Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Today’s Best Video Podcast Recording Software

You’ve got the idea and the drive, but nailing the recording is essential for a professional-grade podcast or video show. With the booming popularity of these mediums, choosing the correct recording software can feel overwhelming.

Should you invest in a premium option or opt for a free tool?

Understanding the importance of selecting the best video podcast software is crucial to ensure your podcasts or video shows meet professional standards.

This concise guide will break down four top video podcast recording software: Iris, Squadcast, Riverside, and Zencastr. We’ll also explore screen recorders like Tella, Loom, the renowned OBS, and its alternatives.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro seeking to raise your game or a newcomer taking your first steps into video podcasting, this guide will help you discover the software that revolutionizes your experience and propels your content to new heights.

Get ready to find the perfect fit for your podcasting needs and unlock a world of professional-quality multimedia.


Iris – The Ultimate Remote Recording Studio

Iris is a game-changer for anyone who wants to record podcasts, interviews, or audio/video content remotely with studio-level quality. Record remotely with a web-based studio; no software download is required.


Studio-Quality Audio and Video

Iris records sound and video locally on your device, ensuring the highest possible quality without internet connection issues. Say goodbye to choppy, pixelated video and distorted audio that often plague online recording platforms.

Separate Tracks for Each Participant

Iris can capture high-definition video and audio tracks for each participant separately. It makes editing and post-production easy, allowing you to fine-tune each individual’s multimedia as needed.


Despite its professional-grade capabilities, Iris is straightforward to use. It works seamlessly with any modern web browser and device, including phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops—no need to download any software or force your guests to use specific applications.

Cloud Backup and Automatic Uploads

Iris automatically backs up your recordings to the cloud while recording, ensuring your files are safe and secure. After each session, it can auto-upload video and sound files to Google Drive and Dropbox for convenience.

Live Streaming and Transcription

Iris offers live streaming capabilities, allowing you to broadcast your recordings to platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, it provides unlimited transcriptions for all tapes, enhancing accessibility and making it easier to repurpose your content.

Who Is It For?

Iris is for anyone who wants to record high-quality sound and video content remotely, including:

  • Podcasters

  • Interviewers

  • Content creators

  • Remote teams

  • Educators and instructors


Iris offers three monthly subscription plans to suit different needs and budgets:

Iris Pricing Table
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit Iris’ website to review their latest pricing plans.

Iris also offers annual subscriptions with a 10% discount and custom plans for larger organizations.

System Requirements

Iris is a web-based platform, which means it doesn’t have specific system requirements beyond a modern web browser and a stable network connection. It works seamlessly on various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, running different operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android).

How It Records and Stores

Iris records sound and video narrowly on your device, ensuring the highest quality without online access issues. It then progressively backs up your recordings to the cloud while recording, ensuring your files are safe and secure.

After each recording session, Iris provides separate audio files in WAV (lossless) and MP3 (optimized) formats and video files in MP4 format. Your files can now be automatically uploaded to Google Drive and Dropbox, providing easy access and backup for your essential documents.

Squadcast – The Cloud Recording Studio for Creators

Squadcast is a cloud recording studio for creators, guests, and YouTubers who want to quickly produce high-quality audio and video content. Revolutionize remote recordings with Squadcast’s cutting-edge in-browser software and auto-saved cloud storage.


Rapid Studio-Quality Recordings

Squadcast’s signature feature, Progressive Uploads, automatically saves your recordings while you’re working, ensuring that your content is safe and secure even during technical failures or power losses. This feature eliminates the frustration of lost work and provides peace of mind during recordings.

Eliminate Audio Drift

Say goodbye to audio sync issues with Squadcast’s ability to record separate audio and footage files locally for each participant. This innovative approach ensures that your audio remains perfectly synced, making post-production a breeze.

Connectivity Concerns, Begone!

With Progressive Uploads, Squadcast captures your recordings at the source, meaning that even a complete loss of internet connection won’t compromise your content. This feature ensures that you can record confidently without worrying about connectivity issues.

