Video Edit Outsourcing: Focusing Your Attention On What Matters Most

Outsourcing services such as professional video editing and written content can dramatically boost your brand, especially when it comes to ensuring high-quality content output for your audience.

Video is undoubtedly today’s most popular content delivery media, whether on social media like Facebook or Youtube, brand websites, and e-commerce platforms, to name a few.

The market and the internet are awash with videos, and content creators have been feeling the pressure of producing excellent quality content – most especially those making video content – for it to appeal to and resonate with their target audiences.

Let’s face it, creating content is not easy, and who hasn’t gone through narrowing episodes of writer’s block, technical glitches, last-minute corrections, the relentless demand for quality material, and coming to face everyone’s worst nightmare- Murphy’s Law.

And mind you, what you see on your phone screens and computer monitors is most likely the output of a ragtag technical team or a complex network of professional backend service providers such as writers and video editors.

Issue: Point and shoot versus final output

Yes, many content creators do stuff on their own, but the production process takes a lot of time and energy, which can sometimes be mentally draining and physically exhausting.

But the main issue here is time and opportunities lost, which could have been spent focusing your attention on what you can do more to grow your brand and business.

We have seen the rise of many content creators on various platforms, from Instagram to YouTube. 

Incorporating graphics into content, wording, a detailed message, and creative representation is crucial in capturing your audiences’ attention.

In the case of video content, all of this would not be possible without an excellent video content producer, wouldn’t it? 

Content creation: The real deal

Frankly, the main objective of creating and publishing online content aside from supporting interactive and meaningful experiences is to generate traffic, win followers and gain more leads.

There’s no question about this and that, which is really something up your alley – that definitely needs your undivided attention.

There is, however, a question as to whether a video content creator can make money by releasing unique content or by partnering with brands, to begin with.


Of course, creating content to share requires an investment in time, money, and creative juices. But, realistically speaking, such investments expect returns for the fruits of your hard work.

The whole nine yards

Creating and recording your content is just a portion of your content delivery and marketing journey because one of the time-consuming and arduous stages is the backend process of editing and finishing your content material before it gets posted.

Going the whole nine yards for your content from start to finish can be daunting, so don’t you think you need to free yourself time from doing the backend jobs for your content so you can take your brand and business strategies to the next level?

Here are several opportunities for video content creators to generate revenue from their content. After all, these will make your content marketing more inspiring, sustainable, and profitable in the long run.

But here’s the catch, you need to do the work in planning, speculating, and negotiating with partners to get it going.

It would be best if you had time away from doing the production work yourself to focus on marketing and making it more meaningful and rewarding for yourself.

Check out our blog on the key practical and technical benefits that you get out of outsourcing video editing services for your video content.

Here are several productive and profitable methods where you could refocus your attention for your content creation journey.


Video advertising is among the most effective ways to increase revenue. 

Some videos on YouTube come with short advertisements that you can skip, while others require you to watch the whole thing.

Short segments can be included in eligible videos, and video makers are compensated by getting paid. 

However, you should not be able to earn revenue from ads with sexual content, offensive language, or violence.

Brand Sponsorships

A sponsorship would undoubtedly increase your video material’s worth or quality while influencing many viewers. 

You aim to build loyalty and reputation among your target audience by creating video content they find interesting. 

You will then be able to get credible companies to pay for video content to market their products and services.

Influencer Partnerships – Celebrity Endorsements

A celebrity endorsement is a powerful tool for promoting your brand if you are planning an endorsement.

Sell merchandise online

Several well-known content creators sell their merchandise online, including Dude Perfect, Logan Paul, and PewDiePie. 

There is an important reason for this.

According to new data, YouTuber merchandise can generate ten times more revenue than advertisements.

The next step may be to ask how to make YouTube or other content merchandise. 

Print-on-demand, for instance, is an excellent place to start. 

With this method, extensive inventories do not need to be purchased or stored, nor do you have to go to the post office to deliver them. 

To get your designs printed on demand, upload them to a print-on-demand service. 

They will handle printing and delivering your merchandise, so you can focus on creating new products and content.

Affiliate Programs

Many creators use affiliate codes to promote or sell specific brand products in their content. 

Affiliate networks allow video creators to advertise a company’s goods for as little as seven seconds in their videos. 

In some videos, video creators promote a brand and ask viewers to view a particular URL. 

In this case, video artists don’t only act as middlemen but also earn money through traffic on merchant websites.

Subscription plans

A large OTT platform, such as Netflix, can earn millions of dollars per month or per year from its subscribers. 

The same method is used by many video creators who ask viewers to subscribe to their channels.

 This results in a large number of subscribers and revenues for video creators.

Fan funding

Donations and fan funding are two of the ways well-known video creators reward their fans. 

Generally, video content creators monetize their content through channel memberships. 

In exchange for additional content, followers and fans pay a fee.


One of the easiest ways to generate income is to license your ebooks, blog posts, movies, music tracks, artwork, or photographs to other businesses for a fee. 

Your creations can generate a decent income if they are distinctive and have significant value.

A publisher can earn up to $15,000 per month for five publications, a blogger around $400 per article, and a videographer for around $27,000 for ten videos. 

Wholesale commissions typically range from 30% to 70%.

Consultancy services

Consulting, coaching, and mentoring could provide a stable revenue stream. 

Taking Michelle Schroeder as an example, she went from writing freelance to giving content strategy advice to business owners. 

Through the service, she has paid off around $40,000 in debt in less than a year, works no more than 10 hours a week, and travels on a sailboat with her family full-time.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, freelance consultancy can provide a great source of income. Consultants often charge between $30 and $250 per hour.

Online Courses

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there has been an increase in the number of people buying online courses and signing up for learning websites. 

Coursera, for instance, attracted 35 million students between March and July 2020.

By leveraging the growing demand for online learning, smaller players may be able to take advantage of emerging social norms. 

The price of your course, the size of your audience, and the conversion rate determine your earning potential. On average, a course on the platform costs about $187.59, and conversion rates range from 2% to 5%.

In summary,

Video content can be very lucrative, and if you’re having trouble thinking of ideas, it’s a sign that you need more time and energy to tap into your creative side.

It’s also time to redirect your focus towards achieving your post-production goals instead of doing stuff you can outsource to give you more time and brain cells to innovate and create new ideas for content and marketing campaigns.

Earning money through content creation means looking for effective ways to monetize your videos, and we’ve mentioned how you can achieve those.

The more original and high-quality videos you publish, the more people will watch and download them. 

Also, keep in mind that content is king, so pay attention to the quality of your film and its content.

So, don’t you think it’s time for you to rethink your routine and make the most out of your time to refocus your attention on what would matter most for you on your content creation journey?

Read our article on the Vidpros blog page about “what is outsourcing services” and the best type of professional video editing service you need for your video content.


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