How To Edit Videos Like Alex Hormozi


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Alex Hormozi seemed to come out of nowhere. His Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok channels made him look like an overnight success. At least, that’s what a lot of people think. 
Actually, they’re completely wrong…
Most people don’t see all the hard work behind the scenes that lead up to his “breakthrough.” He started his first gym in 2013. And he launched his podcast in 2017, which is nearing its 600th episode in 2023.
So why are we telling you all of this?
Because we can’t find a good reason that you shouldn’t learn from Alex Hormozi
He’s doing a lot of things right. Just don’t expect to get his level of success as quickly as he magically seemed to… 
What you can do is unlock a ton of value if you understand his approach. So in that spirit, we use all our Vidpros experience to break down his video editing technique. Now you too can learn how to edit videos like Alex Hormozi…

What Is The Alex Hormozi Style?

Before we go specific on editing tips, we need to chat about his overall content style. This is because the way he structures and films his content is crucial to his success. It also allows his editing team to do what they do.
So what are some his main hallmarks?
Alex is known for his talking head style of videos. He faces the camera – usually on his couch – and his content has a casual yet intimate vibe. It’s like you’re hanging out in his living room. 

Hormozi content always follows a similar pattern. And it’s not an accident.

  1. Hook – Alex grabs you with a hook right out the gate. He knows attention spans are short, so he wants to give you a reason to stick around and watch
  2. Message – He shares his content or message. It delivers on the hook and provides value
  3. Call to Action – Alex always ends his videos with a clear call to action. He tells his viewers what to do next. Even if it’s just what video to watch next.

 If you want to learn from his video style, there is one other thing he does really well. He tells stories. Alex has a wealth of experience (stories) he can use to support his main message. 
You can instantly jazz up your content if the only thing you take away today is to tell more stories. Or, as Alex likes to say, “Do more cool s***, then you’ll have cool s***to talk about.”
If you haven’t done enough cool stuff to talk about that’s related to your content, no worries. Find stories or examples based on what other people have done, or make them up! If you are making them up, don’t try to pass them off as real. You’ll lose any trust you’ve banked fast. 

Learn Some Hormozi Editing Techniques

Ok, so now that we’ve talked about the foundation of his content style, let’s look at some of the specific editing techniques he uses.
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Alex Hormozi’s videos?
Are you thinking about the captions? 

Captions Are Critical

His use of captions does several things:

  • It keeps the viewer engaged and interested
  • It focuses attention on keywords for emphasis and understanding
  • Makes his videos accessible to people who watch with the sound off. Someone on a bus with no headphones can’t really listen, but they can read captions.

    His captions are eye-catching and mission-critical in his content. If you aren’t already using captions, grab this low-hanging fruit and take a big bite out of it. 

Spice Things Up With Animations

He also uses animations and emojis to support his captions and add visual appeal. Alex is a hand talker. And this opens up editing options. His editors are great at punctuating his hand gestures with animations.
For example: If he talks about business growth, he often “draws” his growth going up in the air with his finger. His video editor adds a growth chart line animation that tracks his finger.

You can make your videos way more entertaining if you follow his lead. Don’t sit there motionless, talking into the camera without any visuals. Move around, be expressive with intention, and use visual effects to compliment what you’re saying. 

Use Cuts & Transitions To Create Interest

How many cameras do you film with? Two is ideal. But even if you film with one camera, you can take notes from Alex to make your videos more enjoyable to watch.
How? You can create visual interest with your cuts and transitions.Without all the fancy editing, he would just be talking into the camera. And that can be a snooze fest. Instead, his video editors use the following techniques to add variety:

  • Use multiple camera angles with fast cuts to switch between them
  • Zoom in and out for emphasis or to soften transitions
  • Cut to b-roll. The b-roll adds value to what he is saying and breaks up the monotony of watching him speak directly into the camera

Ready to learn how to put some of this into practice?

How To Edit Videos Like Alex Hormozi – Practical Tips

If you want to copy his style exactly, you need to use the same video editing software he does. So what does he use?
Adobe Premiere Pro + Adobe After Effects. We feel you, it’s not cheap. But that’s what he uses (and it’s what we use too).Even if you have a different editing app, you can still take these concepts and adapt them to your app’s features.

Don’t Waste Your Efforts!

One of the best things you can do is create presets and templates for any caption styles, effects, or animations you want to use repeatedly. That way, you only have to set it up once and can quickly load and tweak them for future projects.

Hormozi Style Captions

Alright, let’s start with his signature captions.
We’re assuming you have your project loaded up in a new project and are ready to work. You’ve already reframed your video to size and cut it into component shots.
Now you can make a font preset for your captions. What font does Alex use? The closest match we’ve seen so far has the following Premiere Pro settings:

Font – Montserrat Black 900:

  • ALL CAPS. And in some videos, he uses italics
  • Size: 85
  • Fill: White
  • Background: Leave as is
  • Stroke: Black


  • Opacity 85% 
  • Degrees 135
  • Distance 5.0
  • Spread 24
  • Softness 45

This gives your captions an almost identical look and feel to his. But again, you don’t have to copy it exactly. Play around, have some fun – and develop your signature Hormozi style. 

Rotating Text Is More Fun

Alex’s videos always “animate” the text to make it more fun. The first trick in his book is to tilt or rotate the text. You can use the transform effect, select “rotation,” and set it to 3 (right tilt) or -3 (left tilt). And save each one as a preset! 
How do you do that? Click on transform, and select “save preset.” 