Superior Audio and Video Quality

Squadcast delivers crystal-clear multimedia by recording uncompressed files locally. The raw, uncompressed files are continuously auto-saved using Progressive Uploads, ensuring you always have access to the highest-quality recordings.

Multiple Backups for Peace of Mind

In addition to the local recordings, Squadcast provides cloud backups of your content, ensuring that even if your primary file is lost or inaccessible, you’ll always have a backup available.

Seamless Post-Production

Squadcast simplifies the post-production process by allowing you to integrate with your favorite editing software. With the ability to adjust, clean, process, or mute sections of each track, you can create polished, professional-sounding podcasts and videos that your audience will love.

Who Is It For?

Squadcast caters to a wide range of content creators, including:

  • Podcasters

  • Interviewers

  • YouTubers

  • Remote teams

  • Educators and instructors


Squadcast offers four different pricing plans to accommodate various needs and budgets:

Squadcast Pricing Table
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit Squadcast’s website to review their latest pricing plans.

System Requirements

As a web-based platform, Squadcast has minimal system requirements. You only need a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, or Edge) and a stable internet connection. Squadcast works seamlessly across various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, running different operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android).

How It Records and Stores

Squadcast records each participant’s sound and clip locally in different tracks and automatically uploads these files to the Squadcast cloud during the recording session. After recording, hosts can download multimedia files directly from Squadcast in WAV, MP4, WebM, and MP3.

Squadcast also provides a VoIP backup audio recording in MP3 format, ensuring that you have a backup in case of any issues with the local recordings.

Riverside – The All-in-One Virtual Studio with Audio Editing Tools

Riverside is a revolutionary virtual studio that empowers content creators to record and edit high-quality podcasts, video interviews, webinars, and more, all in one place. Riverside redefines how we create and consume content with its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface.


Studio-Quality Recordings

Riverside records you and your guests locally, bypassing internet connectivity issues and delivering studio-quality multimedia. It ensures your content looks and sounds its best, regardless of the recording environment.

Separate Tracks for Maximum Control

Riverside allows separate audio and video tracks for you and your guests. It gives you complete control over each individual’s broadcasting during post-production, allowing for precise editing and polishing.

AI-Powered Transcriptions and Show Notes

Riverside’s AI engine automatically transcribes your recordings with 99% accuracy, supporting over 100 languages. By simply clicking on a button, your audio or video recordings can be automatically transcribed into captions, enhancing their accessibility for a wider audience.

Additionally, Riverside generates AI-powered show notes, including content summaries, takeaways, and chapters. Riverside’s integration with video editing software enhances post-production capabilities, allowing for syncing multimedia components, adding static images to audio files, and creating high-quality production.

Text-Based Editing for Efficiency

Riverside’s text editor simplifies editing. Quickly find specific words or phrases and make quick cuts or edits, saving time and effort during post-production.

Magic Clips: AI-Powered Social Media Content

Riverside’s Magic Clips feature allows you to create short-form, shareable social media clips with the help of AI. With a single click, you can generate professional-looking clips, style them, and share them across platforms, helping you grow your audience effortlessly.

Who Is It For?

Riverside caters to a wide range of content creators, including:

  • Podcasters

  • Video creators

  • Producers

  • Marketers

  • Educators and instructors

  • Remote teams


Riverside offers various pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets:

Riverside Pricing Table
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit Riverside’s website to review their latest pricing plans.

System Requirements

As a web-based platform, Riverside has minimal system requirements. All you need is a modern web browser and a stable internet connection. Riverside works seamlessly across various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, running different operating systems.

How It Records and Stores

Riverside records multimedia locally on your device and your guests devices, ensuring the highest quality possible without relying on internet connectivity. During a recording session, audio and video tracks are uploaded to Riverside’s cloud storage for backup and later use.

After the recording, you can download all audio and video files directly from Riverside’s platform in various formats, including WAV, MP4, and MP3, making integrating with your preferred editing software or tools easy.

