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Strategies for B2B Video Marketing Success: Solutions for Growth

b2b video marketing strategies

Watching videos online has become a part of daily life for many people. You can watch online video content for everything from music videos to funny sketches to tutorials.

According to data from Meltwater Digital’s 2024 Global Overview, a significant percentage of internet users aged 16 to 64 engage with various types of video content each week. 

It includes music videos, comedy sketches, memes, viral videos, tutorials, live streams, educational content, product demos, sports highlights, gaming videos, influencer content, and vlogs. 

With such a wide selection of video content available, it’s clear that online video has become a preferred medium for entertainment, education, and inspiration across the globe. 

In this follow-up article on B2B video marketing strategy, we’ll explore strategies for engaging and connecting with your target audience and how Vidpros can help.

What is B2B video marketing?

b2b video marketing

B2B video marketing is a powerful tool businesses use to connect with current and potential customers and to get the word out about their brand. It’s a vital part of digital marketing plans, with over half of B2B companies using it. 

B2B video marketing helps in engaging people, generating brand awareness, leads, and sales. It’s versatile, working at all stages of marketing, from introducing a brand on a website homepage to showing how things work and what a company is like. 

Using B2B video marketing strategy is important, as numbers show it brings in more website visitors and leads. It also helps people make decisions about buying products.

How do you make a B2B video?

make a b2b video

Making business-to-business videos that get noticed requires following some clever marketing strategy guidelines:

  • Know Your Viewers: Dig deep to grasp your audience’s struggles and how your product helps them.

  • Keep it Straightforward: Aim for clarity and brevity. A short video, often under 2 minutes, is more likely to get and keep viewers’ attention.

  • Vary Your Content: Display different aspects of your business using diverse brand videos. From showing company culture to displaying client interactions, variety in content keeps engagement high.

  • Align with Your Aims: Create videos to match your marketing goals. Customer journeys may require different kinds of video format, so adjust them accordingly.

  • Invest in Production: Recognize the importance of quality video production. Investing in affordable filming and editing solutions elevates the professionalism of your videos, improving their impact on B2B lead generation.

These strategic marketing campaign approaches can create compelling B2B videos that strengthen their efforts and drive successful lead generation.

How effective is B2B video content?

effect of b2b video content

According to the B2B Marketing Benchmark report, 59% of people plan to use video in their marketing just after in-person events (60%). Among current video users, 67% aim to use more in future campaigns. 

Brand video is highly shareable, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. 

80% of video marketers say it directly boosts sales, and 84% say it’s great for generating leads. Learning to film and edit videos is crucial for B2B lead generation. 

Learn from Top B2B Video Creators

These top B2B video marketers and content creators use video editing services. Three of these content creators rely on Vidpros fractional video editing service to help produce high-quality videos that drive leads and sales.

Paul Reiser – Franchise Industry Insights

Detailing his industry experience through videos, Paul Reiser, a retired restaurant owner, and content creator, shares his success story, highlighting initial challenges and aspirations. 

Despite lacking advanced video skills, Reiser utilized YouTube for local marketing, leading him to explore various video production options, covering franchise insights, business lessons, and content creation strategies, drawing from his experience operating and managing Sonic Drive-In franchises. 

At a conference, Reiser encounters Vidpros and is intrigued by their fractional editing service, offering professional video production without extensive editing skills, enabling faster turnaround times and maintaining consistency in quality. 

Working with Vidpros has elevated the quality of Reiser’s videos, resulting in increased engagement and followers on platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok. 

Reiser emphasizes the significance of delegation in business expansion, focusing on training replacements and not being the sole operator, sharing best practices for franchise owners, including operational excellence, franchisee relationships, marketing and sales strategies, and growth and development tactics. 

Featuring successful franchisees in videos, sharing their stories, growth figures, and positive experiences– adds credibility and showcases real-world outcomes. 

Client testimonials highlighting increased revenue, profitability, or improved customer satisfaction after implementing his advice could be powerful tools, along with using data visualizations in videos to demonstrate franchise-wide sales growth, improved operational efficiency, sales funnel, or increased customer engagement effectively conveying positive ROI to potential clients.

Shawn P. Walchef – Hospitality Niche Focus

Hospitality businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues, encounter distinct digital marketing challenges in engaging customers and distinguishing themselves in a competitive industry. 

