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Instagram Video Editing

Make Your Instagram Reels Standout Today With Professional Video Editing

Make Your Instagram Reels Standout Today With Professional Video Editing

Transform your Instagram Reels with our professional editing services. Stand out and captivate your audience. Contact us today!

Transform Your Videos into Stunning Visuals





Quality videos are key to unlocking marketing success for your business, with more than 85% of internet users watching videos online and videos achieving up to ten times more social media shares than any other content delivery format.

Expert social media video editors, such as Vidpros, can take your videos to the next level. Vidpros offers substantial added brand value, with:

  • Free consultations
  • Multiple options to add captions, design effects, and audio to videos
  • Expert video edits for a professional appearance
  • Multi-skilled, in-person editors committed to your content

Our customizable editing service gives you guaranteed weekly time allocations and consistent, credible, and attention-grabbing videos, while allowing you more capacity to focus on marketing strategy and growing your audience.

Driving Results Via Fractional Video Editing for Social Media

Many social media video editing services purport to offer unlimited edits for your videos. Still, unlimited edits won’t deliver results if your videos aren’t striking and distinctive. High-turnover editing is often rushed, skips over influential marketing trends, and isn’t customized to your brand.

We provide direct access to expert editing technicians, who dedicate hours each day to your video content and develop video edits for social media that conform to our impeccable design standards.

Vidpros stays up to speed with emerging trends, understanding the perfect video length, size, and style for every major social media platform with tailored edits, including:

  • Color grading
  • Music and audio
  • Animation and special effects

Struggling to convert casual viewers into loyal followers, finding it tough to secure a large enough base to attract high-end advertisers, or need expert help turning raw content into videos with great potential to go viral? Professional, on-demand social media video editing services from Vidpros is an end-to-end solution for your business.

The Easy Way to Turn Basic Social Media Videos Into Captivating Content

We work with influencers, brands, and businesses who have a unique selling point, voice, or style but don’t have the time, editing talent, or knowledge of high-pace trends to achieve the impact they know they are capable of with their videos. While anyone can shoot a quick clip or film a video on their smartphone, the competitive nature of social media means it’s all too easy to become lost in the noise or to spend hours working through fiddly edits–without any tangible results.

The production experts at Vidpros are specialists in social media editing for every platform (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc) and get to know your brand and theme inside out. This editing approach allows us to develop a steady stream of high-performance video content that perfectly represents your channel. As an extension of your social media presence, our development team works behind the scenes, providing ongoing subscription-based editing built around your business needs.

Why is consistency so vital to video content? 

  • Retain loyal followers with a continual supply of fresh, dynamic, and perfectly edited video content
  • Compel new viewers to follow your pages, tune in for series updates, or subscribe to your channel to be the first to hear the latest

Vidpros’ editors adopt data-backed techniques and strategic editing to make the most of the initial snippet of time you have to draw your viewers into your video–ensuring they’ll never want to scroll past or look away for an alternative source of entertainment. Get in touch now to discover how professionally edited, on-point social media videos catalyze follower growth.

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What Does it Cost?

Vidpros Part Time

$ 1,000 /Month
  • 2 hrs Per Workday Dedicated Editor
  • Overnight Turnaround*
  • Stock Video and Music
  • Simple Thumbnails
  • AI Generated Captions
  • 3 months storage
  • *Based on project complexity

Vidpros Full Time

$ 3,000 /Month
  • Everything in Vidpros Part Time
  • Full Time Video Editor (8 hours / Day)
Best Value!

Inclusions of Your Subscription

1-2 Day Turnaround

For videos submitted by the end of the US business day we complete overnight*

Unlimited Storage

All the storage you’ll ever need to host all your raw files and completed videos.

Assigned Editor

You’ll get used to working with your editor. They’ll be able to read your mind as time goes on. 

Royalty-Free Stock

Stock footage and audio is not an upsell. It comes standard with your subscription.

Video Proofing

We use Frame.io which insures crystal clear communication in the review and revision process.

Project Files

Your videos can go direct to YouTube upon your approval.

We Make it Easy

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Videos Overnight

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Addressing Common Stumbling Blocks to Social Media Video Production

Managing and building a social media following isn’t easy, and even the top-paid influencers and channels rely on expert editing assistance to add that extra special touch to their video content–including lifestyle footage that needs a little polish. Vidpros offers a comprehensive editing service you can trust, including:

  • Overnight video editing and getting your video content ready to publish in record time
  • On-brand video edits that are based on your brief, specifications, and style
  • Optional revisions, where we work closely with every client to make any tweaks required

Our digital platform is user-friendly, accessible anywhere, and streamlined, giving you total control over your finished video edits and the flexibility to ramp up or customize your subscription service as your channel thrives. Learn more about Vidpros’ sector-leading services and the outcomes we achieve through testimonials from our valued clients.

FAQ About Video Editing Service for Social Media

Countless apps and tools provide video edits for social media professionals, but if you’re not an editing whizz or don’t have the time to create edits to the quality you’d like, a real-life editor is undoubtedly the best option for your videos. Professional social media video edits enhance the credibility of your brand and build towards creating a unique image that viewers can relate to.

Often, creating a video for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat directly from your smartphone or patching together reels gives the impression of low-budget, substandard-quality content that viewers disregard.

In professional social media video editing, expert video editors use varied techniques to splice clips, correct sound mixing, add eye-catching digital effects, and make technical amendments to the size, resolution, aspect, and polish of your video–based on the hook or core message you want to communicate. This kind of video edit grabs the attention of an audience.

Many of the biggest influencers hire and rely on professional video editing social media services because they prioritize time efficiency and outsource editing to scale content production to generate demand. Rather than using A/B testing to determine which videos produce the optimal metrics, they work with Vidpros’ talented editing team to get ahead of the curve and post videos that deliver results.

Apps like Adobe Premiere Rush, Animoto, and Final Cut Pro are popular with influencers trying to establish a presence. Most apps designed with video editing for social media in mind offer tools like filters, resequencing features, or trimming.

Once an influencer captures an audience, they typically collaborate with a video editor who can take over the day-to-day video edits, concentrating their time on content creation and liaising with brands and marketers to boost their revenues.

Editing social media video content is very much an in-demand service. Social media platforms constantly evolve, introducing new video standards, parameters, and features. Video editors keep pace with trends, internet culture, and viewer appetites, ensuring businesses and influencers maximize their ROI on every professionally edited video they share!

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