Zencastr – The Ultimate All-in-One Video Podcast Software

Zencastr is a game-changing platform revolutionizing how podcasters create, edit, distribute, and monetize their content. With its all-in-one solution, Zencastr streamlines the entire podcasting process, making it easier than ever to produce high-quality podcasts.


Studio-Quality Recording

Zencastr ensures that your sound and video recordings are of the highest quality, making it an ideal choice to record a video podcast or record video podcasts with professional-grade multimedia. It records video up to 4K resolution, providing a picture-perfect experience for your video podcast. Additionally, it captures audio in 16-bit 48k WAV format for each guest, regardless of their internet connection, ensuring crystal-clear audio quality.

Reliability and Stability

Zencastr’s ZenCloud feature offers redundant recording backups, allowing you to record each track locally for maximum quality and durability. With ZenCloud Sync, you can share your master recordings with your team and download them from anywhere worldwide, ensuring seamless collaboration and accessibility.

Live Soundboard

Zencastr’s cloud-based Soundboard lets you insert live audio clips during your recording. This feature allows you to enhance your podcast by adding custom intros, ads, or any other audio enhancements on the fly, with the ability to control looping, fading, and volume using hotkeys.

Post-production Enhancements

Zencastr simplifies the post-production process by allowing you to set the correct podcast loudness and levels while reducing background noise with a simple click. Its intelligent filters automatically remove unnecessary filler words and dead air, ensuring a smooth and polished listening experience.

AI Video Layouts

Zencastr’s AI multiview automatically displays the active participants, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. With face-centering technology, you can consistently achieve the perfect design, ensuring your viewers a professional and engaging visual experience.

Unlimited Audio Distribution

Zencastr offers unlimited audio distribution, allowing you to publish your podcast daily, weekly, or monthly without any caps on your uploads or downloads.

Video Podcast RSS

Zencastr supports video RSS, making distributing your video podcast to Apple Podcasts and other players easy. This feature enables you to convert an existing audio podcast to a video podcast or create new engaging visual content using tools designed for audio-only creators.

Seamless Switchover

If you’re switching from another host, Zencastr’s hassle-free switchover with redirect confirmation ensures a smooth transition, preventing any interruption for your listeners.

Detailed Analytics

Zencastr provides comprehensive analytics to help you understand your audience better. You can track your listeners’ location, platform usage, returning listeners, and listening habits. Get maximum engagement by optimizing your content and release strategy using these insights.

Monetization Opportunities

Zencastr offers a range of monetization options, including an Ad Marketplace that uses AI to match your show with relevant brands, an Ambassador Program that allows you to earn by promoting Zencastr, and a BYOA (Bring Your Ads) Ad Manager, enabling you to manage your ad deals and keep all the revenue you’ve earned.

Who Is It For?

Zencastr caters to a wide range of podcasters and content creators, including:

  • Avid podcasters

  • Video podcasters

  • Creators with growing audiences

  • Viral content creators

  • Businesses and enterprises


Zencastr Pricing Table
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit Zencastr’s website to review their latest pricing plans.

System Requirements

As a web-based platform, Zencastr has minimal system requirements. All you need is a modern web browser and a stable internet connection. Zencastr works seamlessly across various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, running different operating systems.

How It Records and Stores

Zencastr records multimedia locally on each participant’s device, ensuring the highest quality possible without relying on internet connectivity. These streams are then progressively uploaded to Zencastr’s cloud storage for backup and later access.

After the recording session, you can download all multimedia files directly from Zencastr’s platform in various formats, including WAV, MP4, and MP3, making integrating with your preferred editing software or tools easy.

Online Screen Recorder

Tella – Redefining Video Recording Capabilities for Entrepreneurs

Tella is a game-changer for entrepreneurs, creators, and professionals seeking a simple yet powerful screen recording and video editing solution. With its innovative “clips” approach, user-friendly editing tools, and flexible publishing options, Tella simplifies video creation, allowing professional-quality videos without complex editing software. Whether you’re a solopreneur, part of a team, or an educator, Tella empowers you to create engaging, visually stunning videos that capture your audience’s attention and drive growth for your business or brand.


