Best 7 Tips on How to Use Powerful Call to Action for Videos

Knowing the best techniques for using the call to action for video is an excellent asset for your video marketing plan. It conveys a direct “how and why” message to the viewers if they want your products or services.

CTA in better use provides better outcomes promoting and telling your brand’s story.

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Are you looking for ways to use a call to action for videos that engage and convert viewers into customers? Do you want your brand to stay on top of your competitors? Then, you came to the right page! In this blog, we will share with you the 7 Best Tips on How to Use Powerful Call to Action for Videos that will make your life easier.

A powerful Call to action for videos quickly grabs viewers’ attention and encourages them to interact with your business. But few only know how to include and use CTAs in their videos.

So read on and learn how to implement these tips into your own video marketing strategy!

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  1. Know What CTA To Use in Videos

 Consider its purpose when determining the type of “call to actionfor videos you must use. You should ask yourself:

  • Do I want viewers to visit my landing page?
  • Do I want viewers to watch more videos?
  • Do I want viewers to book a meeting with me?
  • Do I want viewers to visit my website?
  • Do I want viewers to purchase my products or services

When deciding the “call to actionfor videos that you must use, consider these three main points:

  • The ideal next step for your viewers
  • The nature of your video content or brand
  • The CTAs that drive the best results
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  1. Start Your Video with a CTA

Likely, your viewers might not watch your video all the way through. Therefore, inserting CTAs in the early half of the video makes more sense. So, it provides more opportunities to convince your audience to click the CTA button while they are still hooked and interested.

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  1. Boost Your CTA 

Everyone loves giveaways, right???

The easiest way to make your videos more compelling is to use free trials and discount buttons! Offer free trials if you’re promoting subscription-based products or services. Offer discounts if you’re advertising items or physical products.

Take note! You can also offer rewards, coupons, gift vouchers, promotional codes, deals, new offers, and invitations.

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  1. Always Use Action Terms

Using “doing” words as CTA for videos works out perfectly. Subscribe now, add to cart, order now, download now, learn more, and buy now are all picture-perfect doing words. Or, you could be crafty using phrases like “get started today”, “claim your free coupons”, “check this out”, “get my free guide”, and many more.

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  1. User-friendly Clickable CTA Buttons

Your CTA buttons and links should be eye-catching and easy to click. Avoid putting CTAs at the bottom of the video description or utterly misplacing it in the middle of your video.

However, having several types of CTA in your videos is good. You may include a link in the video description and a CTA button to the actual video. It will improve the chances of the audience to respond to your call to action.

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  1. Get Creative

Make your call to action for video “snackable”. You’ll definitely want your CTAs easily digestible by being creative. It’s a smart way to consider creative ideas such as:

  • Asking a question – invite your audience to “join the conversation” with your brand’s social media platforms.
  • Watch another video or read your blogs– after an audience watches your video, use an invite button to watch your other videos or read blogs.
  • Provide the audience with a compelling reason – Why should your viewers take the desired action? A good example would be, “call us today and get your free consultation!” Not only did you state the action “call us today”, but you also provided a compelling reason why they need to take action “get your free consultation”.
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  1. Use Verbal Video CTA

Using verbal video call to action is a brilliant technique if somehow the content of your video is a speaking person interacting with the viewers. The CTA can sound like you’re speaking to a friend, which will end up making the video more interesting.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the best techniques for using the call to action for video is an excellent asset for your video marketing plan. It conveys a direct “how and why” message to the viewers if they want your products or services. CTA in better use provides better outcomes promoting and telling your brand’s story.

And the most important thing to remember, at the end of these video content, viewers will see and know right away what has to be done.

Need a hand in making effective CTAs for videos? Just visit to learn more!

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