The Best And Most Effective Planning Practices For Your YouTube videos

Planning and organizing are crucial elements to success, and so is the same with video content creation. But video production can be a complicated system. How do you get started?

Everyone knows that planning is critical to getting to your desired outcomes. The same thing applies to creating video content.

But there’s more to video content production than just point and shoot. There are actually three stages and each has its own complexities that content creators need to seriously consider and take to heart.

Ø  Pre-production stage – planning/preparation

Ø  Production stage – implementing

Ø  Post-production stage – finishing

For Youtube content creators, these three stages should matter if they want to generate engaging content that would resonate with their audience.

But let’s deal with the first and most important step in the process that provides the direction and will help establish the desired outcomes of the Youtube video content – the pre-production stage.

Regardless of how much recording material, high-tech equipment or videos to edit, none of it will bear much weight and value unless careful planning and preparations are made to set the direction for the video content from start to finish.

Determine your target audience

If there’s one thing you must realize as a Youtube content creator that achieving success on the platform has very little to do with you as the creator, rather it is all about the audience.

A well-planned content strategy starts with defining and determining your target audience, specifically the demographic and audience persona as it will help the creator establish what their viewers’ needs and interests are.

There’s just no way for a single video content that will cater and appeal to everyone, so your goal is to narrow it down to specific groups.

Set a clear brand message

Once you have already determined your target audience, you develop the message you want to convey to them.

Choosing one objective and focusing on developing your message around it is highly recommended.

And oh, make sure that your message is communicated and made clear to your audience within eight seconds, which is the average attention span of internet users.

The 8-second rule is indeed a real challenge for content creators, but it is imperative that the introductory spiels and message sticks within that time frame.

Remember, Youtube content is not about you, it’s all about the audience! So, get to the point in 8 seconds or less.

Establish a budget

Another important aspect of the planning process is setting your budget, whether you run your own production unit or hire a video editing service to do it for you.

Your budget will help you determine your deliverables, timeframe, and ad spending – yes, you need it to boost your content if you want to reach a broader and more targeted audience.

Make an interesting script

If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, you can experiment with the four basic content pillars (Educate, Inform, Engage, Entertain).

The idea for your script should be obvious enough to “talk” with your audience. Sadly, many companies are stuck giving too much emphasis on formal protocols and language rather than interacting with the audience.

Craft an amazing script by associating the message and content with your audience, not what YOU think is proper and appropriate for YOURSELF.

Consider the length of the video

This is where your research comes in handy.

It’s not because you have a great source of video material you decide to upload the entire 1-hour footage on Youtube.

Keep in mind the following thresholds based on user activity;

Ø  The optimal length for Youtube ads is 30-60 seconds.

Ø  The ideal length for Youtube content videos is between 8 to 10 minutes.

Ø  Television commercials are best viewed with a length of 60 to 90 seconds.

However, there’s a catch.

It does not mean that the shorter the videos, the better. The content makes it watchable, significantly when it adds value to viewers.

You may have a short video that contains rubbish or does not provide any value to the viewer, so don’t expect it to perform.

Again, people crave videos that they want to see, not what you force on them. Optimal video length is what makes your videos entice and retain viewers.

Start making engaging videos

Always remember that creating videos and making them go viral on Youtube is not that simple and this blog is not intended to discourage you from making one.

It is always best to set and manage your expectations. Also, it is more practical and makes sense to understand the risks involved lest you end up frustrated when you don’t see your video content getting the mileage you expected.

If this is your first time making and uploading a Youtube video, go ahead and give it your first try.

Upload it and learn lessons as you post your next videos. Get ideas from this blog post and apply them in your next episodes.

Once you determine what works and those that do not, pick up another idea and incorporate it into your creative workflow and processes.

Stick to this learn-and-go pattern and continue to make videos and notice that you get better at it every time.

It may take a bit of time, hard work, patience and practice, but don’t forget that mastery takes time and you will get to where you want to be soon through dedication and perseverance.

Obviously, it can get overwhelming, but as you learn these ideas and gain more experience, your content creation journey would become easier, faster, and save you more money – in fact, you might even start earning from it.

So, roll up your sleeves and get to work right away!

You can get started right away! We can help guide you every step of the way.

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