Does Editing a YouTube Video Impact View Counts?


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Yes–editing your YouTube videos has a huge impact on views and engagement. Content creation isn’t as simple as just uploading YouTube videos or posting on social media. In this age of advanced technology, it’s how we connect with one another, and viewers are more likely to stick around and buy into your message with the more care you put into it. 

Editing can be time-consuming and require a bit of an investment, but it’s one that pays off. Great editing helps a brand tell a story and hone in on the details of what is offered. Attention spans are waning, but smartly curated content will capture a wider audience–and keep them! 

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While there are plenty of self-guided YouTube videos and YouTube Shorts editing tips or tutorials available, using a YouTube video editor service is a surefire way to have polished, professional quality content that delivers views. 

Benefits of Editing YouTube Videos

It’s simple–videos that have been well-shot and properly edited are more appealing for viewers. But why does editing garner more views and engagement? Here are a few reasons:

Attention Grabbing

Attention grabbing

Including well-designed and edited thumbnails is a highly effective way to pull viewers in when they are scrolling through search results. If your video looks compelling before they click on it, they are likelier to stick around. 

Thumbnails can include text banners like the title of the video, intriguing stills from the video, or high-quality images related to the video or brand.

Structure and Narrative

Structure and Narrative

Good editing makes for a piece of content that has a structure and flow. This keeps it digestible, enjoyable, and informative for your audience. Editing allows for your call-to-actions to be clear, and it tells your story in a linear, seamless way. Your clips transition well into the next, and the structure of titles and chapters allows your audience to follow along. 

Your intro sets the stage and flows into your main content, and your outro reiterates your message and guides your viewers to what comes next. 

Creating structure to your content allows you to cut out the fluff and use the footage and ideas that are the most important and relevant. Concise content will keep your audience engaged.



Editing your videos in a cohesive, consistent way makes your branding stronger. When your branding is clear, your audience recognizes you as a credible creator they can rely on. This is also what will appeal to new viewers as your audience continues to grow. The more content you upload on a regular basis, the more important brand consistency is.



When editing your content, consider that some audiences rely on subtitles and closed captions. By including these elements, you can actually boost your channel visibility on search engines. Editing your content to include closed captioning and audio descriptions will help make your channel stand out. 

Next Steps

More users will engage with your content when you make the viewing experience enjoyable and accessible. However, building a brand and creating digital content has a lot of moving parts and considerations. Vidpros is here to help elevate your online presence with our professional video editing services so you can devote your energy to other aspects of your business!

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