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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

TLDR: bio.fm is an absolute bio platform that lets users create a micro-website within their bio link, enabling them to share content, promote their brand, and connect with their audience effortlessly. It transforms the traditional link in bio constraint into a powerful asset with its user-friendly features, customization options, and seamless integration.

bio.fm is a unique bio platform that helps people show who they are and what they do online. It allows users to create a tiny website inside their profile link to collect email addresses and share videos, pictures, links, and even forms.

This bio link page is highly customizable, allowing users to enhance it with various elements like subscription forms and media files. bio.fm makes it easy for people to share their ideas, businesses, or personal brands without extensive knowledge about building websites.

bio.fm homepage

Who is the founder of bio.fm?

Bio.fm was founded in 2018 by AJ and Moe Miller. They first made bio.fm as a side project just for fun. AJ, one of the founders, initially made bio.fm in his free time, but it grew into a full-time business for them.

The founders of bio.fm saw that traditional profile links had significant limits. Usually, these links could only share one link or a short bio. This made it hard for people to truly show who they are and connect with their audience.

bio.fm wanted to fix this problem by allowing users to create a customizable bio page. On this bio page, they could share all kinds of stuff—videos, pictures, links, and email sign-up forms—without needing tech skills.

Essential Features and Benefits

One of the most significant advantages of bio.fm is that it transforms the traditional limitation of a single link in bio into a valuable asset.

Instead of being restricted to one link or a brief description, users can create a comprehensive micro-website within their link in bio, enabling them to showcase their personality, share their expertise, and engage with their audience more effectively.

bio.fm empowers users to effortlessly create stunning micro-websites within their bio links.

The free-to-start platform offers an intuitive interface for adding unlimited links, advanced features like email marketing and pixel tracking integration, custom domain support for professional branding, and seamless Google Analytics connectivity to optimize performance—all without coding expertise required. 

It also streamlines sharing content, promoting brands, and connecting with audiences like never before.

bio.fm key features and benefits

bio.fm offers a wide range of features that empower users to create a dynamic and engaging bio link:

  • Share Content: People can share articles, links, social media posts, music playlists, GIFs, polls, and more.

  • Customize: Import stuff from favorite sites and show it creatively. Pick different block styles and order them how you want.

  • Use Blocks: Bio blocks let people add, remove, edit, and move around parts quickly to craft a great-looking profile.

  • Social Links: Show off up to 5 personal social media accounts on the profile.

  • Email Sign Ups: Add a form to let people join an email list.

  • Spotify Music: Share favorite playlists, albums, or profiles from Spotify.

  • YouTube Videos: Automatically show the latest YouTube video or pick one to feature.

  • Facebook Groups: Turn visitors into members of a Facebook community.

  • LinkedIn Profile: Share professional headlines and bio.

Case Studies

Erik’s Entertainment Empire

Erik is a talented actor and comedian who is constantly working on fun new projects. From live comedy shows to gaming streams, podcasts, and more, he always has some entertaining content in the works. But Erik needed help to share and promote all of these different things in an organized way.

Then Erik discovered bio.fm, a cutting-edge platform that allowed him to turn his essential profile bio link into a full-fledged content hub.

He created separate “blocks” on his bio.fm page for his latest comedy clips, podcast episodes, Twitch streams, and upcoming show dates. Fans can easily navigate through and explore Erik’s funny and engaging content in one convenient place.

Erik customized the look and feel of his bio.fm page to match his vibrant, silly brand personality. He even included an email sign-up form to grow his base of loyal supporters.

When new fans find Erik’s social media profiles, they immediately get an entertaining snapshot of his entire creative world through his bio link.

Lily’s Fitness Oasis

Lily is a passionate fitness trainer who creates high-energy, personalized workout programs. Her plans combine strength training, cardio, and mindset work for a whole mind-body experience.

However, Lily needed help gathering all her fitness offerings and content into one unified place for clients.

That’s when Lily started using bio.fm.

This powerful platform allowed her to curate all her workout videos, healthy recipes, apparel products, and more into one seamless content hub linked from her bio. She added YouTube blocks highlighting new workout videos, included clickable images promoting her activewear line, and shared links to nutritious meal plans.

Lily’s bio.fm page looked as vibrant, energetic, and welcoming as her training style. She could regularly update the content blocks to feature new programs, videos, and products. 

Bio.fm’s analytics helped Lily understand what content resonated most strongly with her audience

With this all-in-one content oasis, Lily made it easy for clients to access her entire fitness world. Her bio.fm hub transformed a regular profile link into an inspiring and engaged community.

How to use bio.fm for your bio link page?

bio.fm sign up page

Using bio.fm is simple:

  • Get started with a complimentary account – no credit card required.

  • Pick content blocks to add links, clips, etc.

  • Import excellent content from favorite sites.

  • Customize the blocks to create a personalized landing page.

  • Share your new bio link anywhere – social media, websites, and more!

Security and Support

bio.fm takes the security of users’ personal information very seriously. 

Here are some of the measures they have in place:

  • Password Storage: bio.fm does not store or have access to users’ Instagram passwords. The passwords used to log into bio.fm are encrypted to ensure maximum security.

  • Data Storage: bio.fm does not sell user information to third parties. Users can review the privacy policy to understand what data is collected and stored.

bio.fm offers various support options to ensure users have a smooth experience:

  • Contact Support: Users can contact bio.fm support at info@bio.fm for any issues or concerns.

  • User Feedback: bio.fm encourages users to provide feedback to improve the service.

bio.fm Pricing

One of the best things about bio.fm is that you can sign up and start using the basic version entirely for free – no credit card required.

This free link option allows you to create a single bio link page at no cost, with the possibility to upgrade to a paid plan for added features and functionalities.

bio.fm Alternatives

While bio.fm is a great option, several other platforms provide similar services for creating customized bio links. In a recent blog post comparing different bio link platforms, several alternatives stood out for their unique features and capabilities.


A popular choice that lets you add unlimited links, images, and other content to your bio link. It integrates seamlessly with various social media platforms, enabling users to include all their social media profiles in one place. This makes it easy for followers to find and connect with them across different channels.

Pros: User-friendly, good customization choices, free plan available

Cons: Limited advanced analytics/tracking features

Ideal For: Individuals and businesses wanting a simple, customizable bio link with basic analytics


This platform allows users to create multiple links with images, videos, and more. It also offers customization and analytics to track engagement.

Pros: Advanced analytics/tracking, customizable, free plan option

Cons: Steeper learning curve, premium plan can be pricey  

Ideal For: Those needing robust analytics and tracking for their bio links

Link in Bio

This platform lets you add content, such as images, videos, and links, to your bio link. It includes customization options and analytics tracking.

Pros: Advanced analytics/tracking, customizable, free plan option

Cons: Steeper learning curve, premium plan can be pricey

Ideal For: Those prioritizing in-depth analytics for optimizing their bio links

Each of these bio.fm alternatives has strengths and ideal use cases. When choosing the right bio link platform, consider your specific needs and preferences carefully.

Capping Off

bio.fm empowers users to showcase their brands and connect with their audience. By transforming the traditional bio link constraint into a powerful asset, this bio tool offers a seamless and user-friendly solution for creating a micro-website within a bio link.

With its wide range of features, including content sharing, customization options, social media integration, and email collection forms, bio.fm provides endless possibilities for users to express themselves and effectively engage with their audience.

Take your online presence to the next level and start building your bio.fm profile today.

Sign up for a free account and experience the convenience of having a comprehensive content hub at your fingertips without the need for technical expertise.

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