Entrepreneur Shawn Walchef, with extensive hospitality experience, offers valuable insights on strategies and tools tailored for effectively connecting with this target audience through video content. 

Utilizing platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube is vital for marketing, with behind-the-scenes content humanizing the brand and consistent posting essential for growth. 

Personal connection with customers through selfies and authentic content boosts audience engagement while showcasing daily restaurant life and menu stories through short-form videos builds connections. 

Meeting the audience on social media platforms they frequent is crucial. Shawn shares tangible examples of leveraging these platforms to engage consumers effectively, emphasizing the power of smartphones for content creation and discussing emerging trends like Amazon’s influencer program. 

Incorporating elements resonating specifically with the hospitality audience in video content creation is essential, as highlighted by Shawn’s insights from industry experience. 

Emphasizing quantity in content creation, showcasing behind-the-scenes activities, and utilizing storytelling to build authentic connections are core strategies. 

Tracking performance metrics and optimizing based on data and feedback, including quantitative insights like social media engagement and conversion rates and qualitative data from customer sentiment surveys, is crucial for success. 

Highlighting tangible ROI metrics like increased reservations or foot traffic post-video campaigns while humanizing customer testimonials provides powerful examples of efficient video content

Continuously seeking customer input and showcasing positive feedback contribute to quantifying success and ensuring that video content resonates with the audience.

The Key to Quality Content: Volume + Pace + Regularity

Shawn Walchef emphasizes that mastering online content doesn’t require perfection but rather a focus on volume, speed, and consistency. 

Instead of striving for flawless content, Walchef suggests publishing as much content as possible, quickly and regularly, to refine one’s voice and style authentically over time. 

Vidpros supports creators like Walchef by providing flexible and affordable video editing and production support, enabling them to focus on generating high volumes of authentic content. 

This approach builds quality engagement driven by consistency and resonance rather than technical perfection.

Vinay Raval – Customer Experience Videos 

Vinay Raval, founder of GrowthWallah, focuses on providing added value through a customer-centric approach in his video content. 

Rather than viewing customer interactions transactionally, Raval emphasizes crafting emotional connections, drawing insights from his global travels to understand cultural contexts and human elements of commerce. 

His videos encourage businesses to rethink customer experiences, shifting from viewing customers as transactions to seeing them as humans to uplift. 

By showcasing how this mindset shift can unlock new opportunities, particularly for startups and small businesses, Raval demonstrates the competitive edge gained from embracing empathy and an unconventional understanding of customers. 

Through engaging videos infused with humor and practical examples, Raval offers actionable tips for improving customer experiences, such as understanding needs, simplifying choices, and customizing experiences. 

His goal is to drive positive results by building meaningful interactions with prospective customers and enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction, supported by testimonials and metrics demonstrating measurable improvements in customer satisfaction and retention rates resulting from his strategies.

(Disclaimer: These two top content creators are not Vidpros clients, but they serve as inspirations to our valued customers.)

Gary Vee – Relatable Entrepreneur Videos

Gary Vee advocates for an informal, down-to-earth vlogging approach to build genuine connections, emphasizing authenticity and self-awareness as crucial in effective communication. 

Encouraging creators to embrace their natural communication style, even if diverging from mainstream trends, Gary Vee aims to strengthen bonds with viewers through relatability. 

His casual language, personal anecdotes, and candid delivery create an accessible atmosphere, building a sense of one-on-one conversation. 

This informal approach mirrors his belief in transparency and vulnerability as content creation strengths, as he openly discusses challenges and failures to inspire personal growth. 

Gary Vee’s content spans practical business advice, mindset principles, and using short social videos tailored to resonate with diverse audiences across various stages of entrepreneurship. 

He emphasizes diversifying content distribution channels and staying ahead of trends, using analytics to quantify success and drive strategic decision-making process, aligning with his philosophy of documenting the journey authentically while guiding others toward growth.

Alex Hormozi – Viral Business Advice Videos

Alex Hormozi, a renowned entrepreneur and social media influencer, shares invaluable business insights through his widely followed videos. With a huge social media following exceeding a million, his YouTube channel, Mozi Media, offers his target audience guidance on branding, content marketing, and social media strategy, drawing from his personal experiences to aid others in building prosperous businesses and expanding their online presence. 