Recording Re-thought

Tella revolutionizes how you record videos by introducing the concept of “clips.” Instead of recording long, single takes, you can break down your recording into smaller, manageable parts and rearrange them later during editing. This innovative approach makes the recording process more efficient and less daunting.

Speaker Notes

Stay on-topic again with Tella’s speaker notes feature. You can jot down ideas, talking points, or an entire script, ensuring you stay focused and on track throughout your recording.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Tella offers both a native macOS app and a browser-based web app, providing flexibility and allowing you to record from any device, whether on a Mac or PC.

Effortless Editing

Tella’s video editor is user-friendly and accessible to all, not just professionals.

Dynamic Layouts and Transitions

With just two clicks, you can keep your viewers engaged by creating dynamic, multi-shot videos using Tella’s layout and transition features.

Zoom Effects

Tella’s smooth zoom effects allow you to focus on essential details and highlight crucial information, adding a layer of professionalism to your videos.

Customizable Backgrounds

Add personality to your videos by choosing from preset backgrounds, exploring the Unsplash library, or uploading your custom backgrounds.

Powerful Publishing

Tella offers multiple publishing options, allowing you to share your videos instantly with a link, download them in 4K resolution, host them on the Tella platform (where viewers can comment, download, or perform custom actions), or embed them seamlessly into your app or website.

Who Is It For?

Tella is a video creation tool for entrepreneurs, creators, designers, teams, and educators who want to make professional videos without complicated software or expensive editors.


Tella’s free 7-day trial requires no credit card, so you can test it before subscribing.

Tella Pricing Table
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit Tella’s website to review their latest pricing plans.

System Requirements

Tella works seamlessly on Mac and PC, with native macOS and browser-based web apps for cross-platform compatibility.

How It Records and Stores

Tella lets you record videos directly in your browser or using the macOS app. The recorded videos are stored locally on your device, and you can upload your clips. Once you’re ready to share or publish your videos, Tella offers various options, including instant sharing via a link, downloading in 4K resolution, hosting on the Tella platform, or embedding your website or app.

Loom – Unlock Effective Communication with Video

Loom enables collaborative work through screen recording and video messaging. With over 25 million users across 400,000 companies, Loom has become a go-to solution for supercharging productivity and streamlining communication.


Lightning-Fast Screen Recording

Loom’s screen recording process is straightforward and efficient. With a few clicks, you can simultaneously record your screen and camera using Loom’s Chrome extension, desktop app, or mobile app. This seamless recording experience is available across all devices, ensuring you can capture your ideas and thoughts whenever inspiration strikes.

Effortless Video Editing

Loom’s innovative editing features truly set it apart. With the ability to rewind while recording, you can easily capture the perfect take without restarting from scratch. Additionally, you can trim words directly from the video’s transcript, making the editing process as straightforward as editing text.

Seamless Integration

Loom seamlessly integrates with hundreds of tools you use every day, including Google Workspace, Slack, and more. This seamless integration allows you to share or embed Loom videos directly within the applications you’re already using, streamlining your workflow and enhancing collaboration.

Interactive Video Collaboration

Loom takes asynchronous collaboration to new heights with its interactive video features. Add tasks, calls-to-action (CTAs), comments, and emojis to your videos, fostering engagement and ensuring your message is clearly understood. Transcripts and captions in over 50 languages further enhance accessibility for remote teams, enabling them to connect and collaborate on their own time.

Robust Security

Loom prioritizes data security and privacy with enterprise-grade security measures. Features like single sign-on (SSO), SCIM provisioning, custom data retention policies, and privacy settings ensure that your and your customers’ data remain safe and secure.

Who Is It For?

Loom caters to a wide range of users across various industries and use cases, including:

  • Sales teams (for personalized video outreach and deal closing)

  • Engineering teams (for adding visual context to code and accelerating sprints)

  • Customer support teams (for troubleshooting and reaching resolutions faster)

  • Design teams (for sharing ideas and providing feedback over video)

  • Individuals and teams seeking efficient asynchronous communication


Loom Pricing Table
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit Loom’s website to review their latest pricing plans.

