

Ideal Use Cases

  • Fitting for creators who want a link-in-bio platform with essential features and analytics.



  • Customizable link-in-bio pages.  
  • Email marketing capabilities.
  • Analytics functions.


  • Limited customization for your pages.
  • No support specifically for creators.  

Ideal Use Cases  

  • Works for creators seeking a link-in-bio platform with essential features and analytics.


What does Beacons.ai do?

A: Beacons.ai is a technology company that provides a complete set of tools for content creators. These tools help creators build and manage their online presence, profit from their content, and grow their audience. Key features include a customizable link-in-bio page, email marketing, website builder, media kit, and AI content creation tools.

Is Beacons a safe link? 

A: Yes, Beacons is a secure platform. Payments on Beacons are protected by SSL with 128-bit encryption and processed with payment providers that follow PCI compliance standards.

Are Beacons’ services free to use?

A: Beacons offers a free plan with a customizable link-in-bio page, email marketing tools, and other features. However, paid plans start at $10 per month for more advanced capabilities.  

What are Beacons used for?

A: Content creators use beacons to build and manage their overall online presence, earn money from their content and offerings, and grow their audience. Beacons provide a range of tools to help creators achieve these goals.

Do Beacons allow the sharing of mature/adult content?

A: Beacons allows the sharing of mature/adult content by enabling the “sensitive content notice” as long as the external adult content is legal in your region and the content on your Beacons page is suitable for all ages. However, linking to illegal goods and services is prohibited and may result in account suspension. (source: Beacons Community Standards)

How can I make money from Beacons?

A: Beacons offers various monetization options for creators, such as selling digital products, booking paid appointments or services, and securing brand sponsorship deals.  

Is Beacons.ai worth using?

A: Whether Beacons.ai is worth it depends on the creator’s specific needs and goals. If a content creator wants a platform to handle their online presence and make money from their content, Beacons.ai could be a suitable choice.

Capping Off

Beacons.ai provides a powerful all-in-one platform to help content creators build their brands, monetize offerings, and grow their audience. With its user-friendly tools like the Link in Bio, website builder, email marketing, and more, Beacons.ai aims to revolutionize how creators manage their online presence.

The company’s mission is to empower creators to turn their passions into sustainable careers. If you’re a creator looking to streamline your workflow and unlock new monetization opportunities, sign up for Beacons.ai’s free plan today and see how it can transform your journey.

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