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beCreatives review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

beCreatives offers convenient online video editing with a modern, social media-friendly style.

However, issues like inconsistent turnarounds, unexpected fees, and prioritization problems have caused friction. For total pricing transparency and efficient workflows, Vidpros emerges as a compelling client-focused alternative.

Read on for a comprehensive beCreatives review.


beCreatives Website Experience

beCreatives Homepage

When I first saw their video editing website, I was impressed with its clean and modern look. The website is easy to use and easy to navigate. Their video editing services are explained clearly and simply on the home page.

As I scrolled down, I found lots of helpful information arranged logically– details on how their simple process works, pricing plans, examples of their work, and customer reviews.

The bright, eye-catching visuals and use of white space make all this content feel uncluttered and inviting to read. One thing I appreciated was the transparent and straightforward way they communicate.

They spell everything clearly: service inclusions, turnaround times, pricing, and an intense satisfaction guarantee. This made me trust that they operate with honesty.

The website, as a whole, has a friendly and approachable feel. Despite offering professional video editing services, the tone never feels intimidating or too “salesy.”

beCreatives Pricing

beCreatives Pricing
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit beCreatives’ website to review their latest pricing plans.

Their pricing is easy to understand with two main package options– Scale and Pro.

The Scale plan costs $899 monthly and is excellent for companies with a medium need for videos. For this flat fee, you get a video editor who will work on your projects no matter how many videos you need. 

They will make revisions until you are satisfied with each video. The first draft of your video will be ready in 2-3 business days.  

If your company needs more videos super fast, the Pro plan may be better at $1999 per month. This premium option guarantees your first video drafts will be delivered on the same day by your editing pro. Just like the Scale plan, you can request unlimited revisions and get custom animations and graphics included.

Both packages offer discounted rates if you prepay quarterly or annually instead of month-to-month. For example, if you prepay for the annual Pro plan, you’ll pay only $1666 monthly- saving a solid 20%.

No matter which option you choose, this video editing company gives you creative control. You can request as many revisions as needed on every video to ensure it perfectly matches your expectations. Their user-friendly platform makes it easy to collaborate with your video editor.

Some reviews mention potential extra costs to be aware of. 

Advanced graphics beyond standard templates may have additional fees. Customized animations and visual effects could also increase the per-video price.

Core Service: Video Editing

beCreatives provides professional video editing through an easy-to-use online platform. Their core service is taking your raw footage and crafting polished, engaging final videos tailored to your vision.

A major strength is their fast turnaround times. 

The Scale plan delivers your first draft in 2-3 business days or same-day with the Pro plan. Unlimited revisions are included until you’re delighted, giving you complete creative control.

Their online portal streamlines collaboration. You can upload files and provide feedback directly in the user-friendly system as their editors start working on drafts.

They cover all professional video editing capabilities like motion graphics, text overlays, color grading, transitions, multicam editing, and amazing advanced animations.

Their service includes quick turnarounds, unlimited revisions, and collaborative tools into one convenient offering. The modern platform allows editing work quickly handed off while maintaining control.

A vital part is their SPACE online workspace, which streamlines the entire process. You can submit editing requests from the SPACE dashboard with footage and instructions, specifying your ideas, formats, and rushed delivery.

SPACE seamlessly tracks progress, letting you review drafts and request revisions using a built-in feedback software. The back-and-forth with your dedicated editor continues until the final video is approved, which can be downloaded from SPACE.

Online Video Editing Style

beCreatives specializes in a modern, high-energy editing style perfect for grabbing attention on different social media platforms. Their work uses punchy visuals like motion graphics, dynamic transitions, and seamless cuts to create a snappy, upbeat pace. The clean and vibrant look engages viewers scrolling through feeds.

Their editors creatively weave in kinetic animations that adds life, even in short video clips. 

This fast-paced, eye-catching approach aligns perfectly with social media marketing videos to quickly capture attention. They understand how to structure engaging storytelling for short attention spans.

Reviews praise beCreatives for delivering professional-quality edits with smooth transitions, balanced audio, and crisp video quality. They achieve a polished, high-production look while still working efficiently. Most highlights are creatives, quality work, and responsive interaction.

beCreatives’ slick, modern editing style grabs attention and keeps viewers engaged. They execute this approach with technical expertise, ideal for businesses needing impactful social video promotion.

Communication and Turnaround Time

BeCreatives emphasizes clear, open connection between clients and their video editing teams. Their platform is designed to simplify the collaboration process.

After submitting a new video editing request through their online portal, you’ll be matched with a dedicated video editor who becomes your main point of contact. 