System Requirements

Loom is accessible across various platforms and devices. It works seamlessly with modern web browsers and offers dedicated apps for desktop (Windows and macOS) and mobile (iOS and Android) devices.

How It Records and Stores

Loom’s recording process is straightforward and efficient. You can initiate recordings directly from the Chrome extension, desktop, or mobile app. The recorded videos are stored locally on your device, but Loom provides cloud storage and sharing options for easy access and collaboration.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) – The Free and Powerful Live Streaming Software

Use OBS Studio to record your screen or live stream for free. It has features for beginners and advanced users, allowing you to create professional-looking videos and streams. OBS Studio is also ideal for creating video podcasts, serving as versatile video podcast software for content creators.


OBS Studio has features that make it a versatile tool for all your video footage and live streaming needs.

High-Performance Video/Audio Capturing and Mixing

“OBS Studio” is a robust software tool that can perform various tasks. Effortlessly capture and mix multiple sources, including window captures, images, text, browser windows, webcams, and capture cards. You can create scenes by combining different sources and switching between them seamlessly using custom transitions.

Intuitive Audio Mixer

The software has an intuitive audio console with per-source filters like noise gates, noise suppression, and gain control. You can even use VST plugins for advanced audio control.

Customizable User Interface

OBS Studio has a modular ‘Dock’ UI that you can rearrange according to your preferences. You can even pop out of each dock to see its window.

Streaming and Recording Options

OBS Studio supports all major streaming platforms, and you can choose from various customizable transitions when switching between scenes. You can also set hotkeys for multiple actions, such as switching scenes, starting/stopping streams or recordings, and muting audio sources.

Studio Mode and Multiview

The Studio Mode lets you preview your scenes and sources before going live, ensuring everything looks perfect. The Multiview feature gives you a high-level view of your production, allowing you to monitor up to 8 different scenes and easily switch between them.

Plugin and Script Support

OBS Studio has a robust API that supports plugins and scripts, enabling further customization and functionality to suit your specific needs.


OBS Studio is a software that can be downloaded and used for free. There is no cost or subscription fee.

System Requirements

The system requirements for OBS Studio vary depending on your platform and specific use case. However, here are the general requirements:

OBS System Requirement

Recording and Storage

OBS Studio records your screen or webcam to your computer with customizable format, quality, and storage options. The storage requirements will depend on the length and quality of your recordings.

OBS Studio has a steep learning curve, but plenty of tutorials are available to help beginners get started. Several YouTube channels offer complete walkthroughs covering everything from setting up the software to advanced features like adding scenes, sources, and effects.

The official OBS Studio website also provides a quick start guide that covers the basic steps to get started, such as running the Auto-Configuration Wizard, adding sources, setting up audio, and creating your first scene.

For more advanced users, there are tutorials on creating custom animations and graphics for broadcasts or videos and guides on using OBS Studio with other software and platforms.

OBS Tutorial

Step 1: Download and Install OBS Studio

OBS Studio Download Page
Photo Source: https://obsproject.com/

Start your journey by getting the latest version of the free OBS Studio software for your Windows PC, Mac, or Linux computer. This powerful tool will be your gateway to professional video recording and live streaming.

Step 2: Explore the Interface

OBS Studio Interface
Photo Source: https://obsproject.com/

When you open OBS Studio, you’ll see the main canvas area where your video or stream will appear. Below are the scenes and sources sections, which we’ll dive into soon. The audio mixer shows your microphone levels, and the controls let you start streaming or recording.

Step 3: Set Up Your First Scene

OBS Studio Scene Creation
Photo Source: https://obsproject.com/

Scenes are like different stages for your production. Give your first scene a name representing what you’ll be capturing, like “Gameplay” or “Screen Capture Tutorial.” Then, click the “+” button to add your first source.