Hormozi’s videos stand out for their practical advice and actionable tips, establishing him as a trusted source of business wisdom. Utilizing concise, under 2-minute videos, he employs storytelling, captivating captions, and dynamic visuals to captivate his audience, incorporating hand gestures, facial expressions, and vocal modulation for added engagement. 

To identify compelling topics, Hormozi combines storytelling with content marketing principles, employing a 5-step viral content marketing system to test ideas on social media and resonate with his viewers. 

Despite his unconventional brand persona and attire, coupled with a focus on social proof, Hormozi’s content has amassed millions of views, highlighting his impact on audience engagement and brand recognition.

These creators demonstrate that with the right approach and dedication, anyone can make compelling B2B videos and create content that drive results.

Strategies for Creating Engaging B2B Videos

strategies for creating b2b videos

Make a Video Plan

Smart companies have a video and content strategy. They know their brand video goals, why goals matter, how to achieve them, and how to measure success.

Make Videos for Each Platform

Videos must be for the platform they will be on. TikTok, YouTube, and webinar tools are different. Videos should be for each place to work best.

Match Videos to Channels

Videos should fit the right channel: websites, social media, or emails. They also need to match where the customer is in the buying process. Testimonial videos can get people more interested than just text.

Set Clear Video Goals 

Decide why you are making videos. Are they to get your name out, raise brand awareness, find new customers, or keep current ones? A clear purpose helps make better videos.

Plan a Video Budget

Making videos cost money. Think about what you need money for the production, sharing videos, and advertising them.

Use Different Video Types

Videos could be products, customer testimonial videos, stories, explain things or share business ideas. A mix of educational videos keeps things interesting. Live videos showing customer stories, product videos, webcasts/webinar records, explaining things, how-to guides, and social media videos are popular.

Measure Video Results

Check views, engagement, click rates, and conversions to see how effective videos are. Learn what works best and create video for your audience preferences.

Simplify Video Content Creation with Vidpros

simplify video content

Vidpros offers a unique fractional editing model. Instead of hiring a full-time editor, you can buy a part of an editor’s day. It means you pay for only the editing time you need, without any hidden restrictions on quality or hours. 

With Vidpros, B2B marketing video creators can use white-label options. It means you can put your branding on the videos edited by Vidpros. It’s like putting your company’s logo on a product – you get all the benefits of professional editing without sacrificing your brand identity. This way, your videos look polished and professional, reflecting positively on your business.

You get high-quality editing at an affordable price, with a quick turnaround of just 24 hours. Vidpros assigns no more than four clients per editor, ensuring personalized attention and focus on your projects.

Some B2B video marketers might worry about the cost of professional video editing. Instead of hiring a full-time editor or engaging an expensive agency, Vidpros’ fractional editing model lets you pay only for the editing time you need.

  • B2B creators often value having control over their content creation process. With Vidpros, you maintain control by providing clear instructions and feedback to your dedicated editor through the user-friendly customer portal.

  • You can communicate directly with your editor, request revisions, and ensure your vision of the final product. This direct collaboration empowers you to guide the editing process according to your preferences and objectives.

  • Maintaining brand consistency is crucial in B2B video marketing. Vidpros understands this concern and offers white-label options, allowing you to incorporate your branding seamlessly into the edited videos.

  • By aligning your brand elements such as logos, colors, and messaging, Vidpros ensures that the edited videos reflect your brand identity accurately. This alignment enhances brand recognition and strengthens your brand image across different platforms and channels.

Vidpros believes in transparency when it comes to pricing. Clients know what they’re paying for without hidden fees or surprises.

Capping Off

Video content is critical for B2B companies to engage people and drive growth. 

Our examples and ideas showed how to create videos across different platforms, formats, and customer stages. The production challenges often stop companies from taking full advantage of video. 

It is where services like Vidpros Fractional Video Editing model gives the perfect solution for non video marketers. By making professional editing affordable, efficient, matched to your brand and target demographic, Vidpros helps B2B marketers unlock the potential of video marketing.

With the right video marketing strategy and plan powered by purpose-built solutions, you can cut through the noise to connect with customers and speed up growth. The time is now to ignite your B2B video marketing efforts and partner with the specialized support you need to succeed.

Book a call with Vidpros, a Fractional Video Editing company today to simplify professional production like the top content creators mentioned.

With Vidpros as your partner, you can strengthen the great power of video to engage your audience and achieve B2B video marketing success.