What is fractional video editing and how can it help businesses

Businesses are starting to pick up from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic that put the world and economies at a standstill. 

With the global economy beginning to turn its wheels of progress once more, businesses are also scrambling to make their new mark in their respective markets, and videos are one of the most effective delivery channels today.

This makes video marketing an essential tool for businesses and this is where fractional video editing services come in. 

Is this a new video editing service? How can it benefit my business? Is it something done outside a video editing studio

These are just some of the questions that come to mind as people are looking for ways to promote and market their business in the hopes of maximizing their online presence and establishing brand awareness.

Perhaps one of the main considerations for businesses during the recovery phase is how to save on costs and realign their spending to fit their operational needs.

However, many neglect the importance of marketing during hard times thinking that it could pose a challenge to realizing their return on investments. 

Consider this, studies have shown that there are greater benefits to increasing marketing spending during crisis situations such as a recession as long as the business knows how to channel its marketing priorities and goals.

The study analyzed the impacts of marketing activities on businesses that increased marketing spending during recession periods throughout history and found that they had the best return on investment compared with businesses that did not.

However, as a word of caution, there are many video editing services being offered online and while there are legitimate service offerings, it is critical that you exercise due diligence before making a choice, so here’s a guide you may want to check out when choosing a video editing service. 

The concept of fractional video editing services

This is where fractional video editing services become highly relevant and practical, regardless of whether the project is done in or out of a video editing studio.

Fractional editing service is not new. It is not any different from the art of video editing as we know it, rather it is a revolutionary approach that makes great sense to businesses and marketers during unsettling economic times.

With conventional video editing services, video editors are usually assigned around 5 to 7 clients at a time, which limits their productivity as they work to fulfil each of their clients’ requests and requirements. 

Worse, the risk of clients receiving sub-par video output is higher when editors who edit your videos are pressed for time to meet all of their project deadlines.

Unlike conventional video editing services, a fractional video editing service is a client-centric approach where a customer is assigned a dedicated fractional video editor who works exclusively on a client’s output requirements at a minimum period of two hours each day and assures high-quality output within one or two business days.

For instance, Vidpros – a leading fractional video editing company – maintains a strict ratio of 4 clients for every fractional video editor. This means that clients are guaranteed no less than two hours minimum for an editor to edit your videos with laser focus – no distractions or disruptions.

The fractional video editing concept guarantees more accurate and high-quality results based on the client’s specific requirements and preferences for their desired output. It also provides a much faster turnaround for each video editing project.

Check out our article on our fractional editing services and know why it is a good fit for your brand or business. 

The benefits of fractional video editing services for business

Fractional video editing services can provide more profound benefits for businesses that are quite frankly, more attuned and appropriate for their video marketing needs. 

Increased business productivity and output

Come to think of it, this benefit works both ways. Businesses are guaranteed more productivity as they get to spend working hours more productively instead of editing videos for their video marketing content. 

At the same time, fractional editing companies can also produce more video projects for clients due to the rapid turnaround of video output.

Better quality and accuracy of output

With the efficient client-editor ratio and work process, clients are assured of great quality output for their video marketing campaigns.

Fractional video editors have fewer clients to handle to give them more focus and attention for each of the video projects assigned to them. It also allows them to work on client-requested modifications or specifications after the initial output, as needed.

Saves money

Since fractional video editing services are more affordable than conventional “unlimited video editing” offers, businesses get to save more money in the process but at the same time guarantee superb quality video output and project results.

Better lead time for review and revisions

With the standard turnaround times for fractional video editing services, video creators and clients have enough lead time to review the initial output and apply revisions, as needed, before the final video output gets published online.

More time for creative ideas 

Content creators and clients will have more time on their hands to conceptualize their creative ideas and concepts for their promotional and content videos.

Focus on core functions

Remember, businesses can do more and focus more on their core business objectives and goals because several key factors of their marketing efforts are taken off their shoulders.

With fractional video editing services, businesses can also connect more and provide better customer journeys as brand awareness responsibilities are relegated to their video content and ads.

  Does your business have to sacrifice wasting more money or resources for better marketing and promotional campaigns? Definitely not, because with fractional video editing your business can benefit more from your video marketing than you might expect.

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