Upgrade Your Captions

You can upgrade your captions to text layer graphics for more control. Select your captions, click on Graphics and Titles from the top menu, and select “upgrade caption to graphic.” Now it will show in a new layer as a graphic, and you can do a few cool things.
You’ve probably seen how his captions change size for emphasis. To do this, you create preset font sizes at 70, 85, and 100.
Find the spot in the audio track right before your keyword, and make a cut in the text graphic. You can enlarge a word or phrase to 100 for it to pop out on delivery and then shrink it back down with another cut after to 85 or 70. 

Karaoke Time 

You can also use multiple colors for emphasis. You can create a karaoke-style set of captions where certain words are highlighted when spoken. Highlight your upgraded graphic layer text and use cuts to change the color at the appropriate moments.
Alex uses yellow and green text, but there’s no reason you need to do the exact same thing as everyone else. Just pick colors with a clear contrast that stand out on screen. And stick to the same colors for every video to create a consistent brand and have your content recognized at a glance. 

Zoom In, Zoom Out

A simple editing trick is to adjust zoom levels in your video. You can use punch-in and punch-out “zooms” on your subject’s face for key moments. While you can do this in many ways, the easiest is to go into the effects control and adjust the scale value up or down to change the “zoom” level. 
If you want to take it to the next level, you should line up your subject’s head so it stays in the same spot on the screen for the punch cut. You can easily do this in Premiere Pro by turning on rulers and guides. You can use them to frame your subject’s face and line up both clips.

You can find rulers and guides in the bottom right by clicking the “button editor” plus sign. Then drag them into your button editor tool list. 

Every Platform Is A Little Different

You can’t skip this essential step if you’re serious about growth. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and all the other socials have different technical guidelines and audience preferences. 
Most social apps use vertical video formats. You want to ensure you create your shorts in 9×16 format (1080 x 1920). You can quickly reframe your clips inside Premiere Pro. But even more importantly, you want to understand platform tone and style differences.

For example – On LinkedIn, you would want to post a more professional video that provides educational value. You are less likely to use gimmicky or flashy animations and effects. 

On TikTok – you gotta capture their attention in any way you can! And your content should be casual, relaxed, and fun. You approach and edit TikTok videos in a different way than you edit Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or short videos for Facebook. The audience (and their expectations) is slightly different on each platform.

Captions Increase Accessibility 

One key thing Alex switches up between platforms is how he uses captions. On YouTube, he uses captions for a little visual interest and highlights key action or emotion words he wants you to focus on. But overall, his YouTube videos are much simpler with less visual clutter. You watch YouTube videos with the sound on, right?

But on any shorts platform, he knows that many people scroll with their sound off. And on these platforms, he competes for attention. So what does he do?

He captions everything. Every word he speaks shows up on screen. That way, all viewers can access his content. He also uses emojis and animations to convey emotion and to keep people watching. 

At the end, we have some bonus resources to help you nail Alex Hormozi captions.

Alex’s Secret Video Editing Sauce

Do you want to know the main difference between Alex Hormozi’s content and yours?

Here’s the big secret…You already know he doesn’t edit his own videos. Ain’t nobody got time for that. But do you know how much he spends on content each month? 

$70,000. Every. Single. Month. (As of August 2022) 

He talks about it in a video explaining how he gained 1.2M subs in 6 months. That budget creates 160 pieces of content weekly, shared between his platforms and his wife, Leila.
But don’t despai- he isn’t your direct competition! If you want to grow your brand online, the best thing you can do is outsource your video editing to the pros and free up your time.
And there are many affordable solutions for less than $70k/mo! 

Like Vidpros! 

Who are we? We’re a fractional video editing service. This is a fancy way of saying we give you a dedicated video editor for up to 2 hours daily, 5 business days a week.
We work with a ton of YouTube creators who are tired of editing and want to free up their time to focus on growth. A lot of them come to us like, “Hey! I want my videos to look like that Hormozi guy? Can you help me out?” And we’re like ya! We do that all the time.
You could also insert Gary Vee or your favorite video creator’s name in there. Our editors are experts with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects – it’s all they use. And your editor becomes your collaborator. You keep the same editor for all your projects. 

Would you be able to grow your channel faster if a pro editor took over for you?

If you want to learn how you can team up with Vidpros for a stupidly low monthly cost without a contract, then go check us out!

Bonus Video Editing Resources

Hopefully, you’ve picked up a few tips you can incorporate into your next video to stand out. Our advice is to learn from the greats but adapt what you learn and make it your own.

If you haven’t seen a Hormozi video lately, then we recommend you do. He started filming in his closet on his phone, and he gets better every month. So stay up to date with him on his journey. 
Do you want to be another Hormozi Stan? It seems like everyone and their dog wants that Alex Hormozi style right now. I mean, it works for a reason. But at least find a way to change up your colors, font, or video style to stand out and be recognized.

If you’re at the stage where serious about growth, you probably need to outsource your video editing. If you think you might need a pro to bring up content quality and free up your time, get some advice from us here. We care about quality video editing and want to help make you the best video creator you can be.

Need more Hormozi-style tips? Here you go…

How to CAPTION REELS & CLIPS in 2023 Like Alex Hormozi

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