STOP calling it Unlimited Video Editing

STOP Calling it Unlimited!

What’s the problem?

Think about all the times you’ve run across a non software service claiming to be UNLIMITED?  There’s probably few occasions it turned out to actually be unlimited.  


So why do so many services claim to be unlimited?  How did we end up here?  

This all stems from the success of Design Pickle in the productized service space.  They offer unlimited graphic design for a set monthly fee. 

So you see on the serp page its often shortened to “Unlimited Graphic Design”.  

Going inside the site you see that it’s really only “Unlimited Requests and Revisions”.  

Request is defined as “an act of asking politely or formally for something.”  It doesn’t mean they’ll actually do the work.  For instance you can request a million dollars from me.  Doesn’t mean I actually give it to you.

So this begs the question…  What is the deliverable here?


The most important deliverable is placed at the bottom of the pricing table and that is the Turnaround Time.  Disclosed even further down the page is they only work business days and revisions eat into new project time.  

So based on each month having about 21 business days.  This means you get about 10-20 designs if you submit everyday and have no revisions.  A far cry from being unlimited.

We felt the same way about video editing services.  We won’t call it Unlimited Video Editing, because its not.  

We call it Fractional Video Editing.  It’s based on a 2 hour per day fractional stake in a video editor.  This meets the average content creator’s needs.  If you need more you can always scale up and get additional slots.  

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