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Guide to Uploading YouTube Videos


Uploading videos to YouTube can be a straightforward process: Go to ‘Create’ and select ‘Upload Video.’ From there, you can select the files you want uploaded and even edit your clips with some basic tools.

Keep in mind that your content will reach a wider audience and perform better when it is high-quality. You may be curious about what camera is needed for YouTube videos and does editing a YouTube video affect views and retention. Having well-shot, perfectly edited footage will keep your content concise and relevant and keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. 

Creating and uploading content can be a major time investment, and staying on top of social media trends can feel overwhelming. Bringing in a video editing service for YouTube content will guarantee your content will be a cut above the rest. Vidpros’ dedicated team of expert editors will help your brand maintain a professional standard that will ultimately save you time, resources, and money so you can continue to scale your platform. 

If you’re considering uploading videos to YouTube, we’ve created a simple guide to help you post your content successfully.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Using YouTube Studios via your computer or mobile device, simply hit ‘Create’ and then ‘Upload Video.’ Next, you will be prompted to select the file or files you wish to upload. You can choose up to fifteen videos. 

Next, you can click ‘Edit,’ which will allow you to trim a video or arrange the order of your clips. This is where you will be able to edit a video into a YouTube Short, as well.

Adding Details

Adding Details

Including details is an important part of uploading videos to YouTube. These core details will capture your audience’s attention and provide important context and additional information that will benefit them. The details you can include are:

  • Title of your video

  • Description of the content

  • A thumbnail (This is the image that appears before the video plays. This can be a still from the video or a photo, it can also include a text banner.)

  • Playlist (The video can be included in a playlist of other videos from your channel.)

  • Audience and age restriction (This helps viewers understand who the video is for and ensures it follows the guidelines for content created for children.)

  • Related videos (Here, you can include additional content your audience may want to see.)

These details will help you reach your target audience and even cultivate a subscriber following through self-imposed video recommendations.

Advanced Details

Advanced Details

There are advanced settings that can include details such as: 

  • Paid promotions

  • Tags 

  • Chapters

  • Timestamps of the video

  • Languages

  • Date and location of the recording

  • Comments

  • Ratings

How detailed you get with your videos is up to you–but the more information you provide, the cleaner and more thought-out your content comes across. 

Finalizing Your Upload

Finalizing Your Upload

The YouTube Partner Program allows channels to turn on and off content monetization and manage how the ad you feature in your video will display. Additionally, you can use elements such as subtitles, captions, and an end screen, which will include relevant call-to-actions for your audience. 

You should run checks on your content to ensure you have no copyright infringement issues. Once you’re ready to go, you can immediately publish, save the video to publish at a later time (with the option to automatically schedule posts), or even set the video to Private. 

Moving Forward

As you continue to regularly create and upload content to YouTube, Vidpros can help you maintain brand consistency and stay on top of emerging trends so you can expand your following. Our expert editors provide work quickly and efficiently without compromising the quality of your content!

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