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The Editor’s Connection Review: Not Your Polished Pitch

The Editor's Connection Review

The Editor’s Connection offers unlimited video editing assistance with quality work.

However, they need more personal touch and help with complex projects. Vidpros stands out with a flexible, client-focused approach. Their rapid turnarounds, clear communication, and valuable features make them a top choice for efficient, high-quality video editing services online.

This review will provide an in-depth look at The Editor’s Connection.


The Editor’s Connection Website Experience

The Editor's Connection Homepage

When I visited their website, I was greeted with a clean, user-friendly design. Right on the homepage is a short video of the friendly CEO introducing their unlimited video editing services. This personal touch gives you an excellent first impression.

As I scroll through the site, I see that the homepage does a great job of quickly showcasing their video editing process. There’s a simple mockup that shows you exactly how it works- you upload your footage, they edit it, you evaluate and approve with unlimited alteration, and then you get your final video file. This upfront look at their straightforward process is really appealing.

And you need to catch the fun dancing man video at the bottom of the homepage. This subtle video reminds you that their membership lets you get unlimited clip arrangement and correction done.

The website clarifies that they can handle all your video editing needs for a flat monthly fee.

The actual sign-up process is super straightforward. You need to enter your email and payment details, and you’re in. Afterward, you can access their client portal to enter new video alteration demands with simple instructions anytime.

The Editor’s Connection Pricing

The Editor's Connection Pricing
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit The Editor’s Connection website to review their latest pricing plans.

This editing company offers several pricing packages for different budgets and video creation needs.

  • Unlimited Membership: $649 per month. For this, you get one editor working on one of your video projects at a time, with next-day turnaround on most basic edits.

  • Unlimited+ Membership: $1,099 monthly if you need more bandwidth. This lets your editor work on more significant projects like weddings while still doing 3-5 shorter reels or clips per day.

  • Unlimited Ultra Membership: $1,999 per month. With this, you get a dedicated editor just for your footage. They can adapt to your specific workflow and turn around 6-10 short reels or edited videos per day.

No matter which package you choose, they offer unlimited video editing requests and alteration. You have complete creative control to get your clips looking perfect, with no limits on footage length, format, or number of exports needed.

While their pricing is straightforward, some user reviews mention a few potential hidden costs to watch out for.

Video editing projects with over 50GB of footage or longer than 15 minutes may take longer than the “next-day” turnaround time. Highly effects-heavy footage could also have extra fees.

The Editor’s Connection Core Service

The Editor's Connection  Core Service

Their core service is unlimited video editing for a flat monthly fee.

No matter how many video editing projects you submit, your clips will have a professional look done for you by their native editors.

Their turnaround time is fast, most basic edits can be completed and delivered the next business day. Even for more complex projects like weddings, you’ll have your final edited video within 2-5 business days max. And revisions are always unlimited, so you can tweak things until they’re perfect.

To fine-tune the video editing, they provide an online client portal.

Here, you can easily upload footage, hand in new edit requests with instructions, track progress on current projects, and review/approve final cuts. Their editors work Monday through Friday, so you get consistent updates.

They are fully equipped to edit and add all the polish your videos need. They can create custom animated titles, lower thirds, logos, and motion graphics. Their editors can also access stock music and footage libraries to enhance your projects.

The Editor’s Connection’s Editing Approach

Let’s dive into their video editing style and quality. Their approach is all about open communication and collaboration with the client.

The feedback I’ve seen says they really prioritize understanding the client’s creative vision and then working to execute that rather than just imposing their own style.

Clients mentioned that they accommodated the specific look, feel, language, and narrative they wanted without trying to “hijack” the project.

At the same time, the editors there bring their own expertise and skills to the job that elevates the final product. Things like making great music choices or adding engaging visual elements. So, they balance respecting the client’s direction and applying their professional video editing services.

Their work’s overall quality is solid based on the samples I saw.

The transitions are smooth, the audio and video quality is clean, and they seem adept at creating polished, impactful final videos. Multiple clients called out the “professional polish” they were able to achieve with great work.

Now, in terms of how their style aligns with the types of videos you create, you’d have to evaluate closely.

Their portfolio showcases a range of content, from social media clips to documentary-style pieces. But the common thread is a focus on creative collaboration and technical execution.

So, if you’re looking for editors who can dive into your creative vision and bring it to life through skilled, thoughtful editing, The Editor’s Connection could be a great fit. Based on some feedback, their approach and quality level seem promising.

