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Stand Out With User-Generated Content Strategies

UGC Strategies

To cultivate brand loyalty and build authentic engagement, user-generated content (UGC) is becoming a more popular and effective marketing strategy

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to successfully integrate user-generated content marketing to start genuine conversations with your audience and build a community that loves to talk about your products.

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

what is UGCUGC refers to any content created and shared on various social media platforms by unpaid contributors, such as your customers and fans. 

It includes social media posts, videos, reviews, photos and more. 

User-generated posts stand out because it offers authenticity and credibility. It comes straight from existing customers and users versus professional marketing collateral.

Have you ever purchased something because a friend raved about it on social media

That’s the power of UGC in action! 

Flowbox states that user-generated photos are five times more likely to convert customers when compared to non-user created content. It’s a smart move to find ways to incorporate authentic UGC into your other marketing campaigns.

UGC is about creating opportunities for your audience to engage with your brand uniquely through different social media channels. 

Let’s explore some real-world user-generated content examples of how top brands prompt UGC from fans:

Why User Generated Content Important?

User-generated content establishes trust, drives conversions, provides inexpensive and authentic marketing, and cultivates engaged brand communities. Leveraging UGC can pay dividends for brands looking to connect with consumers.

Strategies for Successful UGC Campaigns

strategies for UGC

Encourage Creative Contributions

The entertainment duo Dude Perfect encourages social media users to submit their trick shot videos, often featured in Dude Perfect’s content. 

It boosts engagement from fans wanting their moment in the spotlight and provides Dude Perfect with an endless stream of sharable consumer generated content.

Consider launching a friendly competition where customers can showcase how they uniquely use your product. 

Make it fun and easy to participate.

Build a Community with Shared Values

The apparel brand Gymshark has cultivated a highly engaged audience by consistently interacting with and sharing user content in his social media platform. 

They share user-generated content, repost user photos, comment on videos, and even re-create fan art.

Look for opportunities for your audience to participate and encourage users in your UGC marketing campaign. 

Share and comment on it, and let your customers know you appreciate them.

Create a Feedback Loop

Gaming influencer Markiplier often plays games based on fan suggestions and reacts to fan creations on video. 

It creates a feedback loop where fans feel heard and involved.

Implementing a system where customer feedback and suggestions show you listen and evolve based on consumers’ wants.

By taking inspiration from these real-world examples of UGC campaigns, you can start integrating UGC that resonates with your unique audience. 

The key is making participation fun and rewarding for your customers.

Challenges of Creating UGC Content

While UGC campaigns can significantly benefit your marketing strategy, it’s not without its challenges. 

Here are some potential obstacles and how to overcome them:

Maintaining Quality Control

Unlike professional marketing content, UGC is raw and varied in quality. 

You’ll want to ensure it aligns with your brand image and standards. 

Create clear submission guidelines outlining the types of content you seek. If necessary, gently guide contributors.

Protecting Brand Image

When you open up to UGC, you increase the risk of off-brand content. 

Monitor submissions closely, respond fast if issues arise, and have protocols in place to quickly remove inappropriate content.

Obtaining Rights and Permissions

You can’t just use any UGC tagged with your brand. 

Always get explicit permission from creators to legally use their content in your marketing efforts.

Balancing Quantity and Quality

You may receive more content than you can feature. 

Curate and showcase the highest quality submissions that align with your brand message rather than trying to use everything.

By being aware of these potential challenges, you can run UGC campaigns that highlight the authenticity and diversity of your customers while protecting your brand’s standards.

Resource for Consistent UGC Content Production

While UGC offers that sought-after authenticity, you may still want to create content and refine it to flow with your overall brand narrative and content UGC strategy. 

Seek professional video editing services for help.

Vidpros is a Fractional Video Editing service who uses your raw and authentic UGC and transforms it into polished, on-brand, and valuable user-generated content ready to share across social platforms. 

Our team of professional editors maintains a consistent quality and brand’s story across your video content, allowing you to keep that genuine customer-created feel that audiences love.

Vidpros offers on-demand video editing tailored to your unique needs, whether you’re a brand looking to weave UGC into your content strategy or an influencer wanting to incorporate customers content into your videos with a professional flair. 

Our flexible solutions can meet tight deadlines and small budgets.

For more information on how Vidpros can refine and elevate your UGC content, book a call today.

Start Your UGC Campaign

Start UGC campaign

Integrating user-generated content into your marketing and content strategies is a smart way to drive authentic engagement and build a community that loves interacting with your brand. 

Use the strategies and tips here as you launch your own UGC campaigns. 

Empower your audience to creatively contribute, highlight their content, and nurture the relationships you build.

What ideas do you have for UGC marketing campaigns that would resonate with your audience? What challenges do you foresee? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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