Step 4: Add Your Video Source

OBS Studio Video Capture Device
Photo Source: https://obsproject.com/

Choose “Video Capture Device” to add your webcam or camera as a source. Select your device from the list and set the resolution to “High” for best quality. Resize and position the video source on your canvas.

Step 5: Capture Your Screen

OBS Studio Display Capture
Photo Source: https://obsproject.com/

To record your screen or gameplay, add a new source by selecting “Display Capture” or “Window Capture.” Adjust the size and position of the screen capture to fit your canvas perfectly.

Step 6: Customize Your Audio

OBS Studio Audio Mixer
Photo Source: https://obsproject.com/

To ensure your microphone works correctly, select it as the audio input device in the audio mixer. Consider upgrading to a USB microphone for better audio quality.

Step 7: Adjust Settings for Streaming or Recording

OBS Studio Settings Menu
Photo Source: https://obsproject.com/

Head to the Settings menu to configure your stream or recording preferences. Choose your streaming platform (like YouTube or Twitch) and adjust the bitrate, encoder, and recording format to suit your needs.

Step 8: Enhance Your Scenes (Optional)

OBS Studio Adding Text Source
Photo Source: https://obsproject.com/

Improve your production by adding images, videos, or text sources to your scenes. You can even apply filters and transitions for a polished look.

Step 9: Utilize Studio Mode (Optional)

OBS Studio Studio Mode
Photo Source: https://obsproject.com/

Use Studio Mode to preview your scenes before going live. It helps avoid errors during your simulcast. Set up multiple scenes, queue them up in the preview window, and seamlessly transition between them during your live stream or recording.

Step 10: Start Streaming or Recording

OBS Studio Start Streaming Button
Photo Source: https://obsproject.com/

When you’re ready, hit the “Start Streaming” or “Start Recording” button to share your content with the world or capture it locally. OBS Studio will guide you through the process, whether you’re streaming to platforms like YouTube or Twitch or recording for later use.

You can create professional-quality live streams and video recordings with OBS Studio’s powerful features and newfound knowledge. Embrace your creativity, experiment with different setups, and captivate your audience like never before!

OBS Alternatives

Streamlabs Desktop

Stream easily using this user-friendly software packed with features for customizing and enhancing your content. Access a vast library of professional themes and overlays to give your streams a polished look.

Streamlabs Desktop simplifies live streaming so you can focus on engaging your audience without technical know-how. Reliable, versatile, and beginner-friendly, this free software is your go-to companion for elevating your live streams to new heights.


Wirecast is the ultimate live-streaming software for professionals. Its user-friendly interface allows seamless switching between multiple cameras, blending in multimedia, and applying advanced features like chroma keying for stunning visuals.

With broadcast-quality output, direct platform integration, and cutting-edge encoding technologies, Wirecast enables you to create captivating live productions that stand out. Elevate your streams and unlock endless creative possibilities with this powerful, versatile tool.

Capping Off

The world of video recording and live streaming is genuinely unique these days. You have many powerful tools to capture and share high-quality audio and video content. Whether you’re an experienced pro or a total newbie, the software covered in this guide has everything you need to elevate your game.

With user-friendly interfaces and cutting-edge features, tools like Iris, Squadcast, Riverside, and Zencastr make remote recording a breeze. You can collaborate seamlessly with guests from anywhere on the planet while achieving studio-level production values. And for quick screen captures and editing, apps like Tella and Loom are game-changers.

If you want complete control and advanced capabilities, open-source powerhouses like OBS Studio are hard to beat. The learning curve may be steeper, but the potential is limitless. You can create broadcasts worthy of TV with multiple cameras, dynamic graphics, and seamless switching.

No matter which tools you choose, today’s video software empowers you to share your voice and storytelling talents with the world like never before.

All that’s left is to hit records and unlock your creative potential. The stage is yours!

Emphasizing the role of social media platforms is crucial in distributing and promoting video podcasts to engage with a broader audience, as these platforms are optimized for video and tend to be more engaging for users.

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