Communication and Turnaround Times

You’ll have a dedicated editor working on your videos from the website, which is great for building personal connection and consistency. They also mention having a post-production manager oversee things so you have that extra layer of support and quality control.

Regarding the actual communication process, the reviews highlighted how the team at The Editor’s Connection quickly responds and accommodates client feedback and modifications. They make a real effort to understand the client’s vision and then collaborate to bring that to life.

And on the turnaround time, they claim most edits can be delivered the next business day, which is pretty impressive. More complex projects with tons of footage or effects might take longer, but overall, the feedback indicates they’re reliable when promptly returning your videos to you.

The one potential hiccup our team at Vidpros noticed is that the company website doesn’t show any photos of the editors themselves. So, while you’ll have that dedicated point of contact, it may feel more impersonal since you can’t put a face to the name. Some clients prefer that personal touch when submitting their queries.

But based on everything I’ve seen, this professional video editing service goes the extra mile to provide excellent customer service. Their communication approach is about understanding your needs and working closely with you to deliver what you’re looking for. They back that up with quick presentations, turnarounds and a dedicated team.

Customer Reviews: Pros and Cons of The Editor’s Connection

The user reviews I saw were mostly positive, with clients praising their editor and ability to understand and execute the creative vision. People seemed to appreciate that the editors didn’t try to impose their style but instead focused on bringing the client’s ideas to life.

At the same time, based on our team’s experience, the video editing process felt a bit impersonal since there weren’t any photos of the actual editors on the website pages. This made it harder to think about personal connection with the person working on your videos.

Our team tested their online service editing and commented on inconsistencies and the need to match the examples and instructions provided. Their strength may be more in the standard video improvement rather than super intricate or specialized projects.

But overall, the recurring themes in the reviews were very positive – things like quick turnaround times, excellent communication, and a dedication to quality. The Editor’s Connection takes pride in being reliable and delivering on its promises.

And on that note, they offer a 15-day money-back guarantee on your first month of service. Plus, they emphasize that you can request unlimited revisions until you’re 100% satisfied with the final product they created. So they’ve built some safeguards to ensure you’re getting the desired results.

The Editor’s Connection Alternative


Vidpros is not one of the ordinary online video editing services you’ll find. They are a fractional editing service that’s really shaking things up with its innovative fractional approach. Instead of an unlimited, one-size-fits-all model, Vidpros lets you buy specific chunks of an editor’s time – like 2 hours per day. This gives you a lot more flexibility and control over the video editing process.

One of the key things that sets Vidpros apart is their laser focus on clear communication and a seamless client experience. They’ve got an intuitive, user-friendly portal where you can easily submit projects, chat with your dedicated editor, and track improvement. No more scattered email chains or confusing back-and-forth comments.

Vidpros also really emphasize speed and efficiency. Their editors are based in the Philippines, so they can often turn around first drafts within 24 hours faster than TEC’s typical next-day delivery. And they’ve got a strategic time zone advantage, so your videos start getting worked on right away to beat your deadlines.

Regarding pricing, Vidpros offers transparency and customization compared to their monthly subscriptions. With Vidpros, you can choose how much editor time you need monthly, starting as low as a $1,000 starter pack. This makes it easier to scale up or down based on your actual footage editing needs.

The Editor’s Connection does promote unlimited revisions, which is excellent, but Vidpros counters that with some really robust features and resources in their base plans, like stock footage libraries, AI-generated subtitles, and Frame.io integration for seamless video proofing.

Vidpros brings a fresh, client-focused approach to editing clips. Their emphasis on clear communication, speedy turnarounds, and flexible pricing could be a compelling alternative if you want to streamline and optimize your video production workflow. It’s definitely worth checking them out as you weigh your options.

Capping Off

The Editor’s Connection provides solid editing of footage, emphasizing creative collaboration, clarity and quality. However, their lack of personal connection through editor photos and challenges with specialized projects could be drawbacks.

In contrast, Vidpros stands out as an appealing video content editing alternative. Their innovative fractional online video editing service offers more flexibility and control. Vidpros’ laser focus on clear communication, seamless workflow, and rapid 24-hour turnarounds are compelling. 

Plus, Vidpros’ transparent pricing and valuable features like stock assets and AI subtitles give you more bang for your buck. For those seeking a streamlined, client-driven, and substantive editing experience, Vidpros emerges as the top choice. Its forward-thinking approach and commitment to efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction make it an enticing option over The Editor’s Connection’s more traditional unlimited model services.

For a more comprehensive comparison between this online video editing company and Vidpros, check out our thorough blog post, The Editor’s Connection vs. Vidpros.

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