This editor is your video pro, who will handle all drafts and revisions for that project.

This one-on-one editor relationship lets you quickly discuss the creative idea and provide direct feedback. 

beCreatives encourages using video calls and screen shares with your editor to get on the same page before work begins.  

As your editor puts together drafts, you can jump into the user-friendly review system to leave precise, timestamped notes and instructions for revisions. This back-and-forth editing cycle continues until you’re satisfied with the finished video.

According to their website, beCreatives also provides an account manager who can further assist with video marketing strategy, content planning, digital marketing, and other needs beyond editing.

Regarding turnaround times, reviews suggest beCreatives is generally reliable at meeting their advertised 1-2 business day timeline for the initial draft. 

However, there were a few complaints about slower turnarounds when providing revision feedback, especially for more complex editing rounds.

Customer Reviews: Pros and Cons of beCreatives

beCreatives Review on Trustpilot

From analyzing the user reviews and our experience here at Vidpros, we see that beCreatives has a primarily positive reputation. 

Still, some recurring issues and negative experiences are highlighted as well. 

On the upside, many reviewers and our team praised beCreatives for their skilled video editing abilities and eye for quality. Descriptions like “professional-grade” and “high production value” were common when assessing their final video outputs. 

Customers appreciated the polished look beCreatives’ editors were able to achieve.

Their customer service and open conversation style earned plenty of kudos from reviewers and our staff. Having a dedicated personal editor as the main contact was a significant convenience. 

Users felt that beCreatives facilitated smooth collaboration through their online platform.

However, we at Vidpros recently encountered some issues when working with beCreatives. Specifically, there were delays in getting assigned with a dedicated editor for one of our video projects. 

On one video project, beCreatives charged us upfront before informing us about internal staffing issues that impacted the completion of that second video on time.

Missed deadlines and turnaround lags were recurring complaints highlighted in other reviews, too, especially for more complex editing requests. 

While beCreatives advertises fast 1-2 day turnarounds, multiple customers reported experiencing delays when going through numerous revision rounds.

Pricing was another area of criticism in some reviews, though not something we took issue with at Vidpros. 

A few customers felt beCreatives’ costs were “overpriced” for the value received compared to freelance options. There were claims of getting “nitpicked” for extra fees on advanced edits.

On the positive side, beCreatives does offer a solid 14-day money-back guarantee according to their terms. They also include unlimited revisions in all pricing plans.

beCreatives Alternative


If you’re reconsidering beCreatives, check out Vidpros, a client-focused video production company that started in 2020. 

From the start, Vidpros has prioritized a simple, transparent business model and customer experience. Their website clearly outlines pricing, turnaround times, and service offerings upfront.

Communication is also a core focus– you’ll love working directly with your dedicated video editor in real-time collaboration. Rest assured that your creative vision is executed accurately.

Unique to Vidpros is their fractional video editing approach. 

Instead of unlimited editing buckets, you purchase an exact portion of your editor’s time each day or week. So if you opt for a 2-hour daily editing block, that’s 2 hours or even some extra time, your personal editor will focus solely on your projects and understanding your brand at a high standard.

This fractional model provides full transparency into where your money goes. It avoids pitfalls like backlogs, rushed work, or getting deprioritized. Your videos stay the top priority during those purchased editing hours.

Vidpros also elevates the editing experience with free premium stock libraries, proofing tools, efficient file handling, and a 3-months unlimited project storage.

Capping Off

beCreatives offers a convenient, customer-friendly video editing service with some strong capabilities. Their modern, attention-grabbing editing style excels for social media content. The user-friendly SPACE platform facilitates smooth collaboration with dedicated video editors.

However, issues like inconsistent turnaround times, unexpected fees, and prioritization problems have caused friction for some clients. 

While BeCreatives aims to deliver quality work, its processes could be more reliable.

For businesses prioritizing transparency, efficient workflows, and a genuinely personalized video experience, Vidpros emerges as a compelling alternative. 

Their innovative fractional editing model provides transparent pricing while ensuring your videos remain the top priority. The direct editor partnerships and elevated platform tools also cater to a seamless end-to-end journey.

Weighing both options, Vidpros offers a refreshingly client-focused, purpose-built approach to overcoming the common pain points encountered with traditional video production solutions.

For a more comprehensive comparison between beCreatives and Vidpros, check out our in-depth blog post, beCreatives vs. Vidpros.

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Mylene is a versatile freelance content writer specializing in Video Editing, B2B SaaS, and Marketing brands. When she's not busy writing for clients, you can find her on LinkedIn, where she shares industry insights and connects with other professionals.

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